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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Are there any Enders Saga fans out there? TheKidCalledChaos
18m 47s ago
0 N/A
NEED NEW BOOK!! HELP oryaakov231
2w 4d ago
22 JZLobo
2h 37m ago
why did 50 Shades trilogy get popular? Eraezr
Nov 15, 2014
77 JZLobo
2h 38m ago
Comic book challenge. Can you handle it? TheKidCalledChaos
2d 23h ago
13 TheKidCalledChaos
3h 15m ago
Manga Reccomendations traein
11h 2m ago
4 Hedylogos69
3h 28m ago
What's your favourite book, and why? AsterDew
4h 1m ago
2 SadLittleRobot
3h 51m ago
Least favorite book tropes? MeetTheOutcasts
1d 3h ago
11 SadLittleRobot
3h 53m ago
Favourite Webcomics? BurritosAreForever
1w 3d ago
37 Lostum
4h 18m ago
Why did you stop reading Marvel or DC Comics? Rabbitearsblog
3d 3h ago
17 JZLobo
7h 37m ago
who is you favourite shipping pair out of every manga ever miku-nagato20
Sep 27, 2014
107 TrangLuu
17h 26m ago
characters which resisted temptations... Eraezr
1d 20h ago
10 CrimeRoyale
18h 43m ago
fruits basket anyone (the manga that is) REIdepenguin
3w 16h ago
17 AnimeGeno
23h 18m ago
Recommend a Manga MrsKatieNance2010
Aug 9, 2014
138 AnimeGeno
23h 22m ago
Does anyone read manga? Avie-san
1w 5d ago
50 AnimeGeno
23h 25m ago
What was the last thing you read? MissBrillig
Nov 14, 2014
97 PalasanEagle
23h 35m ago
Favorite Book yodo20
2w 6h ago
22 Aventisz
23h 55m ago
any good dystopia books that aren't like the hunger games and divergent? REIdepenguin
3w 5d ago
91 ThalassaNord
1d 13h ago
Books you thought were amazing at the past but now you find okay or mediocre REIdepenguin
2w 3d ago
29 safirediaz
2d 1h ago
Twilight vs Eragon ZevTheClusterLizard
1w 2d ago
18 Fuyuko7
2d 4h ago
If you live as the main character in your favorite book... VaNiLlaBound
Nov 3, 2014
91 Cosmic--Chaos
2d 4h ago
Any comic strip fans? GrandMasterEmporer
1w 6d ago
8 Robertten
2d 5h ago
suggest a comic retorra
2w 5d ago
61 Robertten
2d 5h ago
Best Origin Story? Irishfury97
1w 6d ago
8 Robertten
2d 5h ago
Marvel or DC and who's your favorite superhero? ecimer
3w 6d ago
37 Robertten
2d 5h ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
541 Baculum
2d 10h ago
YA books that are different from the norm REIdepenguin
2w 1d ago
55 Baculum
2d 10h ago
webcomic recommendations? colormechelsea
4w 12h ago
38 colormechelsea
2d 18h ago
Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels? robertc009
1w 5d ago
9 Paul-A-Newman
2d 21h ago
Series You Won't Finish! LizzyChrome
2w 3d ago
59 Eraezr
2d 22h ago
Danger Days fans? TheKidCalledChaos
3d 8h ago
0 N/A
Mortal Instruments RP!! CricketNoie
4d 7h ago
1 3wyl
3d 20h ago
Unfaithful adaptations that you still like (Possible spoilers) GrandMasterEmporer
6d 7h ago
17 DrawPlzForum
4d 3h ago
What books do you like? zoedoodles
Nov 15, 2014
39 Lyansart
4d 10h ago
American Comics or Japanese Comics ? Maootaku
Nov 17, 2014
37 StarlightCrux
4d 14h ago
HELP VivaFariy
1w 2d ago
8 VivaFariy
5d 17h ago