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November 25, 2012


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The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice

Sabby1300 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
I call it: "Daddy Issues the Book".

Odds are someone who hasn't read it yet is going to read that very sentence, read the book, and then freak out. "OMG, THAT IS SO WRONG! *slams the book shut*"

For those who've already read it, doesn't it feel like a 'daddy issues' book once you get past all the wrongness? Marius and Armand are just basically a weird-ass, kinky version of Father Figure and Son. I also like Rice's use of snotty humor in the book. You'd think she was inspired by anime or something (sometimes I think she is). The thing is, you can't really read this book without reading Memnoch the Devil almost immediately afterward. I don't know, I just feel like it kind of finishes up Armand's story. He finds a lot of closure in that book. Kinda. XD Anyways, this whole thing was brought about not by me reading the book, but watching Treasure Planet. Which is "Daddy Issues the Movie", only more obvious. I watched it. And then the wheels in my head started turning. Somehow, they lead me to Armand.

I like books kinda like that where relationships are explored. A good writer of such material will give you great insight into what it means to be human. Songmaster by Orson Scott Card does that, too. Any other books in that ball park? I need something to read that isn't related to my art history class. >.>

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