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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,114 Rossross1993
1d 19h ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,528 Akara-Legend
1d 21h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
What character do you want in SSB AmbyChi
2w 6d ago
122 denplaysgames
28m 27s ago
1d 11h ago
155 Eluviel
47m 6s ago
Define Gamer xtinyheartx
2h 50m ago
6 HappyDuckCreator
47m 54s ago
What's The Meanest Things You Do In Gaming? Slinkgirl95
4d 2h ago
42 Eraezr
58m 6s ago
How did your parents/guardians feel about you and video games? Eraezr
2w 1d ago
114 Eraezr
1h 1m ago
Sonic the Hedgehog - Idea Night-the-PantherCat
3h 45m ago
4 Night-the-PantherCat
1h 41m ago
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
6,983 xtinyheartx
2h 32m ago
what rpgs do you find underrated playstationfanboy12
11h 8m ago
15 PhantasmaStriker
3h 11m ago
What's your most favorite game? color-freak1
20h 9m ago
27 ReluctantZombie
3h 16m ago
Underrated Games? Nintendo--Gamer
2w 3d ago
152 Jarret91
3h 27m ago
Black Ops 3??? simbamohatu01
3d 19h ago
13 TeXD
3h 55m ago
Online virtual worlds ? ToppKlass
12h 47m ago
7 darkone4587
4h 16m ago
five nights at freddy's Lots-O-Lawlz
3w 1d ago
68 h-irsch
5h 42s ago
Name your shinies! gothdra
1d 13h ago
29 PokeCat-Fanatic
5h 7m ago
Pros and Cons. Should I buy a PS4 now? Eraezr
3w 6d ago
103 Eraezr
5h 13m ago
Who's Killing Gaming: The Game Deveolpers or Us? ChaoticBlitzRing
Aug 22, 2014
160 DoomOverDeadman
5h 41m ago
Games? OtakuDreams
1w 5d ago
45 BearDeerCat
5h 44m ago
favorite pokedex entry dudu2001
1w 1d ago
15 BleuLoup
7h 5m ago
Telltale's The Walking Dead - Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling Clementine! BearDeerCat
7h 55m ago
0 N/A
Promo toko4d
8h 37m ago
0 N/A
In your opinion what's the worst gaming series ever? 16carkim
1w 5d ago
264 MissPoe
10h 40m ago
Can you download the Sims 2 for free anywhere. kayanne21
13h 13m ago
2 kayanne21
10h 55m ago
"All Things Pokemon"—Fill out This List! Nintendo--Gamer
1w 1d ago
97 ThisIsMyFist
12h 59m ago
Any Fire Emblem fans? GameGirl95
3d 11h ago
77 GameGirl95
13h 40m ago
The Legend of Zelda yebbadebba
2d 7h ago
14 HyruleWarriorJade
15h 45m ago
Obscure MK characters that should return in MKX Tony-Antwonio
2d 9h ago
17h 26m ago
Animal Crossing: New Leaf XxXMisfitAngelXxX
Jun 8, 2014
554 Rad-Puppeteer
17h 53m ago
DnD/Pathfinder UmbraCrux
1d 17h ago
8 UmbraCrux
18h 22m ago
Thoughts on new tekken 7 characters. suitandarmour
1d 1h ago
18h 26m ago
Hardest Game You've Played DarkAngelsWork
1w 2d ago
235 DarkAngelsWork
18h 41m ago
FF 4 Otakugeek8989
4d 2h ago
3 Eraezr
20h 32m ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 RatchetJak
2w 16h ago
90 Rossross1993
23h 24s ago
Bravely Default sorrowzombie
1w 4h ago
12 chichichichipndale
23h 57m ago
Mortal Kombat series Japanese dub cast Domayv
1d 41m ago
0 N/A
So that "Mental State" feature on GTA: Online... Sundown-Native
1d 6h ago
15 Adder-Snake-Bite
1d 3h ago
Shiny Pokémon You've Always Wanted, But Never Gotten FlightySpirit
2w 9h ago
131 PokeCat-Fanatic
1d 5h ago
Wish List ThiranosTales
4d 9h ago
33 ThiranosTales
1d 5h ago