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READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules 3wyl
1w 6d ago
0 N/A
Unique Comic Books teenrex7
7h 21m ago
3 ensoul
2h 50m ago
Books without expectations Green-EyedTiger
3d 1h ago
33 Green-EyedTiger
4h 11m ago
Why have you STOPPED reading? ThatKidWithTheRabbit
1w 2d ago
93 RedWingsDragon
4h 58m ago
Fantasy like Game of Thrones? Dragonnerd445
2w 3d ago
27 Dragonnerd445
5h 4m ago
growing up teenage or preteen book from good role kids book. hawakyi
5h 23m ago
0 N/A
Recommendations please? lady--jekyll
1w 4d ago
16 SarahMyriaCarter
7h 25m ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
467 HunterStrait
7h 26m ago
Books to read SpookyMusic
Sep 12, 2014
38 SarahMyriaCarter
7h 26m ago
What other books would you recommend to a Harry Potter fan? since91
1w 3d ago
37 SarahMyriaCarter
7h 29m ago
Gay / Lesbian characters in Science-Fiction & Fantasy TreyDavidWood
1w 2d ago
40 TreyDavidWood
18h 8s ago
foreign language phrasebooks manic-cure
2d 2h ago
2 LittleGingerLion
19h 39m ago
Herald - Lovecraft and Tesla pre-order and reviews mistermuck
1d 14h ago
1 Mrgreen36
22h 3m ago
Horrible/bad books written by Great authors Art-of-the-Seraphim
6d 9h ago
18 PoesDaughter
1d 9h ago
What's your favourite book? Nibiko
Sep 19, 2014
47 RociCandyPop
1d 12h ago
who is you favourite shipping pair out of every manga ever miku-nagato20
3w 4d ago
25 miku-nagato20
1d 14h ago
Read for free on Kindle unlimited. (Bestselling Adventure Fantasy) Looking for Honest Reviews. aaronelpis
1d 21h ago
1 3wyl
1d 15h ago
Let's vote. Which manga has the best art? Eraezr
3w 4d ago
86 X58
1d 18h ago
Let's share our Goodreads accounts! X58
1d 18h ago
0 N/A
Recommend a Manga MrsKatieNance2010
Aug 9, 2014
89 Ailill90
1d 23h ago
Are you ok with reading a comic/manga in black and white? Eraezr
Aug 6, 2014
328 HerbalDrink
2d 8h ago
Books you'd advise someone NOT to read. Eraezr
Sep 11, 2014
114 JZLobo
2d 11h ago
Guess The Book: Classics Cinnamonzebra
1w 4d ago
13 nightchildmoonchild
3d 7h ago
Favorite Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic Book? Emberria
Sep 20, 2014
42 WatchHerFly
3d 9h ago
Sexiest Female Comic book Character teenrex7
5d 5h ago
9 JustinMLindner
3d 15h ago
DC comics darkone4587
4d 5h ago
4 CrimeRoyale
3d 18h ago
Know any good webcomics?? Kokorococoa
Aug 12, 2014
82 raymitorochi
4d 23m ago
favourite crack couples in animes/mangas Pearlcore
4d 11h ago
2 darkone4587
4d 6h ago
Books you've tried to read but can't Mrgreen36
1w 1d ago
16 Eraezr
6d 4h ago
Does resurrection in books/comics bother you? Eraezr
3w 2h ago
67 Eraezr
6d 4h ago