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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Books & Comics Forum Rules bradleysays
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Any cliches in science fiction books you don't like lovelymars908
Mar 3, 2014
52 Finickii
21s ago
Book Suggestions? LittleDisneyMagic
Mar 14, 2014
33 DoubleDandE
49m 19s ago
Which book are you reading right now? Prabhjot-Singh
Nov 30, 2013
414 DoubleDandE
54m 24s ago
Which One Piece character would you date? xXCloudyx
1w 4d ago
11 metalhartrockandroll
2h 16s ago
goku would beat superman nerosmoke
2w 4d ago
72 nerosmoke
5h 11m ago
Weird protagonists in books whovian63
1w 4d ago
37 whovian63
6h 1m ago
children's books YellowTeddyBear
2d 20h ago
11 drachenmagier
6h 44m ago
Anybody want some manga? vamp-princess-Lumina
9h 23m ago
1 3wyl
8h 15m ago
Any homestuck fans out here? TaintedTruffle
2w 2h ago
28 DrStrudelbutt
8h 54m ago
Books with Good plot and/or pacing? NightmaresDreaming
Mar 19, 2014
29 KannonKloud
9h 59m ago
What do you think of female superheroes? superlucky13
Mar 5, 2014
176 borninabathtub
10h 25m ago
Worst comic book/manga art you ever saw? pickle962
Mar 17, 2014
33 borninabathtub
12h 3m ago
tokyo pop book rights yo1000
1d 23h ago
5 Purpllamas
23h 55m ago
Mass Markets Paperbacks Dragonnerd445
1d 25m ago
0 N/A
What books did touched/moved/inspired/questionned you ? CruelleIronie
2w 1d ago
20 MarthaCarolina
1d 4h ago
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens SobohRami
1w 1d ago
25 SobohRami
1d 8h ago
413: Homestuck Day ProudTortoise
5d 3h ago
6 ProudTortoise
1d 14h ago
Needing new good comic reads! Suggestions? Glowe94
3w 4d ago
15 Shepsus
1d 18h ago
New Fighting Comic/Novel Kenny1315
2d 9h ago
1 3wyl
2d 7h ago
NARUTO Manga 673 (Español/Ingles) iFernandoLopez
2d 11h ago
1 etherealbeast
2d 11h ago
Naruto is reaching its climax Eraezr
2d 21h ago
0 N/A
Top 5 Manga & Top 5 Anime? enzouke
3w 6d ago
66 Eraezr
2d 22h ago
Books that should be made into movies ScarsFromMyPastLife
2w 5d ago
68 Lupina24
2d 22h ago
What is your favourite non-fiction book? divine--apathia
3w 15h ago
20 Lupina24
2d 22h ago
Does the main protagonist really need a love interest? And what if the main villain or antagonist is AntiRCCZealot
1w 6d ago
10 Paul-A-Newman
3d 3h ago
Hello, someone that want to read a comic made by me? The-WarriorGirl
4d 5h ago
2 3wyl
3d 17h ago
I need some RPers... DrStrudelbutt
4d 4h ago
1 neurotype
4d 1h ago
Percy Jackson: Books or Films? fma-rhi
1w 5d ago
28 fma-rhi
4d 5h ago
Favorite Far Side strip teenrex7
1w 1d ago
5 Kimihro
4d 8h ago
Increase Your Height Naturally alraeeq
4d 19h ago
2 3wyl
4d 17h ago
Evil Terror Kloudthegamekiller
5d 5m ago
3 3wyl
4d 17h ago
Bad guys and their powers JadedStrayHyena
Feb 18, 2014
85 simple-minds
4d 18h ago
The Mazerunner kodakwithlakely
5d 23h ago
3 kodakwithlakely
5d 14h ago
"We are the asshole generation!" Chris Butcher. CaptainRazer
1w 5d ago
3 Eraezr
5d 18h ago
Seeking Help In Search For a Specific Webcomic!!! MysticDracomancer
3w 2d ago
16 MysticDracomancer
6d 2h ago
How many people exactly saw Naruto masturbating? MyLittleSchool
1w 5h ago
6 3wyl
6d 16h ago
Favorite book? Dragonnerd445
3w 2d ago
38 emotional-leprosy
6d 16h ago