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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,231 NephilimOfTheLord
21h 5m ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,789 ThiranosTales
2d 1h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
1w 4d ago
0 N/A
Anyone want to fangirling about Pokemon game?? :D AyaRoulane
3d 21h ago
74 SonicAndHildaFan11
4m 45s ago
Bravest video game character compared to their power. NephilimOfTheLord
21h 14m ago
9 NephilimOfTheLord
7m 14s ago
Favorite Zelda Game? MistyDraw19
4d 23h ago
65 MistyDraw19
9m 21s ago
Most Hours You Have Put Into a Game? CuriouslyAlone
1d 17h ago
51 NephilimOfTheLord
9m 37s ago
Most Sexist Game You've Seen OmegaMajora99
1d 5h ago
40 Ashley-4849
29m 13s ago
Creepy things that have happened in a game Shadobian11
3d 21h ago
32 tone-e-rome
35m 11s ago
Q for anyone who plays Wii U online metalhartrockandroll
6h 25m ago
7 Abstract-Mindser
39m 53s ago
XY/ORAS Speed Boost Torchics emiemi345
40m 20s ago
0 N/A
Things that can deter you from a game? RatchetJak
1d 18h ago
77 RatchetJak
41m 40s ago
whats the worst game you played in 2014 thesupremegamer12
2d 6h ago
34 CrimeRoyale
47m 21s ago
Any other Monopoly fanatics? Emmmmerz
4h 51m ago
14 Z-Pikachu
1h 7s ago
Favorite Arcade Classic? Nintendo-Dreamer
1d 17h ago
33 AlexanM2
2h 7m ago
Discrimination against Teemo. infinitetolerance
10h 16m ago
11 525600-Midgets
2h 22m ago
What Telltale Games You'd like to see teenrex7
2d 18h ago
12 tone-e-rome
2h 45m ago
Most difficult game you've played that made you rage Naotsugu
1w 11h ago
41 tone-e-rome
2h 46m ago
Forgotten/Obsucure Playstation Exculsive games? MightyRay
1w 5d ago
131 DaBair
2h 57m ago
Most frustrating game you've ever played? TigerRose13
1w 3d ago
30 tone-e-rome
2h 57m ago
Dragon Age Inquisition sheena6556
Nov 14, 2014
178 RIPs1991
3h 20m ago
Who's your favourite couple in video games (and why)? champignonkinoko
Nov 12, 2014
168 classicgamer76
4h 21m ago
First Game You Remember Beating? Nintendo-Dreamer
2w 5d ago
310 classicgamer76
4h 39m ago
mario is a drug abuser Vixuzar
12h 55m ago
3 3wyl
4h 45m ago
remade video games ... Vixuzar
5d 1h ago
18 classicgamer76
4h 52m ago
Favorite Childhood Game? Nintendo-Dreamer
Dec 18, 2014
263 ShenaniBOOM
5h 7m ago
Highlights of Your Gaming Collection? Nintendo-Dreamer
2w 4d ago
184 classicgamer76
5h 11m ago
Your first game character crush...? makan-basamo
7h 8m ago
3 metalhartrockandroll
6h 23m ago
How BIG is your game collection? daemsify
2d 8h ago
20 daemsify
7h 12m ago
What's Your Faveorite Video Game OST? Kaitorubel
5d 3h ago
111 classicgamer76
7h 26m ago
Most Badass Video Game Character? RIPs1991
2w 2d ago
72 saikyoryuuougi
7h 27m ago
Defining Game of the Last Generation? Nintendo-Dreamer
2w 2d ago
127 makan-basamo
7h 43m ago
that things do you hate in video games thesupremegamer12
1w 1d ago
43 Jphyper
8h 1m ago
am i the only one who thinks that some of these mainstream games are not that good thesupremegamer12
1d 21h ago
7 CrimeRoyale
8h 3m ago
Anyone a big Gran Turismo or Mario Kart fan? KromCompany
21h 47m ago
2 CrimeRoyale
8h 6m ago
Any oblivion fans there? vulpix15
5d 16h ago
107 JustASwede96
8h 9m ago
why modern pre-order bonuses are so horribly small nipastyle
1d 5h ago
7 CrimeRoyale
8h 9m ago
Worst thing you've ever done in a video game TAG-Nadia
3d 3h ago
17 CrimeRoyale
8h 11m ago
Burn, Midgar, burn. Powerglove42
20h 40m ago
6 CrimeRoyale
8h 14m ago
If Pokémon Was Rated T... Z-Pikachu
1w 1d ago
133 saikyoryuuougi
8h 15m ago