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READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules morbidman187
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Awful Authors? Dragonnerd445
2w 2h ago
59 stoneman123
1h 5m ago
Which book(s) are you currently reading? diphylla
3d 8h ago
145 Axol-The-Axolotl
3h 42m ago
"So you hate mangas/anime?" Grimgor09
8h 21m ago
10 Axol-The-Axolotl
3h 43m ago
monarchies around the region brenolarkot
10h 46m ago
3 diphylla
6h 17m ago
Favourite superhero ? Mdmzll91
Feb 25, 2015
52 brambleclawandjaypaw
10h 3m ago
Attack on Titan Dragonnerd445
1d 16h ago
17 Werewolfferret96
11h 11m ago
Terry Pratchett dies at 66 DadofKids
2w 3d ago
18 foxie-girl
12h 49m ago
Favorite quotes from books KaiGlint
Feb 13, 2015
38 brambleclawandjaypaw
18h 33m ago
The BEST manga series? Dragonnerd445
Dec 27, 2014
158 Shradis
18h 55m ago
Hottest Attack on Titan character? RoyalDuchessMajesty
Feb 4, 2015
89 DaedricDuke
21h 7m ago
Recommend books/comics? sofachange
3w 4d ago
64 moZart67
1d 3h ago
Fellow 3 Simple Doods Fans, which characters other than Ted, Chris or Aiden would you like to see? BRiTT-Entertainment
2d 27m ago
3 MrRithexTheSilent
1d 5h ago
Book Recommendations? KingVego
2d 9h ago
14 Mr-Timeshadow
1d 21h ago
Favorite books as a child? staarpiece
1w 1d ago
19 GrandMasterEmporer
1d 23h ago
falling out out love with american comics... Kadeys117
Feb 11, 2015
74 izeqa
2d 6h ago
What was the last thing you read? MissBrillig
Nov 14, 2014
198 KingVego
2d 9h ago
Comics -- Geeking Out Cyneburg
Jan 26, 2015
167 slicedguitars
2d 10h ago
las lindas thecreator9
5d 19h ago
12 ZeroZi
2d 23h ago
John Green- yay or nay? Caterbargie
2w 1d ago
22 LadyAnder
3d 7h ago
Can anyone suggest a book, please? Imtheawesomegirl
Dec 28, 2014
114 belarusian
3d 23h ago
What did you buy for world book day? Cenaris
3w 2d ago
15 StaxMaye
4d 14h ago
Books you're obsessed with and have multiple copies of cobaltchaz
3w 2d ago
13 neurotype
4d 20h ago
The wonderful thing about tomiwcolk
6d 3h ago
3 morbidman187
6d 2h ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
630 ausrejurke
6d 2h ago
Autobiographies of Victorian Women? thexenops
6d 19h ago
4 Twimper
6d 5h ago
4 page comic 'PROUD' - Would appreciate if people would read :) Mazhino
1w 2d ago
9 jaleel
6d 8h ago
NEED RECCOMMENDATIONS: More books to read... LunaMae68
2w 4d ago
30 LunaMae68
6d 20h ago