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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,388 jcroxas
1h 50m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,077 Noiizu
3d 11h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
is the wii a good or a bad console? playstationfanboy12
1d 11h ago
62 JamieAgathaRose
3m 41s ago
Dead Franchises darkone4587
2d 15h ago
71 KiKivons
33m 1s ago
PC Gamer or Console Gamer? Slinkgirl95
2w 4d ago
38 Nintendo--Gamer
41m 42s ago
Which video game character would you have as your butler/bodyguard? Eraezr
1w 15h ago
86 Nintendo--Gamer
47m 6s ago
The Games Journalism Industry is in Bed with Corruption (literally) TortelliniPen
3d 2h ago
72 HerbalDrink
48m 9s ago
Fight! Nintendo--Gamer
6d 6h ago
46 Nintendo--Gamer
52m 7s ago
Favourite Video Game Sound Effects Slinkgirl95
1h 59m ago
1 Nintendo--Gamer
54m 54s ago
P.T SpookyCrypt
1h 38m ago
1 SherbertTCat
57m 33s ago
What is your scariest game(s)? DynamicEagle
14h 20m ago
8 Karrarasim
1h 26m ago
Tales of Xillia Collectors Edition unboxing Eterna1Sound
7h 19m ago
9 cakeroll
2h 18m ago
Favourite video game? Bombia
3w 3d ago
467 r-toons
2h 32m ago
Resident Evil 1 remake HD port on the way commanderhavoc
2w 2d ago
22 dionn12345678910
2h 46m ago
what kind favor app do you play? tinyqueen007
7h 26m ago
11 tinyqueen007
2h 48m ago
Video Game Wife/Husband Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
1d 3h ago
46 Hashae
3h 4m ago
Am I the only one who thinks about this? princeofallsofas
4d 15h ago
45 Jphyper
3h 19m ago
First lv. 100 Pokemon LuckOfTheDraw18
1w 6d ago
258 Kaitorubel
3h 46m ago
Animal Crossing: New Leaf XxXMisfitAngelXxX
Jun 8, 2014
455 SherbertTCat
4h 10m ago
Pikmin sonictailssomething1
2d 1h ago
20 sonictailssomething1
4h 16m ago
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
6,783 sonictailssomething1
4h 16m ago
what jrpgs do you hate playstationfanboy12
1d 6h ago
20 TronmanZ
4h 35m ago
RPGs AwesomeTacoSauce
1d 8h ago
12 SherbertTCat
5h 11s ago
Favorite Sonic Couple? SonallyrlzKC
4w 1d ago
218 SonallyrlzKC
6h 15m ago
Why are you not a horror game "Let's Player"? DaReckless
3d 10h ago
25 Winter-Wisp
6h 20m ago
Underrated Pokemon? Hellsing612
3w 3d ago
94 Winter-Wisp
6h 21m ago
Gimme game suggestion Bc4life
2d 7h ago
40 Bc4life
6h 24m ago
Favourite Pokemon? Firedrop-Zeta
1w 5d ago
250 SqueakySam
6h 25m ago
Any Game Developers Around Here? Rick-TinyWorlds
2w 8h ago
42 cptmashek
6h 26m ago
Which game deserves a remake? DreamingSkyline
1w 2d ago
31 NatalieSerota
6h 34m ago
Things You Hate In Gaming? Slinkgirl95
Jul 21, 2014
135 NatalieSerota
6h 36m ago
is pokemon ovverated? playstationfanboy12
1w 2d ago
88 AnlmeFanatlc
6h 44m ago
Most Annoying Enemy teenrex7
3w 2d ago
65 AnlmeFanatlc
6h 47m ago
Opinion on DLC darkone4587
6d 14h ago
53 x19a
7h 52m ago
When you want to check out reviews... PictureOnProgress
2w 3d ago
206 Attackrage92
8h 13m ago
The Walking Dead - No Going Back retorra
13h 46m ago
1 DagDog62
8h 50m ago
Favorite Digimon and why? thesonicmew
1w 3d ago
9 Rai-Kay
10h 45m ago
Favorite videogame quotes? Basement-Aviator
1w 4d ago
116 barnowlgurl23
11h 4m ago
Should video games have a photo mode? Eraezr
1d 21h ago
32 x19a
11h 44m ago