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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
69 MissPoe
1d 6h ago
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
29 LockStockCreation
1d 16h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Videogames you played as a child xanimeotakusamax
1w 5d ago
335 Soloeus
5m 3s ago
Types Of Games You Hate Slinkgirl95
1w 5d ago
120 Soloeus
6m 32s ago
Some of the worst videogames played... generalwolfe78
1d 2h ago
41 generalwolfe78
7m 5s ago
Poorly-Described Video Games! Let's play! Xtemporary-insanityX
Mar 26, 2015
1,451 Zee-Oh-Em-Gee
10m 57s ago
Life is Strange tinselswan
5d 23h ago
73 Celstie
28m 59s ago
What Gaming System are you going to buy next? Kittyskittles
Jun 26, 2015
294 kittycas
1h 32m ago
Are you good at Retro Sonic the Hedgehog Games? RatchetJak
4h 52m ago
4 brawl9977
1h 53m ago
Least Favorite Characters To Go Against On Smash? natetheninja23
10h 44m ago
4 Ultra-Charge
2h 46m ago
Teaching Parents to play games: JackOnion
4h 1m ago
3 Fuyuko7
3h 3m ago
what game do you paly now xuxiaojunmei
4w 18h ago
73 KlausWachsmuth
3h 23m ago
Tattoo art Dragon age Jenfm88
3h 48m ago
0 N/A
SSB4 Mains XMANz
1w 11h ago
55 Psychosauras
4h 6m ago
Favorite titles from the GBA and DS? Levalier
1d 23h ago
40 Levalier
4h 28m ago
Arcade Shoot-em ups! Planet-i-Studios
1w 5d ago
87 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
4h 41m ago
Anyone got any 40k rpg stories? (i know this is not 4chan but still) moonsaber56
7h 22m ago
0 N/A
My brother killed my mind with a single fnaf picture ForeverDarkness13
2w 1d ago
67 ForeverDarkness13
7h 26m ago
Your Favorite League Champion? StrawberryBAKAAA
5d 12h ago
34 StrawberryBAKAAA
7h 35m ago
Nekketsu and Battletoads Sickros
1d 21h ago
1 PixieLockheart
8h 53m ago
Am I the only one who loved FF7, yet is not excited for remake? Zoltor
1w 5d ago
75 Zoltor
9h 48m ago
Game put in the wrong genres Karmageddin
2w 5d ago
27 AskTheBagMan
10h 9m ago
Modern Nintendo or Classic Nintendo ToxicIsland
Jun 22, 2015
296 AskTheBagMan
10h 18m ago
Do you do Lets plays? EpicLevelSorcerer
1w 1d ago
45 CloneTrooperTwelve
11h 42m ago
Fave Batman game? generalwolfe78
2d 9h ago
5 generalwolfe78
11h 45m ago
Favorite MMORPG Race? Playable character that follow you to this day. TheGeneral50
1d 6h ago
6 vixenkiba
12h 2m ago
I worked on a game!!!! greenhickup
1w 15h ago
16 iaolmu
12h 26m ago
Best Video Games Based Off Movies/TV/etc Slinkgirl95
1d 20h ago
15 Mintaka-TK
13h 49m ago
There was a survey on why people buy consoles, and doesn't it speak volumes? Zoltor
15h 12m ago
5 Zoltor
14h 57s ago
Everything Zelda GeekyZeldaPlayer
Jun 12, 2015
401 YeroSenpai
14h 1m ago
League of Legends From MMO9 mmo9coins
21h 31m ago
4 morbidman187
14h 19m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
1,163 ShiNevermore
14h 33m ago
Casual, Hardcore or Nerd (read for better details) Ichinzen
Jun 24, 2015
77 KusattaTamago
17h 27m ago
character alignments - pros and cons ( Dungeons and dragons/ D&D / games in general) Stargadsky
2d 15h ago
19 iaolmu
20h 30m ago
Unforgettable Game Soundtracks TwilightWolfCourage
2w 10h ago
169 TwilightWolfCourage
20h 53m ago
Bravely Default Z-Pikachu
1w 1d ago
18 ArmyClicker
21h 48m ago
Most companies are evil Ichinzen
Jun 27, 2015
97 Zoltor
1d 1h ago
Tale of Tales endless forest help? AwayBard9
2d 15h ago
6 morbidman187
1d 3h ago
Worst Video Games Based Off Movies/TV/etc Slinkgirl95
1d 20h ago
8 Slinkgirl95
1d 4h ago