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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
194 ZevaTheWolf
19h 38m ago
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
103 mooredarrenc87
1w 4d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Predetermined characters vs making your own character in RPGs Karmageddin
23m 22s ago
2 Karmageddin
4m 5s ago
RPG Games and Romance: How to conduct? FlosculousFox
1w 2d ago
63 FlosculousFox
5m 57s ago
Favourite Steel Type Pokemon? Mizu1993
1h 17m ago
3 One-Concerned
11m 30s ago
Favourite Ice Type Pokemon? Mizu1993
1d 11h ago
16 One-Concerned
12m 47s ago
Favorite Ice Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
20h 26m ago
102 One-Concerned
13m 15s ago
What's Your Favorite Video Game Genre? SNlCKERS
1d 13h ago
9 Luke-the-F0x
24m 23s ago
Top 10 favorite games + 5 games you are playing! AdrianFarenheitTepes
1d 13h ago
7 Karmageddin
29m 52s ago
Favorite DragonQuest Game AmazingDragonQuest
3d 17h ago
5 Nintendo-Dreamer
53m 14s ago
Games you're looking forward to in 2016 WolfRaid
12h 20m ago
28 Mizu1993
1h 43m ago
What's you Undertale head-cannon? w0rldstar
2w 2d ago
15 II-edison-II
1h 46m ago
Americans getting too sensetive now - Dead Or Alive: Extreme 3 will not come to the US RebirthLikeAPhoenix
14h 41m ago
9 Cenaris
1h 59m ago
Favourite Normal Type Pokemon? Operia
2d 9h ago
78 SinfullyCute
2h 35m ago
To Street Fighter fans who understand Japanese amazon211
2h 41m ago
0 N/A
What video game doesn't exist that you think should? shuu-washuu
Oct 27, 2015
267 shuu-washuu
3h 6m ago
Favorite Grass Type Pokemon BlazingDragonLord
3d 16h ago
225 Scarffinn
4h 17m ago
Steam + Thanksgiving = CHEAP GAMES dualzxz
1d 21h ago
13 dualzxz
5h 44m ago
Favorite Ground Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
2d 16h ago
164 DracoCharizard87
5h 59m ago
.....Cloud. Xsparkth
2w 1d ago
181 slayerdude677
7h 50m ago
Favorite Ghost Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
4d 15h ago
234 Taran13573794
8h 14m ago
Do you still play old video games? teutorix-maxen
1w 3d ago
70 Taran13573794
8h 30m ago
1d 18h ago
6 CaptainPaperfox
9h 56m ago
What's your fav Visual Novel? Yukiko-Kun
2w 1d ago
75 SHIELDfox
11h 27m ago
favorite water type pokemon ? slayerdude677
6d 3h ago
50 FinalPokeBound1990
11h 32m ago
Favorite Dragon Type BlazingDragonLord
1w 3d ago
307 MrSmash02
13h 24s ago
Favorite Electric Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
1w 2d ago
296 MrSmash02
13h 1m ago
Favorite Fairy Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
1w 1d ago
244 MrSmash02
13h 2m ago
Favorite Fighting Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
1w 16h ago
242 MrSmash02
13h 4m ago
Favorite Fire Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
6d 15h ago
280 MrSmash02
13h 20m ago
Favorite Flying Type Pokemon? BlazingDragonLord
5d 16h ago
189 MrSmash02
13h 24m ago
Favorite Dark Type Pokemon BlazingDragonLord
1w 4d ago
261 MrSmash02
13h 29m ago
Hardest Games In Your Opinion? BlazingDragonLord
2w 17h ago
289 ShiroiKoumori
13h 58m ago
What ISOs to get? SirBurgerKat
1d 12h ago
10 SirBurgerKat
14h 33m ago
New Pokemon Ideas? BlazingDragonLord
2w 3d ago
212 ShadowOri
18h 2m ago
Shiny Xerneas and Yveltal Giveaway! Hushpuppi
2d 3h ago
12 morbidman187
18h 21m ago
Do you think that a FF7 remake was necessary? littlemisskayakocos
1w 2d ago
76 Trafal-the-Law
19h 3m ago
Favorite mage type build Milton-scraps
1d 16h ago
12 Trafal-the-Law
19h 5m ago
The Wii U is almost 4 years old. TheCunningCondor
2d 22h ago
28 TheCunningCondor
19h 24m ago