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December 7, 2012


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So what percent chance of some news of the next gen consoles at next years E3

I am saying 60% at most. If not then the year after i say 80%.
So at the latest 2014.
Any later and i think the chance of mostly digital titles is a real chance wich i wouldn't like.
Since i like buying from the store.

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bad-chop-suey Dec 7, 2012
Xbox 99.9$
Playstation 15%
Nintendo 0%
You could be close on the XBOX. And ialso agree on the ps3. Also yes on Nintendo.
Last i read that the next Playstation's developer rig was sent to the game devs. Although the PSvita isnt doing well in the market and Nintendo has just managed to reach the 360/PS3 graphical level with the Wii-U (My friends lauded AC3 for it's visuals and how it performed on 'outdated' hardware) so there is a lot of chance neither Sony nor MS will announce a new console (Watchdogs, unless it goes into development hell, has a chance of releasing before the new consoles are announced)
MS will most likely reveal the Microsoft Surface,thus officially enter the Handheld Gaming Device bandwagon as well as a response to the Wii-U.
Yeah i read it was kit no2 for ps.
And the surface will make things interesting for MS. Could totally change there angle if it takes off. Herd MS was to ban R18 games on there next platform.
[link] There's this article. Should be interesting.
Thanks, i don't really follow links from the forum out of DA, there be monsters but it is a facinating topic to see play out over the next 24 months or so. I'm tipping some massive games to hit the release window when things finally happen.
Stay tuned. Thanks.
fawfulmk-II Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
from Microsoft, I see a very high chance, since it seems they've been alluding to one.

Sony is probably 50/50, since they are planning on keeping the PS3 alive another 3 years and are trying to save the PSV.
I agree with MS since they have let the XBOX die off alittle in some ways. And sony i agree also as they are still driving it hard and i personally think it has more life in it. Wich im happy with.
I don't think math works that way.
Yeah, scientists have already proved that you can't predict the future with math.
Maybe that was what the Reapers were talking about in Mass Effect? Wanting to get rid of that pesky Chaos Theory. :B
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