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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Books & Comics Forum Rules bradleysays
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
She Thor RedWingsDragon
13h 29m ago
3 ScottaHemi
2h 6m ago
Is Hush the main villain in Batman Eternal JJWsmith
18h 49m ago
2 JJWsmith
3h 27m ago
Who is your favorite book character? FlameRoxanne
2w 2d ago
39 colorsofthewind15
4h 23m ago
artists you dont like advers7
1w 1d ago
14 colorsofthewind15
4h 25m ago
Recommend some gore/action/horror manga? pinkishbloo
1w 1d ago
8 Rechsu
4h 26m ago
Your favourite fictional world namenotrequired
Jul 6, 2014
87 colorsofthewind15
4h 26m ago
Let's vote. Which manga has the best art? Eraezr
3d 3h ago
32 Fuyuko7
5h 45m ago
Books to read SpookyMusic
2w 3d ago
27 SpookyMusic
7h 43m ago
"Maus" - Art Spiegelman mats-more
2w 3d ago
19 LvKA3
12h 20m ago
Warrior Cats fanfic, universe rules for a noob? KINGSirDrMr
5d 15h ago
10 KINGSirDrMr
14h 15m ago
Are you ok with reading a comic/manga in black and white? Eraezr
Aug 6, 2014
294 LaurieLookedAgain
20h 58s ago
What's your favorite fantasy race... Magictech9999
2w 4d ago
202 Praetoriann
1d 2h ago
Is JK Rowling out of magic? Eraezr
5d 15h ago
16 ember-flame-wolf
1d 4h ago
Horror short stories? SpokenAndDisclosed
6d 20m ago
16 LvKA3
1d 14h ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
426 LvKA3
1d 15h ago
Books about facing death Empfmil
1w 2d ago
20 LvKA3
1d 15h ago
Buying manga-books online? Thilu
2d 2h ago
8 Perigryn7280
1d 21h ago
Vera Brittain - War Literature. Hantasia
1d 23h ago
1 Hantasia
1d 23h ago
Know any good webcomics?? Kokorococoa
Aug 12, 2014
63 StarlightCrux
2d 1h ago
Anyone please suggest me some Horror manga? Pcat007
Aug 31, 2014
56 DarkAngelsWork
2d 6h ago
For All the Gtsvivian Fans. Maskray
2d 17h ago
1 3wyl
2d 6h ago
Favourite manga/manga character? Silkythecat
May 27, 2014
593 Silkythecat
2d 20h ago
Recommendations where to sell Shonen Jump mags? loveless-yaoi-fan
3d 19h ago
16 loveless-yaoi-fan
3d 2h ago
who is you favourite shipping pair out of every manga ever miku-nagato20
3d 6h ago
12 miku-nagato20
3d 4h ago
Seekers-Tribulation KeeperSeekerX
3d 21h ago
1 3wyl
3d 10h ago
Favorite canceled Manga darkone4587
3w 1d ago
53 Rizhnir
3d 15h ago
What's your favourite book? Nibiko
1w 3d ago
27 MissPoe
3d 19h ago
What are some good books to read in order to be successful at life? AmandaNerdBot
3w 6d ago
44 KeeperSeekerX
3d 21h ago
Any fantasy/sci fi/paranormal book recommendations? AquarianHorse
1w 6d ago
24 Morghi27
4d 1h ago
What is your favorite indie house comic book? ThornBloodedge
1w 1d ago
6 Paul-A-Newman
4d 13h ago
Favorite Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic Book? Emberria
1w 2d ago
11 Paul-A-Newman
4d 13h ago
Stories that would be made better with scenes implying sex between characters. KdaAnimefan
5d 15h ago
9 diphylla
4d 15h ago
Books you'd advise someone NOT to read. Eraezr
2w 5d ago
54 Eraezr
4d 23h ago
my favourite cartooning books sebiondeviant
6d 2h ago
3 3wyl
5d 12h ago
Anyone interested in reviewing a free Sci-Fi / Fantasy E-Book? TreyDavidWood
5d 21h ago
5 3wyl
5d 12h ago
Fantasy Westerns teenrex7
1w 3d ago
5 TalentlessHacked
5d 14h ago
Ever had a letter/picture published? Luke-the-F0x
1w 3d ago
13 aquakitty101
5d 15h ago
If you were kidnapped by your favorite book.... greenstables
1w 5d ago
18 DomnuWyrda
5d 20h ago
Novels so bad they're good teenrex7
1w 1d ago
4 johnthesavage8
5d 20h ago