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January 5, 2013


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Manga PartnerShip Anyone?

Gamine-ryuga Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student
Hello Guys Im making a Long Serial Manga To work with G.M.I With. I need a good Shounen Style artist with good Drawing skills that is as dedicated as I am :3 if We succeed we will have a manga Published. they Story and plot is below :D I need an artist that can Match the writing style I know im asking a lot but Its my dream to have a Published manga, so if your interested contact me here : (mostly because im barely on here

Story: In the year X890, A Cosmic Anomaly known as the Reaper Shell crashed into the Planet of Terra causing a great change on Terra’s environment, And in 25% of Terra’s human population a catastrophic outbreak began when these humans discovered they were given powers , super human strength and speed and their senses were enhanced . They are known as “Remnants”. But along with the humans changing something else had changed. The Dimension plain that kept Terra and The Nexus apart was torn and demons began to rise on Terra and gone on a destructive rampage, with the demon world’s mass Army of Demonic beast called The Maijin. An all-out war rampaged between the Remnants and the Maijin’s for years but the Remnants were able to push them back and keep the lands safe. All until now, Year’s later the dark forces plotted a greater plan to take down the Remnants and Take over Terra, Now Terra’s fate Rest In the hands Of a Teenage child.

Plot: Kazuma Ryugamine, A highly trained Assassin bent on killing Maijin pretends to have a normal life outside his work but knows he can’t enjoy that life as well as he wants to , Meets a female remnant names Yukimura Asakura that fills him in On what’s really going on outside of hanabi and tries to make him see his destiny is to join EXCAILBUR and help them take down the Maijin army and their leaders the SOVEREIGN from sending the world into eternal darkness by summoning a dark demon god to terra but Ryuji has a conflict in himself preventing him from leaving the TRIDENT organization to realize his destiny as a Remnant and the chosen one .

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Devious Comments

weremole Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not trying to pee in your cereal but I also had this big, cobbled together, overplanned and impossible to make real ...thing when I was a teen. It was about demons and fighting and terrible stuff and I'm speaking out of sympathy here. Just asking a few questions to think about.

Structure your synopsis better. Don't mention "the nexus" without explaining what it is and if you do that you may not even have to name it. Too many secret organizations with cryptic names. Why is the hero an assasin specifically when the world is under attack from demons. Does he get hired by demons to off other demons as well? Why are their names in Japanese? "Kazuma" is just highlighting in really bright flourescent marker that you really liked ScryEd. Hanabi? What? Town? Event? What? If these are space demons from space make it clear so that anyone interested knows what sort of story you're going for. Urban fantasy, space opera or action horror. I'm not sure at the moment. Long serial, try writing a story arc first. Before that try writing a chapter/issue. Make that as a test and see how much effort and time it takes. Just saying that you should be prepared. A graphic novel of some 200 pages takes a year or two to make depending on speed. Since your artist is unpayed and not on a weekly schedule supported by assistants you may have to adjust your goals to get the story out in more thorough chunks.

Look over your use of caps.
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