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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
296 HedgieMuffins
1w 20h ago
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
111 WuYiXiang
3w 19h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Your favourite Visual Novels artsvarn
22h 37m ago
15 WuYiXiang
48s ago
Upcoming games brodskales
1d 18h ago
29 TronmanZ
1m 53s ago
Warrior, Thief, or Mage? BlazingDragonLord
1d 15h ago
112 jayandLloyd
2m 23s ago
Video games that would make good T.V. Shows Cra-ZShaker
Jan 12, 2016
173 RainyPug
4m 47s ago
Best video game communities? PickleParfe
4h 11m ago
8 RebirthLikeAPhoenix
16m 20s ago
[Spoiler]Undertale: Am I the only one to think Toriel...... Grimgor09
2d 2h ago
5 Lunoxius
34m 56s ago
Question video game logic PictureOnProgress
Jan 5, 2016
252 Sir-Shanks-A-Lot
35m 24s ago
Have you Ever Felt like you were Losing your Gaming Enthusiasm? Cr1chton
23h 48m ago
20 WuYiXiang
36m 30s ago
What game you playing this weekend? Adovion
1w 1d ago
123 Sir-Shanks-A-Lot
43m 56s ago
Helper codes pokkutiorfemfortefan
12h 4m ago
3 WuYiXiang
1h 18m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
1,636 apok305
3h 8m ago
First video game you EVER played? PinkyPie25800
3w 4d ago
75 apok305
3h 17m ago
stop feminists from attacking games!!! n0-username
13h 4m ago
6 morbidman187
3h 37m ago
Cutest Game Ever? MatthewJWills
4d 19h ago
51 Veralasius
4h 5m ago
Name your Character LauriJ
2w 2d ago
48 Veralasius
4h 7m ago
What game are you playing right now? TheBondOFlame
2w 6d ago
230 Veralasius
4h 22m ago
Your favorite videogame ever? Heltinde
2w 18m ago
243 Veralasius
4h 33m ago
Best Video Game Weapon Ever teenrex7
3w 2d ago
47 Happyjoy
6h 10m ago
Weirdest things that have happened to you in Skyrim? Cassandra--T
22h 36m ago
15 Luke-the-F0x
6h 26m ago
If you could meet any video game character or characters ? SuperAspieMan
3w 2d ago
72 operaghost
11h 59m ago
Majora's Mask vs. Lightning Returns LauriJ
4d 3h ago
19 Karmageddin
14h 35m ago
Digital Pokemon Commissions jessoterick
20h 35m ago
3 SavageFrog
15h 54m ago
No Complaining- Talk about what you love in Sonic! Animalme
6d 16h ago
125 Redfoxbennaton
16h 33m ago
The most underrated game EVER. Ego-Man25
3w 4d ago
246 Ego-Man25
17h 50m ago
What video games have your favorite soundtracks? BlazingDragonLord
6d 15h ago
189 killerdragon558
17h 53m ago
Favourite FPS's Mrgreen36
2d 21h ago
58 coolmarvin
18h 31m ago
Daily routines daritha42
1d 7h ago
22 davidlucas
22h 39m ago
What's the Most Overrated Video Games Of All Time? purpleblu
1w 3d ago
200 PinkyPie25800
23h 10m ago
Undertake fans: who are your favorite characters? Pilulu
1w 2d ago
26 Kamicraze
1d 34m ago
Interested? :D RiverRei
Dec 23, 2015
230 simplykit19
1d 2h ago
Do you listen to the music from video games ? Which is your favorite ? SuperAspieMan
Nov 29, 2015
121 simplykit19
1d 5h ago
I really really want your opinion on our upcoming game's story RebirthLikeAPhoenix
4d 5h ago
6 RebirthLikeAPhoenix
1d 9h ago
Greatest Video Games That Will NEVER Get Rereleased! ProfessorMegaman
1d 18h ago
18 crynal
1d 12h ago
Fake Pokemon... Acclivius
2w 1d ago
40 Ultopic
1d 13h ago
Video Game series that need to be revived teenrex7
1w 23h ago
71 vic-viper-001
1d 14h ago
Gaming Adventures British-Prophetess
2w 1d ago
38 British-Prophetess
1d 21h ago
The Best Game You Guys Have Played Steve-the-lovable
Dec 20, 2015
83 Truncado
1d 22h ago