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READ BEFORE POSTING - Books and Comics Forum Rules 3wyl
Oct 9, 2014
0 N/A
Saga neurotype
11h 41m ago
2 fyeahhistory
8m 18s ago
What was the last thing you read? MissBrillig
1w 4d ago
61 StaxMaye
1h 5m ago
How in the world are people supposed to get into comics? TheJourneyTaker
2d 15h ago
11 StaxMaye
1h 6m ago
Recommend a Manga MrsKatieNance2010
Aug 9, 2014
113 remainsalone
4h 13m ago
Marvel or DC and who's your favorite superhero? ecimer
2d 23h ago
9 Naroth
4h 20m ago
American Comics or Japanese Comics ? Maootaku
1w 1d ago
17 remainsalone
4h 22m ago
What books/comics made you sad/cry? JJQinc
Aug 12, 2014
513 TheSarcasticBrony
5h 38m ago
Graphic Novels Topaztortise
2d 10h ago
3 Justfang
6h 24m ago
Fictional character's death that you are the most upset about (probably some spoilers) PearOfDiscord
1w 23h ago
23 Dagger-13
6h 40m ago
webcomic recommendations? colormechelsea
3d 19h ago
11 colormechelsea
8h 54m ago
Discworld Fan-Casting (Mark II) JZLobo
3d 10h ago
13 ensoul
8h 56m ago
any good dystopia books that aren't like the hunger games and divergent? REIdepenguin
2d 3h ago
58 REIdepenguin
9h 53m ago
Any IMAGE comic book fans? Bisnak
1w 1d ago
31 FionaCreates
9h 56m ago
How Fast can you read Novels? StudioUAC
1w 4d ago
31 neurotype
11h 42m ago
My New Children's Book Now On Sale on Amazon! Perfect Gift For The Holidays :) LoraLeeArt
20h 46m ago
0 N/A
If you live as the main character in your favorite book... VaNiLlaBound
3w 1d ago
67 pinkishbloo
1d 2h ago
Witcher Book Series Fans VonStreff
2w 6d ago
14 VonStreff
1d 9h ago
why did 50 Shades trilogy get popular? Eraezr
1w 4d ago
64 MissPoe
1d 12h ago
who is you favourite shipping pair out of every manga ever miku-nagato20
Sep 27, 2014
74 Kakashi95fan
1d 15h ago
What is modern Science Fiction like? M1n1dr10d-Y0D0
5d 8h ago
36 Aret
1d 16h ago
What books do you like? zoedoodles
1w 3d ago
27 zoedoodles
1d 19h ago
Is It Wrong For Characters To Have Speech Bubble But With Mouth Closed In Comics? Goldsickle
3w 2d ago
30 BlaineDaymon
2d 17h ago
what do you think about chapter 700 of Naruto?- THE END- Bakushade
2w 4d ago
35 JustANerd47
3d 5h ago
Attack on Titan and Marvel Universe Crossover TheWitheredRose
2w 1d ago
23 lordcrotch
3d 23h ago
The better choice for first contact- Superman or Supergirl? Superzoul
3w 7h ago
7 CrimeRoyale
4d 1h ago
Pirate books? (or at least sea books, navy books, anything!) MuseTerra
2w 1d ago
18 since91
4d 4h ago
Books with concept art? Seradraconis
1w 4d ago
7 Seradraconis
5d 3h ago
So after The Shining, there's Doctor Sleep... HtBlack
6d 15h ago
5 ellielza
5d 21h ago
Help MrLovelessss
1w 22h ago
13 gnihtoNdnAgnihtyrevE
6d 11h ago
Does resurrection in books/comics bother you? Eraezr
Oct 1, 2014
98 zomgmad
6d 12h ago
Naruto Series Ends This Week x-KunoichiLee-x
3w 2d ago
81 HerbalDrink
6d 15h ago
Recommendations please? lady--jekyll
Oct 11, 2014
32 kurostarSunny
6d 19h ago