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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,854 Papinella
4h 29m ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,253 LauriJ
16h 57m ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Favorite Video game song that you know TerramArmsXIII
1d 11h ago
25 TerramArmsXIII
2m 19s ago
Smash Bros Characters And Tips Kiklolaxer
8h 56m ago
17 LockStockCreation
18m 31s ago
Anyone want to fangirling about Pokemon game?? :D AyaRoulane
Jan 23, 2015
216 ShiroiKoumori
45m 17s ago
What was your most intense boss fight? Little-Katydid
3w 4d ago
71 GoldenOne96
58m 9s ago
What video game gave you the most feels? SteamPoweredRaptor
4d 12h ago
105 GoldenOne96
1h 1s ago
Do you IMVU? Askblackhearse
Jan 25, 2015
28 Askblackhearse
1h 53m ago
Worst sequel ever? makan-basamo
1w 3d ago
51 Luke-the-F0x
1h 55m ago
Favorite playstation 2 games? Patt-Ytto
1d 9h ago
56 blackbook668
2h 25m ago
What do you think of Sonichu? .-. (CWC) AskSonicUnleashed
2d 19h ago
43 TronmanZ
3h 44m ago
Hardest Fighting Game Character to Master? NovaHeroi
13h 12m ago
44 Fuyuko7
4h 53m ago
Realistically Proportioned Mortal Kombat RedWingsDragon
2w 1d ago
88 TerramArmsXIII
5h 9m ago
who is bad in video game silentdarkboy
2d 10h ago
4 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
5h 20m ago
Name 2 videogame characters... TymberWolfTheBrave
1w 2d ago
27 M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
5h 29m ago
Game Recommendations? Ravenstar125
3d 57m ago
31 Ravenstar125
5h 36m ago
what is hyrule or skyrim connected silentdarkboy
2d 11h ago
5 Jphyper
6h 20m ago
Female protagonists with variety of clothing. House-Of-Discontent
3d 10h ago
25 ParadigmFallen
7h 23m ago
Least favorite Character Designs in Gaming? RatchetJak
3w 1d ago
334 RatchetJak
7h 38m ago
Things that can deter you from a game? RatchetJak
Jan 25, 2015
290 RatchetJak
7h 39m ago
Who Do You Think Are the Sexiest Men in Videogames? borninabathtub
1w 5d ago
97 RatchetJak
7h 39m ago
Pokewalkers! HG/SS IN GENERAL! waffletopper
1w 2d ago
33 Cloudnixus
8h 7m ago
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Kitsune0Jester
Jan 3, 2015
133 Kitsune0Jester
8h 56m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
612 Kiklolaxer
9h 5m ago
What makes a good survival horror game? Cynical-Pancake
1w 3d ago
80 Kiklolaxer
9h 6m ago
I need help thesupremegamer12
14h 58m ago
1 irkenartwork12
9h 12m ago
RPG Recommendations KeyboardingChihuahua
1w 12h ago
61 KagamineLink
11h 18m ago
Dragon Age Inquisition sheena6556
Nov 14, 2014
198 Mortalitasi
11h 51m ago
3DS Friend Codes anyone? captain-meowcie
14h 52m ago
4 ZenBuffalo
12h 48m ago
Things in games that made you laugh x19a
Oct 5, 2014
135 Laufius
13h 9m ago
Favorite Pokemon rumors~ Zerbert
1w 2d ago
62 Zerbert
13h 36m ago
Any oblivion fans there? vulpix15
Jan 21, 2015
237 vulpix15
14h 17m ago
Custom Hearthstone Cards LauriJ
17h 12m ago
4 superpika237
14h 53m ago
Gaming Let's Play Tips? King-Char
2w 2d ago
36 King-Char
14h 56m ago
In Fantasy Life, which is your favourite Life/Class? xX-PK-Gaming-Xx
6d 11h ago
16 xX-PK-Gaming-Xx
16h 16m ago
Share Your Own Fantasy Atari 2600 Labels InfraDalek
1d 3h ago
2 3wyl
18h 55m ago
25 Alpha keys to give away! Twimper
23h 2m ago
1 3wyl
18h 56m ago
Favorite weapon in any game? Ofnir-1
2w 3d ago
57 Werewolfferret96
21h 41m ago
Sonic.EXE VS Tails Doll... who would win? bulldozerman185
1d 21h ago
27 bulldozerman185
21h 50m ago