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December 8, 2012


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Favourite beat em up?

i have just finished playing a bit of streets of rage 2 i got a game over though so i am a bit bummed out, so i was just wondering what is the best beat em up to play, most say turtles in time or the simpsons arcade or even x men but honestly i think final fight just outdoes them all with castle crashers coming second then street of rage 2 in third
But mainly i was wondering what you think?

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fawfulmk-II Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Viewtiful Joe 1&2.

and I SERIOUSLY need to play Scott Pilgrim.
Tekken 6 scenario campaign and tekken 4 tekken force.
And probably tekken 5 devil within but I don't think I prefer that.
agree with tekken 5 devil within i couldnt beat the first boss to save my life
Porkkish Dec 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Devil May Cry series, Castle Crashers and Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes.
Crystalistical Dec 9, 2012
Although not directly a beat 'em up, my favourite would have to be Oni. I also enjoyed the Double Dragon series and Castle Crashers.
Kimihro Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Scott Pilgrim, Advance/Guardian Heroes, River City Ransom EX.
Ninja Baseball Batman, Scott Pilgrim. Only ones I like.
Fuck me, I forgot about Guardian Heroes. That game was badass.
and probably the best Treasure game IMO.
Pltnm06Ghost Dec 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
How about the best side scrolling beat em up of them all? Streets of Rage 3 :toocool:

Or better yet, give the fanmade Streets of Rage Remake V5 a go. It's so good, SEGA had to terminate the download links for it. A fanmade game that they approved themselves before it was completed :lmao: But if you want something else, a co-op run of Battletoads for the Arcade is a good choice. Or Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii. A little modern, but it's beautiful.
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