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READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Favorite manga story arcs? (Possible spoilers) GrandMasterEmporer
1h 2s ago
0 N/A
Who are your favorite poets? Musicking74
1w 3d ago
18 GrandMasterEmporer
1h 30m ago
Online comic magazine publication sinnelius
21h 44m ago
5 Hestia-Edwards
1h 56m ago
What are your favorite short stories? Musicking74
1d 4h ago
20 Keck506
2h 39m ago
what are you reading right now? tastymonsters
2w 6d ago
76 Keck506
3h 13m ago
good fan-fiction? DovahkiinNightShift
Jan 10, 2016
94 Coffee2234
12h 17m ago
My New Manga Wesley801
20h 39m ago
3 JenFruzz
13h 41m ago
Can anyone give me a good anime/manga? PLEASEEE Natsume02
Dec 15, 2015
68 Azubill
14h 4m ago
Most overrated superhero? radvivek
Dec 2, 2015
55 tokimemz
15h 1m ago
Worst Horror Novels You've Ever Read? EchoInTheVoid
2w 3d ago
18 Lloydsinfrasystems
20h 34m ago
Favourite graphic novel / trade paperback? Chickencooger34
3w 3d ago
11 hailtotheking1992
21h 1m ago
Which Book Series Should be adapted by Netflix? teenrex7
1d 21h ago
9 Ikran
21h 57m ago
Looking for 48 hours comics / animation annual fest contest? sinnelius
2d 5h ago
11 singingstranger
1d 4h ago
What was the book(or books/series) that got you into reading? akitoritsu
4d 15h ago
13 MollyoftheMoon
1d 12h ago
What's the book that made you fall in love with a new genre? TheMaidenInBlack
Dec 8, 2015
119 Azubill
1d 14h ago
What kind of stories do you like to write? Musicking74
3w 4d ago
47 AltairSky
1d 15h ago
The Evil Within Comic MiffArte
2d 15h ago
2 RaspberryTickle
2d 5h ago
Can I join Taptastic if I already have my own site & your experience with it. TrulyndHall
1w 8h ago
6 SCardonna
2d 12h ago
Cool web comic recommendations? TORYXVIII
1w 6d ago
27 OnTheMountainTop
3d 16h ago
Comic Feedback Time! StickFreeks
1w 2d ago
51 Cameron-Ohara
3d 16h ago
Project Nemesis anyone? teenrex7
4d 1h ago
0 N/A
KPD - Assistance in magic Subjects1996
4d 3h ago
0 N/A
A good place to publish your comics online? FallenAngelGM
1w 1d ago
12 FallenAngelGM
4d 5h ago
Who are your favorite screen play authors? Musicking74
4d 7h ago
0 N/A
Let's Talk the Warrior Cats Seris CreativeStorm1
Nov 28, 2015
47 zeldalegends4525
5d 54m ago
What type of fantasy is better; "high" fantasy or "epic" fantasy? DrippingWords
1w 3d ago
19 astrologermukesh
5d 16h ago
any 'fantasy book' recommendations? Neonoholic
1w 4d ago
16 REIdepenguin
6d 6h ago