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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,534 shenlong977
16m 36s ago
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,122 dollycupcake
2d 8h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Time between starting a game and actually playing the game Didj
22h 44m ago
22 Powerglove42
20m 15s ago
New 3DS darkone4587
1d 2h ago
24 darkone4587
34m 52s ago
Favorite characters from Super Smash brothers for the Nintendo 3DS thesonicmew
1w 6d ago
23 MexicanLucario95
55m ago
Are you a League of Legends player as well? KarraKon
4d 8h ago
14 MexicanLucario95
57m 2s ago
Super Smash Bros 4! Lets smash together! Kingofsouls
2d 2h ago
21 priteeboy
1h 10s ago
Random RPG Crossover DayeWilliams
3w 3d ago
8 SonicAndHildaFan11
1h 18m ago
Underrated Games? Nintendo--Gamer
3w 6d ago
195 SonicAndHildaFan11
1h 25m ago
1w 4d ago
252 GenniGenevieve
1h 30m ago
What's your team for the Hoenn remakes? reniruu
1w 5d ago
25 reniruu
1h 45m ago
Video Game Wife/Husband Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
Aug 20, 2014
344 Miss-Cutie-Crabcakes
2h 41m ago
LOL Bayonetta 2 EbolaBearVomit
3d 2h ago
67 TronmanZ
2h 51m ago
Sonic the Hedgehog - Idea Night-the-PantherCat
1w 2d ago
36 Night-the-PantherCat
3h 12m ago
what are your top 30 favourite video games thesupremegamer12
1w 11h ago
42 kyture
3h 29m ago
Your Favorite Character in games?(any platform,also name the game) Mr-Minimal
2d 5h ago
19 Powerglove42
4h 6m ago
Why Dota and League players hate each other? KillThePaint
2d 12h ago
19 Number9Robotic
4h 28m ago
What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game? PictureOnProgress
Nov 7, 2012
7,038 PictureOnProgress
5h 14m ago
What have video games taught you? kaloskalyre
3d 5h ago
102 kaloskalyre
5h 27m ago
pokemon x/y- friend code <3 Dark-Infamous
Aug 31, 2014
45 OC-Zain
6h 10m ago
favorite pokedex entry dudu2001
2w 4d ago
25 BleuLoup
7h 20m ago
Hatoful Boyfriend anyone? CoyoDesign
1d 11h ago
11 Kell0x
8h 5m ago
What would you say to someone who told you videogames causes violent behaviour? Eraezr
1w 1d ago
196 igloo9201
11h 15m ago
Girl gamers, what do you like to see in RPGs? Pseudolonewolf
1d 6h ago
18 Madame-Meepers
11h 26m ago
Favourite Pokemon? ShineBlueMetal
Aug 9, 2014
343 ShineBlueMetal
12h 19m ago
Super DOF in Garry's Mod 13, on a Mac.. Terminator37
1d 1h ago
4 Terminator37
13h 34m ago
Nintablet? WheelJackson
2d 6h ago
50 Fuyuko7
13h 38m ago
Next big immersion type? WheelJackson
1w 8h ago
64 WheelJackson
14h 23m ago
So can they co-exist? WheelJackson
6d 3h ago
117 WheelJackson
14h 24m ago
"All Things Pokemon"—Fill out This List! Nintendo--Gamer
2w 4d ago
117 sunflowerman10
14h 36m ago
What's your most favorite game? color-freak1
1w 3d ago
114 Showlover
14h 52m ago
Bookworm Adventures 2 Showlover
14h 58m ago
0 N/A
How did your parents/guardians feel about you and video games? Eraezr
3w 3d ago
153 vgmaster2point0
18h 14m ago
Shiny Pokémon You've Always Wanted, But Never Gotten FlightySpirit
3w 3d ago
149 WatchHerFly
18h 56m ago
Who's Killing Gaming: The Game Deveolpers or Us? ChaoticBlitzRing
Aug 22, 2014
170 OmniSlackerr
19h 29m ago
Skyrim children HorrificSensation
1d 1h ago
10 Redfoxbennaton
20h 47m ago
Fewer high quality games or more average games? Lurtzkiller
1d 23h ago
10 LadyAnder
23h 2m ago
Why does everybody like Zelda more than Metroid? Powerglove42
5d 2h ago
68 thesupremegamer12
23h 3m ago
Anyone Played Hyrule Warriors? Nintendo--Gamer
5d 9h ago
69 krystalfan-2
23h 6m ago