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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,263 Alithographica
8h 44m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,062 TrinitySage
2d 12h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Final Fantasy female characters?? suitandarmour
1w 1d ago
41 suitandarmour
53s ago
If one of these companies would make your RPG. suitandarmour
4d 17h ago
99 suitandarmour
5m 35s ago
Favourite video game? Bombia
17h 9m ago
136 Bombia
6m 1s ago
Unconventional? TransformerRobot
4h 53m ago
5 weremole
7m 7s ago
Gods will be watching! VomitBear
9h 28m ago
13 sbkMulletMan
24m 8s ago
Most annoying video game villain monochromesea
5h 3m ago
4 monochromesea
31m 56s ago
Pokemon X and Y Gamers Ashborne-Demon
1w 6d ago
57 WatchHerFly
2h 13m ago
Destiny Beta? V8Arwing67
1d 3h ago
2h 15m ago
Final Fantasy, Heroes. Which is your favorite? Magictech9999
6h 33m ago
11 Eraezr
2h 19m ago
pokemon players: x/y ev training? ktwoodn
7h 25m ago
5 thomasVanDijk
2h 28m ago
Favorite Sonic Couple? SonallyrlzKC
5d 14h ago
188 SonallyrlzKC
2h 57m ago
Animal Crossing: New Leaf XxXMisfitAngelXxX
Jun 8, 2014
237 V8Arwing67
3h 2m ago
I need help finding the secret boss in OFF Freedom-King
2w 6d ago
5 Freedom-King
3h 3m ago
What MMOs have you played? ThiranosTales
3w 4d ago
209 PuzzledHeartBox
3h 7m ago
Skyrim :3 TheLastNightingale23
6d 3h ago
47 V8Arwing67
3h 20m ago
Guitar Hero fans? BlackJokerLover
11h 25m ago
10 BlackJokerLover
3h 51m ago
Pokemon X/Y Mono-type Teams Hellsing612
10h 33m ago
3 Hurricaneclaw
3h 57m ago
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
6,548 Bombia
3h 57m ago
Any Princess Daisy fans? princessdaisyroxsox
1d 8h ago
25 princessdaisyroxsox
4h 19m ago
PS2 vs XBOX vs Gamecube LauriJ
1w 1d ago
49 Redfoxbennaton
4h 42m ago
Favorite Organization XIII members? monochromesea
2d 4h ago
12 Eraezr
4h 55m ago
Games you would like to see a remake of? SmallSauce
3w 4d ago
88 Momoka123
5h 19m ago
Final Fantasy IX Finickii
1w 2d ago
45 Magictech9999
6h 33m ago
Underrated Pokemon? Hellsing612
10h 23m ago
11 Hellsing612
8h 2m ago
Need some help with Pokemon X :) InsanityHearts
21h 17m ago
5 InsanityHearts
9h 51m ago
Favorite Legend of Zelda Game? ThiranosTales
1w 3d ago
215 Jruva
10h 8m ago
what video game are you playing RIGHT NOW muzzillustrations
2w 6d ago
338 FG-Arcadia
10h 31m ago
Best Games From The 90s Tasky
Jan 21, 2013
438 FG-Arcadia
10h 34m ago
N64 vs PS1 LauriJ
1w 3d ago
94 FG-Arcadia
10h 44m ago
Games you could never finsh? WolfiePower
May 18, 2014
193 FG-Arcadia
10h 50m ago
Most overrated game ever ? GruntWatcher
Jun 13, 2014
205 TheDizzyDan
11h 57m ago
Which Pokemon you would like as a pet? LauriJ
2w 1d ago
47 zerodj
12h 48m ago
If you were your favorite video game character... Dark-Kadabra
3d 15h ago
37 glass-frogs
12h 57m ago
do people choose populatiry over quality? playstationfanboy12
1w 1d ago
43 playstationfanboy12
13h 35m ago
Favorite Kingdom Hearts battles? MidoriMurasaki
2w 5d ago
97 alperyarali1
14h 29m ago
Tim Stamper is returning to the gaming industry CLXcool
1w 4h ago
15 Nashiro
17h 42m ago
If you had to be one AI from a video game, which one would you be? OwlSoul01
1d 15h ago
17 PhantasmaStriker
20h 55m ago