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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Gamer Networking bradleysays
Feb 28, 2013
2,129 JettRyu
2d 17h ago
Pokemon X/Y Trades 3wyl
Jan 13, 2014
1,629 CorruptColors
3d 11h ago
READ BEFORE POSTING - Gaming Forum Rules neurotype
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
What is this crap? WheelJackson
18h 3m ago
35 WheelJackson
45m 15s ago
Gamer Girls CosmosTheCreator
1w 6d ago
152 CoyoDesign
52m 20s ago
Flock to meee, FNAF lovers! 4nimatronic
18h 50m ago
39 4nimatronic
1h 26s ago
The most trolling glitch you experienced PictureOnProgress
3d 12h ago
89 PictureOnProgress
1h 19m ago
You were given the chance to own/take over the game developer co. Eraezr
2d 4h ago
51 priteeboy
2h 4m ago
I can't be the only one who plays visual novels here? champignonkinoko
6d 14h ago
67 F0Ximatosis
2h 20m ago
Best Console Ever? Nintendo--Gamer
6d 12h ago
239 Nintendo--Gamer
2h 26m ago
Retro Game Mags? Nintendo--Gamer
1d 4h ago
5 smwforever45
2h 28m ago
Which is the creepiest Nintendo music in your opinion? SuperNutellaAddict
3d 20h ago
39 KillianSeraphim
2h 46m ago
Underrated Games? Nintendo--Gamer
Sep 4, 2014
285 Nintendo--Gamer
6h 12m ago
Details that make a game feel so much better. Gray-philosophy
2d 3h ago
9 SamDelaTorre
8h 6m ago
National Streetpass Weekend - Halloween Edition Blazethecat7125
14h 59m ago
8 Co-Phantom
8h 6m ago
What pokemon would you love to be? LockStockCreation
2w 4d ago
34 SamDelaTorre
8h 14m ago
Have you ever cried for a videogame? SuperNutellaAddict
2w 3d ago
75 SamDelaTorre
8h 16m ago
Things That Have Pissed You Off In Video Games? Slinkgirl95
3w 5h ago
43 SherbertTCat
8h 52m ago
Define Gamer xtinyheartx
Sep 22, 2014
74 F0Ximatosis
9h 49m ago
"Consoles" you say, really? WheelJackson
1d 16h ago
8 SherbertTCat
12h 9m ago
It's The End Of The World And... color-freak1
1d 20h ago
11 color-freak1
12h 29m ago
If You Won This Contest... What Would You Choose? Nintendo--Gamer
2d 18h ago
51 Nintendo--Gamer
14h 12m ago
Destiny ReveLeViFleur
5d 10h ago
34 TronmanZ
14h 30m ago
Best Soundtracks Tai-Korczak
6d 17h ago
16 shadow2k
15h 13m ago
Your thoughts on the Ice Climbers being cut in the new Super Smash Bros. game ToxicIsland
2d 12h ago
27 SneakyLizard
15h 19m ago
Favourite Pokemon? ShineBlueMetal
Aug 9, 2014
381 Aruival
15h 57m ago
Am I the only one who deals with this? ArctosAnima
3d 15h ago
41 ArctosAnima
18h 4m ago
Pokemon: Funny nicknames you've given to yours monsieurpigeon
2w 2d ago
131 ShinyMeowstic
18h 9m ago
what's your favorite Pokemon generation ? mushibix
2w 1d ago
63 ShinyMeowstic
18h 13m ago
What would you say to someone who told you videogames causes violent behaviour? Eraezr
Sep 23, 2014
251 ChaosDemonXXXAngel
18h 31m ago
Gaming Survey KiritoReturns
1d 7h ago
2 3wyl
21h 3m ago
Give me your FNaF knowledge ! XxFlameFrost101xX
5d 22h ago
16 sunflowerman10
21h 55m ago
Any Rollercoaster Tycoon Fans Around? Slinkgirl95
3d 8h ago
10 Sandstormer
23h 57m ago
Disgaea 4 Early Leveling HELP! theclassybutler
1d 3h ago
4 maskedpeach
1d 10m ago
Another Donkey Kong Country game? WheelJackson
3d 11h ago
19 WheelJackson
1d 1h ago
How did your parents/guardians feel about you and video games? Eraezr
Sep 7, 2014
205 kaleeborn
1d 2h ago
Hyrule Warriors for $59.96 at WALMART?!?!?!? TwilightWolfCourage
1w 6d ago
121 TwilightWolfCourage
1d 3h ago
Tales series darkone4587
5d 10h ago
44 darkone4587
1d 5h ago
Animal Crossing: New Leaf XxXMisfitAngelXxX
Jun 8, 2014
593 BloodTheShinyAbsol
1d 7h ago
Gaming Survey KiritoReturns
1d 15h ago
9 KiritoReturns
1d 7h ago