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READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules morbidman187
2w 2d ago
0 N/A
What is modern Science Fiction like? M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
Nov 20, 2014
84 JZLobo
1h 5m ago
The BEST manga series? Dragonnerd445
Dec 27, 2014
80 wanderingstreet
1h 13m ago
Any comic book recommendations for a new reader? Casylum
3w 4d ago
63 wanderingstreet
1h 42m ago
Comic Reboots... Why? RedWingsDragon
3d 1h ago
26 RedWingsDragon
2h 48m ago
Comics -- Geeking Out Cyneburg
5d 4h ago
71 Ikran
3h 28m ago
Robert Crumb - For anyone that appreciates comics (Not superheros...) TrippleSixing
2w 1d ago
13 Axol-The-Axolotl
4h 17m ago
Non-mainstream fairy tales DaBair
1w 6h ago
12 Axol-The-Axolotl
4h 20m ago
The frank miller effect RivanGarve
1w 4d ago
15 Axol-The-Axolotl
4h 23m ago
What are some awesome web comics I can check out? Krookodile
2w 2d ago
53 Krookodile
5h 59m ago
Standalone comic issues AlexHofstadter
2d 15h ago
9 neurotype
7h 53m ago
Why did you stop reading Marvel or DC Comics? Rabbitearsblog
Dec 17, 2014
68 metalhartrockandroll
10h 49m ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
600 Cyneburg
10h 49m ago
Why would Christians find Harry Potter satanic?! SmileRocker
3w 4d ago
74 SmileRocker
14h 37m ago
how did you get into reading? Eraezr
3w 5d ago
106 crocodilerocker
14h 39m ago
What book single-handedly made you change your life? aaronelpis
5d 22h ago
5 crocodilerocker
14h 42m ago
Dec 25, 2014
79 guhruuu
16h 13m ago
What was the last thing you read? MissBrillig
Nov 14, 2014
129 rebornPHQ
23h 20m ago
Recommendations? magnifulouschicken
2w 2d ago
10 Augustusalex
1d 6h ago
Favorite Book yodo20
Dec 6, 2014
45 BlackBoxBeing
1d 6h ago
Any GONE series fans? Khanashi
2w 3d ago
53 Famys
1d 11h ago
When a protagonist dies Xenvel
6d 15h ago
9 Shainbow
1d 14h ago
Uncommon fictional books about animals? Narcissistic-Demon
Jan 1, 2015
34 jaleel
1d 17h ago
Books/characters/series you are most attached to? Kuruumi
2w 2d ago
28 TealXUltimate
2d 3h ago
Books DWolfe06
2w 4d ago
46 KaiGlint
2d 13h ago
I would like to begin Shinsekai Yori. But...... Grimgor09
3d 15h ago
5 weremole
2d 20h ago
Does Galactus have a soul? AnarkistArt
1w 3d ago
15 de-SANTO
3d 1h ago
What is your least favourite book, and why? PhoenixOfWildfires
2w 6d ago
39 DaniTheWriter
3d 6h ago
A Dystopian Adventure Novel For Young Adults. FREE FOR ONE DAY. lara-and-chrystal
4d 3h ago
1 3wyl
3d 22h ago
Favorite Character from Hetalia: Axis Powers? CPsNewestProxy
5d 16h ago
8 CPsNewestProxy
4d 10h ago
Fantasy but with beast-monster viewpoints? Grimgor09
1w 4d ago
13 vonRibbeck
4d 10h ago
AoT, Levi's Past? (SPOILERS!) RoyalDuchessMajesty
5d 21h ago
11 RoyalDuchessMajesty
5d 1h ago
Can anyone suggest a book, please? Imtheawesomegirl
Dec 28, 2014
37 aaronelpis
5d 22h ago