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February 4, 2013


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My Foster kitten chewed up the wire on the Wii U sensor bar

It wasn't plugged in. However, he chewed it up real bad. Now my Wii U has no sensor bar. Is there anyway I can find a replacement?

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There is a poor man's fix all you need is a lighter, wire strippers, electrical tape and vicks vaporub.

Clip the bad sections off the plug and sensor bar cords leaving both disconnected.
Strip an half inch off both ends then separate the two wires on each end.
Use a lighter to burn the insulation off each wire then twist it with the similar wire on the other end.
use electrical tape to seal and separate the twisted wires and seal them all together.
To prevent her form doing it again all you have to do is rub the vaporub on the cord. The scent and taste will deter her.
I don't have a lighter....:(
well something to burn the insulation off the wires inside the cable.
pyrohmstr Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The sensor bar is only needed for playing wii games anyway. New ones are cheap and you can just play wii U games until then. Or use the sensor bar from an older wii. Should work.
DJ0Hybrid Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As mentioned, the old Wii sensor bar should work as well and the sensor bar only produces a light for the controllers to figure out the relative position. Either way, for replacement it would be better to get a WiiU sensor bar instead of the Wii unless you can confirm that they work. If no local store has one, you should be able to buy a replacement one on Nintendo's site as well.
puppy-dangerous Feb 4, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
It uses the regular one, right?

Like :iconsvenovic: said, you can just use two teacandles for now. Any two points of light/heat will work (that's why it says to check for heat sources between you and the bar if your controller starts to mess up).

You can grab a wireless replacement at just about any game store.

And I know the cord is tiny, but if you have the patience you can splice it back together. It'll just be shorter.
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