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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
296 HedgieMuffins
5d 47m ago
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
111 WuYiXiang
2w 4d ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
What video games have your favorite soundtracks? BlazingDragonLord
3d 19h ago
178 sabjoson
5m 59s ago
The Best Game You Guys Have Played Steve-the-lovable
Dec 20, 2015
82 sabjoson
9m 15s ago
Video games that would make good T.V. Shows Cra-ZShaker
Jan 12, 2016
166 sabjoson
17m 44s ago
Favourite FPS's Mrgreen36
1h 48m ago
6 brodskales
23m 3s ago
Video Game series that need to be revived teenrex7
5d 3h ago
65 GrandMasterEmporer
28m 59s ago
What game you playing this weekend? Adovion
5d 13h ago
97 Adovion
34m 27s ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
1,623 monsieurpigeon
38m 25s ago
What's the Most Overrated Video Games Of All Time? purpleblu
1w 22h ago
196 Ego-Man25
2h 34m ago
Majora's Mask vs. Lightning Returns LauriJ
1d 7h ago
7 Ego-Man25
2h 49m ago
Cutest Game Ever? MatthewJWills
2d 5m ago
42 PresidentTrump
3h 44m ago
What is the last JRPG you played?? Vaunilla
Dec 30, 2015
266 PresidentTrump
4h 22m ago
Good Survival Games WuYiXiang
1d 13m ago
27 WuYiXiang
4h 27m ago
Kickstarter - FADE: The Forgotten Journey Advice IrreleventOutsider
16h 8m ago
2 JenFruzz
4h 52m ago
Gaming Adventures British-Prophetess
1w 5d ago
33 British-Prophetess
5h 2m ago
Name your Character LauriJ
1w 6d ago
36 nightchildmoonchild
5h 7m ago
No Complaining- Talk about what you love in Sonic! Animalme
3d 21h ago
110 Animalme
5h 40m ago
Fake Pokemon... Acclivius
1w 5d ago
38 Cyanide-6v6
7h 47m ago
I cant seem to get obsessed with Undertale or other popular stuff... CreamySuicider
1w 1d ago
75 Nibbink
8h 49m ago
Question video game logic PictureOnProgress
Jan 5, 2016
230 WuYiXiang
10h 12m ago
Your favorite videogame ever? Heltinde
1w 4d ago
233 SamThePenetrator
15h 45m ago
Interested? :D RiverRei
Dec 23, 2015
228 WindowPaper
17h 27m ago
Undertake fans: who are your favorite characters? Pilulu
1w 48m ago
24 Pilulu
21h 44m ago
Favorite undertale soundtrack? dudewithaShotgun
2w 1d ago
43 Truncado
23h 41m ago
First video game you EVER played? PinkyPie25800
3w 1d ago
62 Rad-Puppeteer
23h 42m ago
I really really want your opinion on our upcoming game's story RebirthLikeAPhoenix
1d 10h ago
2 RebirthLikeAPhoenix
23h 44m ago
What is your opinion about Final Fantasy 7 Remake? xXAelita-ChanXx
6d 3h ago
73 mel-mel
23h 58m ago
Unravel TheCunningCondor
1d 35m ago
3 WuYiXiang
1d 23m ago
Which Time Period Should Assassin's Creed Tackle Next? teenrex7
2w 2d ago
31 vic-viper-001
1d 2h ago
League of Legends players x-Riivenge
3w 2d ago
38 Se05239
1d 7h ago
The most underrated game EVER. Ego-Man25
3w 1d ago
228 laurentiusmark93
1d 7h ago
I'm Kick starting a Game and I would like some advice... killervoid
3w 1d ago
81 killervoid
1d 8h ago
How i picture a new Call of Duty: An ignorant millennial late to the party RebirthLikeAPhoenix
3d 15h ago
22 RebirthLikeAPhoenix
1d 11h ago
Looking for steam friends to play Dont Starve Together with. MayTruthBeTold
2d 16h ago
4 MayTruthBeTold
1d 14h ago
Endless Runners and High Scores MatthewJWills
1d 21h ago
4 MatthewJWills
1d 16h ago
Making permadeath work in multiplayers Gray-philosophy
4d 22h ago
7 Tashrin
1d 17h ago
worst jrpgs uve played Thegameroflight12
1w 2d ago
81 Thegameroflight12
1d 19h ago
Mega Man Legacy Collection. Stingrayzz
3d 55m ago
14 CrimeRoyale
1d 19h ago