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February 8, 2013


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Randomly Got a Dreamcast and PS1 in the Mail

Dad sent me his Dreamcast and PS1 with a few games he said I'd like out of the blue. I had my friend mod them already so region locking is not an issue.
These games can be a bitch to find on emulation sites AND get working at a playable level so I'll just get em cheap online. Know any good ones? I'll list what I already want and own in some fashion. And I already know most of the staples so try and name something not SUPER obscure, but not exactly in the spotlight.


I have for PS1:
Gradius Gaiden (PSP), G Darius (PS2), R-Types (PSP), R-Type Delta (PSP), Einhander, Crash 2, Crash 3 (PSP), Spyro 1, and Jumping Flash.
Plan to get: Crash 1, Spyro 2, Thunder Force 5

I have for Dreamcast:
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2...duh (PC), Nights (PC), Crazy Taxi (GC),
Plan to get: Border Down, Fast Strikers, Dux, Sturmwind

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Devious Comments

If you can get chaos engine, not sure if it came out for those though.
Dreamcast: Marvel VS Capcom 2, Guilty Gear X, and Jet Grind Radio.

PS1: Fear Effect and Twisted Metal 2.
I've got all of those DC titles on my XBox...well, I have some Guilty Gear on my Xbox (not Overture). Not a Twisted Metal fan. And I believe someone else mentioned Fear Effect and agreed to look into it.
Oh, and I don't know if this would interest you, but there's a thing called NesterDC which is basically an NES emulator with nearly every NES game out there built in that you can burn onto a CD and play using your Dreamcast. I've played that more than all my DC games combined.
I don't have Seaman.
For Dreamcast, you have to get Spiderman. It was an incredibly fun game (mine stopped working :crying:) that is a must-have for that system. They have the same version for PS1 as well, but I'm biased towards the Dreamcast, since that's what I had. Soul Caliber for the same system was really good (that one stopped working too for me... I lost a few good games on that one.). I haven't played Jet Set Radio, but that looks pretty good too.
ParadigmFallen Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Star Wars: Dark Forces for PS1. It's a surprisingly deep and challenging shooter with a very old school style of play.
HappyDuckCreator Feb 8, 2013  Student Artist
Only have a PS1, so here's my recommendations:

-Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a pretty radical action adventure game. Definitely give that a go!
-Soul Blade is a nice fighting game, if you like that sort of thing. Eventually became Soul Calibur, so it's interesting to see how it began.
-Forsaken is a pretty sweet first person game that's HELLA FUN in multiplayer. Can't really think of anything to compare it to, but it's still pretty good by today's standards!
-Roll Cage 2 is a VERY underrated racing game that really deserves more love than it got. Seriously, there's so much in this game that's so fun and enjoyable it's a damn shame it hasn't got a remake or another sequel.

...That's all I've got. :hmm:
thatshrunkenguy Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dreamcast: Seaman - a virtual pet sim where you care for an evolving fish with a human face who asks you personal questions. Also the game is narrated by Lenoard Nemoy.

Illbleed - crazy survival horror themed around a horror theme park. You disarm scare traps and keep your heartrate and bleeding speed in check to survive. Very creepy and weird game

PS1: Parasite Eve games - survival horror made by Square Soft. Kind of like Resident Evil meets Final Fantasy
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