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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
597 ApplepiieWolf
2h 9m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
1,878 Friendermen
4h 57m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Your most memorable cast of characters in a video game? Tasky
2w 2d ago
57 nightchildmoonchild
9m 48s ago
Good online free games? FruitRiver
11h 18m ago
13 FruitRiver
10m 19s ago
Did retro games age well? Are they too difficult? Nintendo--Gamer
3d 39m ago
14 TurkEvulture
35m 22s ago
What video game would you like see be turned into a good anime? Vilecannon13
4d 12h ago
229 TurkEvulture
41m 5s ago
Video game crushes. Sniper0092
1d 51m ago
5 TurkEvulture
42m 10s ago
Top 5 most adorable games you've ever played TurkEvulture
56m 6s ago
0 N/A
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
5,932 Flavvus
1h 14m ago
What was the first game you ever played? Slinkgirl95
Mar 16, 2014
151 AmandaRamsey
1h 26m ago
Favorite game series? dylanmorris878
6d 22h ago
25 AmandaRamsey
1h 29m ago
What consoles do you own or have in your house? Slinkgirl95
1d 22h ago
46 AmandaRamsey
1h 30m ago
Monster Hunter! KromCompany
4d 1h ago
28 RasendesenRudusi
1h 59m ago
Favorite horror game faithfulsadgirl
4d 19h ago
32 faithfulsadgirl
2h 11m ago
Mario or Sonic? Slinkgirl95
1w 2d ago
37 BubbleRevolution
3h 10m ago
Anyone know of a game like "From Dust"? R-Tan
1d 17m ago
11 killme11
4h 18m ago
Any -The Sims- fans around? :D Lady-RyuuXX87
5d 19h ago
33 biranden
5h 3m ago
one word....MEGAMAN MrMellonN00B
1d 20h ago
14 Reborn-Vagabond
5h 41m ago
Has the LoZ and Kingdom Hearts series just turned into an excuse to make erotic fiction for pre-teen TurkEvulture
1d 22h ago
38 AwesomeBlossomPossum
5h 52m ago
Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU NJunkie
2d 55m ago
20 Mrgreen36
6h 6m ago
Best Games From The 90s Tasky
Jan 21, 2013
342 SonicAndHildaFan11
6h 20m ago
A fictional universe you would like to see as a MMO? Eraezr
1d 20h ago
10 Luke-the-F0x
7h 30m ago
Have you ever had a crush on a video game character? GhostNinjaART
Mar 13, 2014
138 Finickii
8h 23m ago
Most overrated video game? TheHellboundAtheist
5d 5h ago
60 ZelgadisGW
8h 26m ago
Favorite Video game villains Dudley731
6d 23h ago
87 ZelgadisGW
8h 29m ago
Franchises that are dead to you TurkEvulture
4d 3h ago
73 ZelgadisGW
8h 32m ago
Things you hate in gaming Bryd013
Feb 28, 2014
148 blackbook668
8h 39m ago
Any good games on steam screepersMC
2d 15h ago
21 Jetstreamx
9h 11m ago
Favorite Pokemon? kirsten8
1w 4d ago
87 Primogenitor34
12h 6m ago
looking for 2 player (or more) racing games. Tattorack
2d 7h ago
18 Tattorack
16h 39m ago
The worst game you have ever played? SmallSauce
3w 3d ago
211 TheHellboundAtheist
17h 41m ago
Anyone Want to Play Baldur's Gate? ValentineUK
21h 13m ago
0 N/A
Tomodachi Life ChibiDashie
1d 1h ago
2 ChibiDashie
1d 27s ago
Legendary Type Missing... SaccharoKirby
1d 4h ago
4 shinyfeather22
1d 1h ago
Currently Playing? AdrianFarenheitTepes
3w 6d ago
75 Lyceiris
1d 2h ago
What do you enjoy doing the most in Minecraft? Kitsune0Jester
Dec 23, 2013
436 FruitRiver
1d 5h ago
What was your first console and/or first handheld? BlakJakXXI
4d 7h ago
23 TheRoyalCrownJewel
1d 5h ago
Pokemon X and Y Friend Safari Friendermen
2d 3h ago
1 3wyl
1d 12h ago
The worst console you have ever played on? Slinkgirl95
4w 1d ago
127 mr-bigmouth-502
1d 17h ago