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January 11, 2013


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Far Cry 3 discussion

my-canga Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
I'm actually surprised at the lack of a Far cry discussion, did I miss the band wagon?
Anyways, as I have just completed the game I wanted to discuss it with others.


I'd like to hear ANY fave parts. One of mine is a pretty major spoiler so I just don't wanna ruin anything for anyone... So, yeah.

So, what I'd like to hear is what other people thought about it.

Who's your favorite character?
Which is your favorite moment?
Glitch? Cut-scene? Mission? NPC?
I'd like to know!

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Devious Comments

ShadowyEclipse Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It was a pretty good game, I don't REALLY see all the fuss about Vaas, he's a great character, but not GROUNDBREAKING.

The part when you kill him, though, is chilling. That music, and that quote. "NAIL ME TO A CROSS, AND I WILL BE REBORN!" As if he was implying that he was exactly like Jason at one point, and when Jason does this, he would cross a line, falling deeper into the realm of madness, and become like the person he was trying to kill. For a simple shooter, that was a deep moment.
my-canga Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Yeah, I think most of his appeal came from all the promotional things they did. He was on the covers, the posters, he was in the far cry experience. Also, the actor who plays him has a lot of charisma too.
I think some people can just empathize with Vaas. He was psychotic, but it seemed like he was sorta sad, or just really unstable, also not that loyal. As if taking out Hoyt, he woulda joined you or just buggered off. But he was pretty pissed at Jason, so after a while I don't think you could avoid killing him.

Yeah, some of his monologues were great, especially that one. "The world is a diagonal and I am the straight line"(something like that, while swinging on a stripper pole no less). There were a lot of implications to Vaas being the future of Jason, I wish they pushed it more, but he would have to spend waayy too much time on the island to do that. But he was headed that way, murdering for Citra, then for himself, the drugs, and his detachment from his old life. Vaas' last scene reinforces that with having vaas and jason's forms switching places, and the things vaas says as well. I think that's also why people like the character: it was terribly easy for Jason to become him.
cajunattack Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Some of the most fun I've had on a single player game recently, but it was far from perfect, which is frustrating:

Great shootouts/fire dynamics
Great landscape
Nice selection of weapons ( best .44 magnum I've seen on an fps )
Decent, varied missions ( though a few more vehicle based ones would have been nice )

Mediocre characters ( 'cept Vaas of course ),
Poor pacing.
Crass, borderline offensive storyline.
Reprehensible save system
Abysmal music.

Plus I reckon they could have done more with the survival aspects- eating, sleeping, drinking should have been added, making the hostile islands even more menacing and giving more focus on hunting, once the crafting's done.

That said, the first two pros alone have me replaying the game, but not liberating the camps- just tooling around the islands getting into a random ruckus keeps me amused for a half hour.

Best glitch I've ever seen on ANY game: Shooting a pirate Charger ( machete guy ) only to have him skip the dying animation and actually keep running in one direction. I followed him for as long as I could, over hills, through rivers until he simply ran into the sea, like some drug-addled Forrest Gump. I was in hysterics.
my-canga Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Sorry about my late reply.
I do agree with most of your points, the characters weren't too bad but they weren't really detailed (aside from vaas). Which is a shame, because some of them were interesting, like Sam and the friends.
Any save system better than far cry 2 is a good save system in my eyes.
And while there ain't much to the music, it was using that whole "get into danger, danger music plays" thing. I didn't always notice it, but I did in quiet moments hunting in the jungle, feeling all dramatic when I chase down goats and whatnot.

Hahaha wandering around can definitely find some pretty cool things. Like the random dudes having shoot parties, just making loads of noise. Or saving random prisoners from pirates.

Bwhahahaha I've never seen that glitch! That's hilarious!
Thanks for your response hahaha.
cajunattack Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hey, no worries.
the adversaries were pretty cool characters and Sam was fun but Citra, Brody and chums I found increasingly annoying as the story progressed. Dennis seemed interesting but again screwed the pooch in the last couple of chapters. Given how dark and multifaceted Vaas was, it seemed a shame that most of the other characters were cardboard-cut-out Video Game fodder- I would have liked something a bit more dark and nuanced.

Personally I preferred the FC2 save system- at least it offered more than one save slot- it would be great to pick and choose parts of the FC3 story to replay and, most importantly, the ability to turn autosave off. I had the fore-thought to make sure that the manual save I did was fairly early on ( prior to liberating all of the camps )- making sure that I wasn't faced with completely safe ( thus boring ) islands once I'd completed the game.

As far as the music went, I do like that "get into danger" aspect that followed on from FC2, but I found the music itself far too abrasive and intrusive- I just can't stand Dubstep and it seemed really tacky in this environment. With no ability to turn it down ( again a failing with the menu/customisation options ) I soon found that turning it off altogether was a much more satisfying gaming experience.

Like I said, the game was almost perfect, but a few key aspects really let it down for me. I'm hoping there will be some custom mods released soon that maybe give the game that last bit of oomph I thought it needed.
my-canga Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Oh yeah agree. I wish there was more development of the characters. Or at least a detailed introduction to each of them. I didn't really feel much saving the friends except Riley, and that's just because of personal reasons. I mostly saved them out of a moral obligation, and in the case of Keith, to repeatedly stab the bad guy behind it.
I think Vaas turned out so well because of the actor behind him. He has a lot of charisma and put a lot of effort into his character. Doesn't seem like any of the others got that much detail.

Haha I didn't get that far into FC2. haha I did a mission that involved traveling quite a while, and then mowing down tons of baddies. Then I died and thought "hmm well, where do I spawn?". I then spawned at the place where I slept and had to get debriefed and back to the firefight again. I was all "lol. nope." and I put it away. I sometimes get flashbacks, and nightmares... ohh... the nightmares...
You could always shoot around the good guys, they get pissed pretty easy.

Haha I think the Dubstep was probably Jason's doing. It woulda been pretty dynamic if, at the start, he heard tons of dubstep and house music, and then as you play and he loses his humanity the music gets more... tribal or even more nature infused. Like birds being the tune and footsteps and gun-fire being the beat. But I don't know how that'd be possible, I don't know much about game music.
But it all ain't worth a damn if you don't like dubstep haha. I don't like dubstep that much but I did like the field burning mission. Thought that was pretty funny. Also, where would that music be coming from? Jason's head? Or did he program that phone to play it?

I hope this game starts inspiring more companies to focus on characters and story. Gameplay and visuals as well. I wouldn't mind playing far cry 3 clones.
Ahh mods. :/ I got a console version, so no such luck for me.
itt0ryu Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
2.-Burning weed, i almost can smell the delicious smoke.
3.-I hate when the weapon stays aimed...
4.-When you cut your GF's neck
5.-The helicopter one
6.-The wicked doc

Also: I love to go hunting.
my-canga Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Hahaha, thanks, and I agree with your points!
Did you know the character would get contact high from burning the weed if you stand in the smoke? I've only done it accidentally once.

What's The wicked doc? Name of a mission?
itt0ryu Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
The doctor who sends you to pick mushrooms
my-canga Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Oh XD hahaha. for some reason I kept thinking doc was short for document!
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