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January 5, 2013


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Xbox 720 & The Playstation 4 Orbis

DeviantCD Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Just thought these were two entertaining sites for both systems.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the next gen consoles too.

Xbox 720:


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Devious Comments

pyrohmstr Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Artist
Both of those websites are full of total bullshit. Literally everything they say is completely fabricated and flat-out wrong. The authors clearly don't understand anything about computer hardware. Actually, I would be shocked if either of them were a day over 14.
DJ0Hybrid Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh look, rumoured PS3 specs.

Assuming the rumours are true, the PS4 is going to start off with one of two legs broken: either it cannot handle backwards compatibility for PS3 games due to changing out the CPU to a different format else it will be expensive and back to the issue when the PS3 came out (no one could afford it.)

Something else is the amount of RAM in the PS3, which kind of confuses me. 1 GB seems okay as you are getting x4 of the PS3's, assuming the OS doesn't take much. For comparision, the WiiU has 2 GB of RAM with 1 GB completely dedicated to games (the other GB for the OS which is always active) and developers are loving it with one studio had an indie game just dump everything in memory and not worry about managing it. But at 8-16 GB for RAM? I watch my computer's usage of 12 GB for very recent games and they watch how much they use to the point that I can't even get memory usage to go over 35% total. And having 8 GB of RAM doesn't "future proof" your system unless everything is future proofed.

Storage is iffy, but I don't think Sony would do anything stupid with it. SSDs are still a tad too expensive for a gaming system, but can work when smaller an intergrated into the system. Most likely, Sony would do HDD bays with various levels of HDDs.

They'll keep the Blu-Ray (it has actually helped them make sales with the PS3.)

Graphics are hard to say as it depends on how they designed it (again, the WiiU kind of changed things up here.) But the best way to measure this is to get a game that is on multiple systems and compare the graphics.

The only problem I'm seeing with the PS4 is that I still don't see why I should buy it over the WiiU, Xbox 720, or just keep my PC up to date. It doesn't appear to add any new experience like the WiiU or try convient methods like the Xbox 720 is rumoured to try. And sure, there are the titles, but that isn't going to make many people want a PS4.

Now for the Xbox 72- hello!

Okay, first, the resolution. But really, 76804320? That sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen when gamers are going to hook these systems up to TVs that can only do 720p through HDMI. And this is still more than what most people do with their PCs. "I am capable of doing this," sure, that's impressive, but I hope this isn't a literal option.

As for the hello, it is rumoured that the Xbox 720 will do something like the WiiU. And frankly, I don't think Microsoft is doing a cheap copy as they had the SmartGlass for a while now (yet to try it personally, though the app is well done.) But if it is true that the WiiU tablet and the Xbox 720 controller look identical, the PS4 might get pushed to the side for not being the standard.

One problem I am seeing is that the site isn't posting solid specs but instead throwing concepts around. A 16 core CPU? That is both the stupidist thing I've heard thus far between all three systems and something that is going to raise the price drastically unless the cores are weak and handle the graphics themselves. The only thing that is very solid that they have is the price range, which is still too high that it runs into the same issue as the PS3 at launch.

If the rumours are true about the two consoles being more powerful than a PC, then ~PiratesAdventure is right in saying that the next generation will not be utilized as much as possible due to needing more man power to even use said system to the fullest extent.
FIRSTxAIDxKIT Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Launch games will no doubt suck, and there will no doubt be many bugs and issues right out of the box, since that seems to be the widespread trend with anything regarding games these days. Also, I'm not prepared to pay like $700 for the PS4 with absolutely no internal memory (as the release of the Vita has made us learn) and I'm not prepared to pay for any abomination that is even remotely linked to Windows 8.

I'll stick to my fat 360 and PS2 for a few more years. :bucktooth:
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Oh, and I haven't even started on the "questionable tech" they are rumored to put in. Both Microsoft AND Sony.
PiratesAdventure Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Not interested, not in the slightest to be honest. We all know they are going to powerful consoles. We know they are going leaps and bounds beyond what the WiiU has, in terms of hardware. We also know that both of them will continue focussing on motion control and that in all likelyhood, the PS4 controller will be like the PS3 controller. And the PS2 controller. And the PS1 controller.

I am not interested. The graphical leap won't nearly be the one they had in the last gen. In terms of AI and whatever the hell else, they are definitely not going to go leaps and bounds beyond what they already have. And as far as games go, it will once again be a circle in which only the wealthiest of development studios can compete. So we will see loads of 3's, 4's and higher out there (with a shitload of subtitles thrown in so that the number counter doesn't go way too bloody high). And for the rest? Well, most indie developers with their limited budgets are not in the market to be the prettiest ever, so they can likely release on pretty much every platform ever, making the need for multiple consoles for me kinda redundant. I never thought I would say it, but it could even be that next generation, my PC is all I need. And that one ain't even a gaming rig. You've got Steam to thank for that.
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