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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking morbidman187
Mar 2, 2015
26 DanteSmilodon
1d 16h ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades Mrs-Durden
Mar 2, 2015
32 TheSmallestSoul
2d 17h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
what is your favourite xbox360 game? Revonsusi
1d 2h ago
11 coolmarvin
6m 6s ago
MINECRAFT (Where to download, Suggestions) Maximum-Simplicity
4h 3m ago
3 TormentedAngel8
11m 18s ago
Vote for Lloyd Irving in the Smash Ballot! ScouterV
May 24, 2015
31 slayerdude677
1h 19m ago
Modern Nintendo or Classic Nintendo ToxicIsland
1w 6d ago
204 slayerdude677
1h 20m ago
Final Fantasy 7 REMAKE FOR PS4 (YouTube) AutumnDeserae
2w 3d ago
49 PotatoOni
2h 17m ago
What makes an RPG an RPG and why some games that call themselves RPGs aren't. Karmageddin
5d 15h ago
220 PotatoOni
2h 24m ago
Poorly-Described Video Games! Let's play! Xtemporary-insanityX
Mar 26, 2015
1,219 EquiSnacks
3h 27m ago
Developer Leaves Company, Makes 'Spiritual Successor' Of Their Famous Works Goldsickle
May 14, 2015
59 ShiroiKoumori
3h 37m ago
Is this normal? sonictailssomething1
3d 9h ago
5 Dennis-El-Pennis
4h 53m ago
lets talk about what makes a good survival horror game. Karmageddin
13h 55m ago
14 blackbook668
4h 54m ago
What game do you think you might buy? FancyArtistii
6d 14h ago
34 duduOmag
5h 42m ago
Gamers don't enjoy games (According to me) Vlorotow
18h 47m ago
19 davidlucas
6h 4m ago
Favorite Video Game Music? :D PhineasJamesVinci
1w 1d ago
29 Jarret91
7h 41m ago
DAMMIT!! WheelJackson
1d 21h ago
27 TronmanZ
8h 55m ago
Throwback: Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door AlexanM2
3d 4h ago
15 TronmanZ
8h 58m ago
Describe me the definition of a perfect game for you.. katsu375
1w 12h ago
90 Ultimaodin
9h 33m ago
games suggestions? PoisonicPen
3d 8h ago
58 PoisonicPen
12h 33m ago
Nintendo has Me on Edge Lioken7
17h 25m ago
15 WingDongs
13h 35m ago
Does anyone here still play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? NoireDicentra
1w 4d ago
29 Rad-Puppeteer
15h 56m ago
Your Favourite Videogame Levels LauriJ
1w 2d ago
49 Rad-Puppeteer
15h 58m ago
Do you pirate the game you alredy have? lance0625
2d 16h ago
31 Fusernien
20h 30m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
Oct 7, 2014
1,069 MemorysEdge
21h 9m ago
[SPOILER ALERT] What would you change about todays RPG's? bulldozerman185
1w 5d ago
74 Eraezr
1d 51m ago
Your favourite game characters? Mrgreen36
2w 4d ago
16 Dark-Scratcher
1d 1h ago
Zero Escape 3 F0Ximatosis
2d 13h ago
13 F0Ximatosis
1d 1h ago
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Hexblaster
3d 2h ago
26 Revonsusi
1d 2h ago
Casual, Hardcore or Nerd (read for better details) Ichinzen
1w 5d ago
49 Ofnir-1
1d 4h ago
Mario Kart Question Slinkgirl95
3d 10h ago
15 Luke-the-F0x
1d 4h ago
smw rom hack ideas and suggestions cs-iwan888
1d 22h ago
2 cs-iwan888
1d 6h ago
They don't know what they're doing WheelJackson
1w 5d ago
62 Powerglove42
1d 12h ago
Exalted: Realms of Creation PsionicsKnight
1d 17h ago
0 N/A
Pokemon GTS Rant NaniiMariee
May 30, 2015
43 TheRoyalCrownJewel
1d 22h ago
What Games Should Everyone Play At Least Once In Their Life? rainue
2w 1d ago
91 coolmarvin
1d 23h ago
How do I Ganondorf? natetheninja23
2d 16h ago
5 Morals2liveby
2d 9h ago
Maplestory :D Kirapah
2w 4d ago
5 lance0625
2d 16h ago
How do you Steer in Virtua Racing? Draakor
2d 16h ago
0 N/A
How the fuck do I start a game in Audiosurf 2?? TheCunningCondor
2d 17h ago
0 N/A