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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,732 Hurricaneclaw
1d 40m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,207 JawRipper
3d 6h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Tekken 7 Lucky Chloe Backlash RatchetJak
1w 4d ago
104 Agent-Sarah
1m 19s ago
Best Console Ever? Nintendo--Gamer
Oct 16, 2014
360 Nintendo--Gamer
4m 47s ago
Favorite Childhood Game? Nintendo--Gamer
2d 16h ago
65 Lexadre
41m 23s ago
Idle games? Adorabamf
10h 31m ago
16 PrairieLily
46m 25s ago
Are you a gamer? tinyqueen007
1d 22h ago
52 LockStockCreation
47m 51s ago
What game inspire you the most and why? PalasanEagle
1d 8h ago
5 LockStockCreation
48m 55s ago
Last Game You've Played? British-Prophetess
4d 19h ago
210 LockStockCreation
50m 50s ago
(Guys) What female character would you want to be? Metalgearalchemist7
10h 53m ago
2 CrimeRoyale
1h 5m ago
Favorite Bioshock Character OmegaMajora99
10h 35m ago
3 CrimeRoyale
1h 5m ago
Graphics don't matter. Heres why. Delta-waves22
Oct 29, 2014
228 AxlReigns
1h 13m ago
Lets talk Smash!!! Xsparkth
3d 21h ago
18 InryDanmaku
1h 14m ago
why gaming today seems not fun and memorable as before? GreyCircle
1w 3d ago
58 charlie733
2h 44s ago
PewDiePie SweetCandyCyanide
2w 1d ago
115 blackbook668
2h 12m ago
Ideas for Wii U Games? Super Mario Sunshine 2: Adventures of Stormy Island Nintendo--Gamer
2w 4d ago
40 Nintendo--Gamer
3h 1m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
361 WolfStarmie
3h 11m ago
Favorite Youtube Gaming Channels? Nintendo--Gamer
2w 8h ago
163 Innocentfate
7h 8m ago
Legit Shiny Pokemon igloo9201
1w 2d ago
180 SuperArtNinja
7h 22m ago
Rooting for the bad guy... Basement-Aviator
Nov 5, 2014
113 SonicAndHildaFan11
7h 35m ago
Your Smash Bros. main? EpicPieFace
3w 6d ago
124 EpicPieFace
8h 48m ago
 serial code they wouldn't mind sharing?  SirCassie
1d 21h ago
27 XxFoxy-ZeldaxX
10h 35m ago
Skimpy armour on female warriors. EpicPieFace
2w 4d ago
123 Adorabamf
10h 35m ago
Saints Row 2 Vs. Saints Row IV EpicPieFace
1w 2d ago
24 Jphyper
10h 51m ago
Most Toxic Game Communities? ClassySecretAgent
1d 5h ago
43 MysteryBandit
11h 5m ago
Thoughts on Final Fantasy's first female Cid? IMDSound
22h 56m ago
6 HerbalDrink
11h 45m ago
what are your favourite characters to pick in arcade fighting games? Eraezr
2d 4h ago
24 RatchetJak
12h 38m ago
Most badass video game characters charlie733
18h 35m ago
10 darkone4587
13h 17m ago
what unpopular opinions do you have of gaming in general thesupremegamer12
Nov 21, 2014
176 AxlReigns
15h 27m ago
Are games even played for fun anymore? 7th-Derp
1w 6d ago
97 ArtisticAxis
15h 36m ago
Lets talk about FNAF Karmageddin
4d 14h ago
26 4eyesneko
16h 30m ago
Favorite Pokemon Champion LuckOfTheDraw18
2w 4d ago
86 Darksider-Assassin
18h 29m ago
Favorite Controller? Nintendo--Gamer
5d 10h ago
168 Nashiro
20h 25m ago
ORAS Team? LuckOfTheDraw18
2w 4d ago
43 Jphyper
21h 6m ago
SSB4 Favorite Song - Battlefield/Big Battlefield DevinWarriors
22h 49m ago
0 N/A
Target / Kmart ban GTA V Adelaidejohn1967
1w 3d ago
73 CrimeRoyale
1d 2h ago
Game you enjoyed most this year?! Want to play next year? suitandarmour
3w 4h ago
127 suitandarmour
1d 2h ago
How is Pokemon ORAS for you so far? WolfRaid
4w 17h ago
59 GunSlinger-Yuki
1d 9h ago
Pokémon: Would you pay DLC to have more Mega's? SkyeWolfofDusk
3d 48m ago
14 Abstract-Mindser
1d 10h ago