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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
296 HedgieMuffins
1d 13h ago
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
111 WuYiXiang
2w 1d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
What game you playing this weekend? Adovion
2d 2h ago
34 Adovion
2m 31s ago
What video games have your favorite soundtracks? BlazingDragonLord
8h 46m ago
56 Cmacc100
6m 47s ago
No Complaining- Talk about what you love in Sonic! Animalme
10h 22m ago
26 Mrgreen36
8m 36s ago
What's the Most Overrated Video Games Of All Time? purpleblu
4d 11h ago
36 WuYiXiang
24m 39s ago
How i picture a new Call of Duty: An ignorant millennial late to the party RebirthLikeAPhoenix
4h 6m ago
2 MrLit
30m 26s ago
Video Game series that need to be revived teenrex7
1d 16h ago
46 Ego-Man25
44m 2s ago
What's a game you've been meaning to play but keep putting off? PoppyMori
3d 17h ago
31 Taran13573794
55m 59s ago
Favorite Pokemon from each generation? BlazingDragonLord
2w 2d ago
95 slayerdude677
1h 28m ago
Making permadeath work in multiplayers Gray-philosophy
1d 10h ago
4 silent-ebb
2h 44m ago
What is your opinion about Final Fantasy 7 Remake? xXAelita-ChanXx
2d 16h ago
36 ShiroiKoumori
4h 12m ago
The most underrated game EVER. Ego-Man25
2w 5d ago
186 Animalme
5h 21m ago
Your favorite videogame ever? Heltinde
1w 17h ago
213 TheCunningCondor
5h 43m ago
First video game you EVER played? PinkyPie25800
2w 5d ago
54 Agni-Royai
6h 20m ago
Games with actual consequences SimianZombie
1w 4d ago
61 dead-now
8h 13m ago
Role-Playing in a Non-Role-Play Environment WuYiXiang
1d 15h ago
15 WuYiXiang
8h 33m ago
Favorite Level teenrex7
9h 20m ago
1 WuYiXiang
8h 53m ago
If you could meet any video game character or characters ? SuperAspieMan
2w 3d ago
66 WuYiXiang
9h 48m ago
Interested? :D RiverRei
Dec 23, 2015
216 WuYiXiang
10h 3m ago
What game are you playing right now? TheBondOFlame
1w 6d ago
218 Animalme
10h 53m ago
Favorite aspect of the Pokemon francise Sandstormer
6d 17h ago
33 Chuckling-Ghost
11h 31m ago
worst jrpgs uve played Thegameroflight12
6d 11h ago
78 Mitochondria-Raine
11h 51m ago
Sly Cooper series princeofallsofas
20h 33m ago
6 princeofallsofas
13h 7m ago
looking to trade for a shiny female ralts Twisted-Kitsune
15h 37m ago
3 FFXDavios
13h 33m ago
Do you listen to the music from video games ? Which is your favorite ? SuperAspieMan
Nov 29, 2015
111 stonedpanda03
15h 35m ago
Hardest GTA Missions in your opinion? CastarasForever
2d 20h ago
16h 52m ago
I'm Kick starting a Game and I would like some advice... killervoid
2w 4d ago
78 Redfoxbennaton
16h 59m ago
PC master race arguments Razered-Zoey-VX
6d 17h ago
76 Razered-Zoey-VX
17h 17m ago
Am I the only one disappointed with Xenoblade Chronicles X SacrificAbominat
1d 7h ago
4 TheCunningCondor
17h 35m ago
Name your Character LauriJ
1w 2d ago
25 Megan1289
19h 27m ago
Top 5 MMORPG's that have lost their mojo. bulldozerman185
3d 16h ago
31 Pokechan13
19h 46m ago
League of Legends players x-Riivenge
2w 6d ago
25 x-Riivenge
20h 57m ago
am i the only one whos disinterested in the newer harvest moon games Thegameroflight12
1d 15h ago
13 themissingmystery
1d 4m ago
Box Art Design MeavaStudios
1d 5h ago
2 H-SWilliams
1d 1h ago
The most underrated game soundtrack ever made? soarxisscared
Dec 22, 2015
191 WuYiXiang
1d 8h ago
Worst Eeveelutions. Stingrayzz
1w 3d ago
128 TheCunningCondor
1d 8h ago
Has the Mario series...given up? BooDestroyer89
1w 5d ago
104 TheCunningCondor
1d 8h ago
Thoughts on Fire Emblem Fates losing the skinship feature in the west. DaydreamOtaku
1w 4d ago
43 TheCunningCondor
1d 9h ago