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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
1,915 VulpixVirtues
2h 38m ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
605 organizationXIIIfan1
1d 3h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Are you obsessed with trophies/achievements? TehAngelsCry
3w 5d ago
86 G-Harte
43s ago
What game are you playing now? ^_^ faithfulsadgirl
9m 52s ago
1 ErnieTheMighty
2m 2s ago
funniest glitch you seen UnfailingEalge
1d 22h ago
8 optimusprime22
6m 14s ago
Can video games be scary? blackbook668
8h 47m ago
14 drachenmagier
25m 3s ago
Worst Storylines Seen in Video Games? SaccharoKirby
1d 2h ago
74 drachenmagier
28m 2s ago
My worst fear in strategy rpgs. Mark57Raider
7h 48m ago
10 drachenmagier
34m 27s ago
What is your absolute FAVORITE fighting game? TurkEvulture
1w 4d ago
36m 56s ago
Your Main in Super Smash Bros Brawl? :) SaccharoKirby
2d 10h ago
110 GelatoChan
50m 53s ago
Favorite Video game villains Dudley731
1w 5d ago
156 RaizaBlackbone
1h 38m ago
Gaming related art ShootAndMinecraft
7h 51m ago
1 Adder-Snake-Bite
1h 49m ago
Silent Hill Characters Licht-Drache-122
13h 13m ago
5 Eraezr
2h 42m ago
It's beyond obvious the Wii U is a failure VomitBear
4d 5h ago
145 TronmanZ
4h 5m ago
J-Stars Victory Vs. AdrianFarenheitTepes
3d 6h ago
8 AdrianFarenheitTepes
4h 20m ago
PS4 and online connection? suitandarmour
1d 22h ago
13 suitandarmour
4h 49m ago
Skyrim kevster14
3w 1d ago
55 simplykit19
6h 3m ago
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
5,961 simplykit19
6h 3m ago
So what of the big 3 have the best community/forums? Abstract-Mindser
3d 11h ago
32 WiggleWaddle
6h 13m ago
Has the LoZ and Kingdom Hearts series just turned into an excuse to make erotic fiction for pre-teen TurkEvulture
1w 7h ago
109 Mark57Raider
7h 25m ago
What Pokemon You EV Training? igloo9201
1d 7h ago
57 igloo9201
7h 51m ago
Pokemon x and y KaylnandGenevieve
16h 59m ago
45 KaylnandGenevieve
7h 54m ago
Video game crushes. Sniper0092
6d 9h ago
29 priteeboy
8h 8m ago
Best Games From The 90s Tasky
Jan 21, 2013
356 Mark57Raider
8h 35m ago
Currently Playing? AdrianFarenheitTepes
Mar 21, 2014
93 blackbook668
8h 37m ago
Your DBZ power level (roleplay) DisturbingVoid
11h 25m ago
12 blackbook668
8h 39m ago
Hated Sonic characters? Ravvij
17h 39m ago
7 blackbook668
8h 40m ago
need help with the battle maison! (Pokemon X) supahcomicbro
2d 23h ago
11 Hurricaneclaw
8h 40m ago
What was the last good Nintendo console? TurkEvulture
2w 12h ago
46 Protoeyesore
8h 55m ago
What was the first game you ever played? Slinkgirl95
Mar 16, 2014
155 Z-Pikachu
8h 56m ago
Any people used Art Academy on Wii U and have a gallery of the art on DA? DarkPrinceArmon
3d 18h ago
12 DarkPrinceArmon
10h 48m ago
Things you hate in gaming Bryd013
Feb 28, 2014
172 Dark-theif2
10h 57m ago
Monster Hunter! KromCompany
1w 2d ago
67 KromCompany
11h 22m ago
Franchises that are dead to you TurkEvulture
1w 2d ago
106 Cenaris
11h 23m ago
Mario or Sonic? Slinkgirl95
2w 1d ago
45 DisturbingVoid
11h 24m ago
Nintendo Direct 4.8.2014 ViNa-Shiranui
2w 6h ago
171 krystalfan-2
15h 43m ago
I want to play game! really bad! chadevil
Mar 11, 2014
81 NoneStar
16h 13m ago
Your most memorable cast of characters in a video game? Tasky
3w 1d ago
66 Akumaru13
16h 23m ago
Favorite game series? dylanmorris878
1w 5d ago
37 TheRiki
17h 5m ago