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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,789 ThiranosTales
16h 40m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,230 JettRyu
1d 5h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
1w 3d ago
0 N/A
Favorite Childhood Game? Nintendo-Dreamer
Dec 18, 2014
257 Lexadre
6m 57s ago
Fnaf Hetalia rpg maker game. JoMiwa
11h 31m ago
4 PickleParfe
10m 50s ago
whats the worst game you played in 2014 thesupremegamer12
22h 22m ago
24 IloveHeyarnold
1h 8m ago
Most Hours You Have Put Into a Game? CuriouslyAlone
8h 55m ago
18 SolidMars
1h 9m ago
Favorite Arcade Classic? Nintendo-Dreamer
9h 6m ago
4 TwilightWolfCourage
1h 23m ago
Guildwars 2 : is it worth it... ? MetalFeline
2w 5d ago
19 beidoll
2h 10m ago
Creepy things that have happened in a game Shadobian11
2d 13h ago
26 Shadobian11
2h 33m ago
How BIG is your game collection? daemsify
1d 11m ago
18 daemsify
5h 10m ago
help me choose some games for the 3ds! :D itsalwaysyou
12h 9m ago
10 itsalwaysyou
5h 25m ago
Do you rage when gaming? Eraezr
4w 1d ago
168 Eraezr
5h 28m ago
Video Game Music Kickstarter (for good cause!) bobschuler
9h 27m ago
5 3wyl
5h 32m ago
Do you IMVU? Askblackhearse
1d 2h ago
16 MissJenRose
5h 51m ago
Forgotten/Obsucure Playstation Exculsive games? MightyRay
1w 4d ago
130 MightyRay
5h 55m ago
Last Game You've Played? British-Prophetess
Dec 16, 2014
452 MissJenRose
5h 59m ago
Any oblivion fans there? vulpix15
4d 8h ago
101 MissJenRose
6h 1m ago
Gaming's Greatest Female Heroine galaxssea
3w 22h ago
73 MissJenRose
6h 8m ago
Favorite Video Game Series? Nintendo-Dreamer
3w 2d ago
313 MissJenRose
6h 13m ago
What's Your Faveorite Video Game OST? Kaitorubel
3d 19h ago
96 Kaitorubel
6h 22m ago
Defining Game of the Last Generation? Nintendo-Dreamer
2w 1d ago
113 TheRedSnifit
6h 37m ago
Things that can deter you from a game? RatchetJak
10h 4m ago
7 thesupremegamer12
6h 39m ago
If Pokémon Was Rated T... Z-Pikachu
6d 20h ago
127 sega-game-gear
9h 27m ago
Anyone know and good classic rpgs ArtisticMadmann
1w 19h ago
71 ArtisticMadmann
10h 53m ago
am i the only one who thinks that some of these mainstream games are not that good thesupremegamer12
13h 23m ago
3 TheRedSnifit
12h 1m ago
Most Badass Video Game Character? RIPs1991
2w 22h ago
68 fluffykitten44
12h 25m ago
Anyone want to fangirling about Pokemon game?? :D AyaRoulane
2d 12h ago
44 AyaRoulane
12h 34m ago
In game FNAF purchases? Cynderthedragon5768
12h 49m ago
0 N/A
Let's Play the "I Give You a Letter Game—Video Games Edition" Nintendo-Dreamer
1w 3d ago
403 Zombiedog3
13h 15m ago
So... what's your favorite action game? NephilimOfTheLord
1w 6d ago
28 thesupremegamer12
13h 16m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
546 DynamicDense
13h 54m ago
Dragon Age Inquisition sheena6556
Nov 14, 2014
169 JessTheNoob
14h 49m ago
Favorite Zelda Game? MistyDraw19
3d 15h ago
57 MistyDraw19
18h 56m ago
Opinion of Death Battle Hellsing612
3w 2d ago
5 Dark-Carioca
19h 39m ago
What Telltale Games You'd like to see teenrex7
1d 9h ago
8 Abstract-Mindser
22h 50m ago
What's the most original weapon you have ever seen in a game? NephilimOfTheLord
5d 14h ago
56 PickleParfe
23h 24m ago
Best social game. charlie733
1d 23h ago
4 Askblackhearse
1d 2h ago
who is your ssb4 main and why? AskSonicUnleashed
2d 20h ago
61 TheWalshinator
1d 3h ago
Pokemon: Advice Exchange One-Concerned
2w 1d ago
8 One-Concerned
1d 6h ago