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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
22h 10m ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
108 TwilightWolfCourage
3d 21h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Unpopular Video Game Opinions Thread PickleParfe
2w 9h ago
155 Karmageddin
13m 5s ago
Imperials or Rebels Wraithleaf
15h 2m ago
14 SherbertTCat
14m 49s ago
Smash Ballots ends this week. darkone4587
1w 1d ago
103 darkone4587
17m 6s ago
Recent Games You Bought British-Prophetess
4w 1d ago
287 BCHolbrook
17m 57s ago
Does pokemon need more eeveelutions? Stingrayzz
2w 6d ago
92 smashfold
31m 4s ago
The Hall of SHAME of Gaming Azurelly
3w 1d ago
188 SpringsTS
49m 58s ago
Games You Wish You Were on STEAM? Primogenitor34
1w 3d ago
52 UncleTile
50m 28s ago
What game had the best soundtrack? Mrgreen36
1w 3h ago
31 UncleTile
59m 39s ago
Persona 5 (2016) TheCunningCondor
13h 52m ago
14 shininginthedarkness
1h 28m ago
Portal Theory/Discussion [Spoilers Ahead!] SorrowStars
21h 20m ago
9 BioSpectrumNox
1h 47m ago
Care to win Destiny for XboxOne or a Headset for Xbox 360? Dianakit12
3d 7h ago
9 Xianghua
2h 15m ago
Is the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered worth getting? BCHolbrook
23h 28m ago
14 BCHolbrook
2h 47m ago
why Pokemon GO will be one of the worst things ever P0LITICALLYINC0RRECT
5d 13h ago
47 slayerdude677
3h 30m ago
Possible Five Nights at Freddy's Thoery? Nandexly
1w 6d ago
11 StayclamSoniciscomin
5h 16m ago
Games Getting Expensive or Dumber RenamonMega
2w 1d ago
156 LuckOfTheDraw18
5h 50m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
1,346 AnimeStrife009
6h 6m ago
Undertale scarletier
18h 47m ago
4 scarletier
6h 22m ago
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Kingdom Hearts 3? CastarasForever
1d 10h ago
9 ArmyClicker
7h 19m ago
Which video game franchises do YOU think should be canceled? bulldozerman185
2w 6d ago
208 ToxicIsland
7h 57m ago
Games That Define You as a Gamer Naktarra
1w 3d ago
66 HubbubMTS
8h 14m ago
"Dissapointed" moments in gaming. BakufunTheTyphlosion
2w 3d ago
67 semilaiska
10h 35m ago
Fallout 4. Kirokami
4d 30m ago
14 blackbook668
10h 55m ago
Power Level Warrior - Dragon Ball inspired game! soulman2150
1d 1h ago
19 soulman2150
11h 5m ago
What would be the gaming equivalent of 'jumping the shark' be called? Axol-The-Axolotl
1w 6d ago
28 kitsumekat
12h 58m ago
am i the only one who finds the vita overhated toonbro13
22h 9m ago
19 spongefan257
14h 40m ago
Looking for FFXIV players Zujey
22h 1m ago
0 N/A
FNAF Thediamondlava
Aug 23, 2015
46 Juhis96
22h 36m ago
Most Epic Boss Fight? LaraAddict
2w 5d ago
1d 1h ago
RPG Maker MV Pre-Order: Should I buy it? PsionicsKnight
1d 19h ago
4 SherbertTCat
1d 3h ago
Video game girls with glasses camascat
3d 7h ago
24 shadow2k
1d 4h ago
What was the wakiest thing you ever did? Amber2002161
1d 5h ago
2 ArmyClicker
1d 5h ago
The Last Of Us terezi-pimp-pyrope
2w 3d ago
79 terezi-pimp-pyrope
1d 11h ago
The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes LeslysPlushes
1w 2d ago
45 TigerRose1329
1d 15h ago
Animal Crossing HHD? DevinShadowV
4d 23h ago
12 Atata
1d 19h ago
Favorite alien races? commanderhavoc
1w 3d ago
19 operaghost
1d 20h ago
Rate my Pokemon Ruby Team furrykisskiss
6d 20h ago
24 slayerdude677
2d 4h ago
If you could bring only one Pokemon to life, which one would it be? AtomicRaptor
2w 3d ago
90 JawRipper
2d 18h ago