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January 9, 2013


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WriterDream Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
This is in no way my first account here, my other active account is ~Saffrans, where I post my art (when I actually finish something, I have the problem with not being able to finish things)
I write actively, and I really need a wider audience to read and response to my writings, so I made this account. My current story is
Wolfwing, part 1Darkness lay heavy on the forest glade. The rain had been falling for hours, making the ground damp and every tree a trap with wet, cold leaves. The small camp, consisting only of a dying fire and a sleeping bag made of thick fur, lay empty. The only thing that could be heard was the rain's patient drumming on a thousand trees.

Rasha Wintermane stood on a stone half-hidden by the trees, she leaned on the trunk of an old pine tree, her dark hood concealing her face from prying eyes. Her arms ached from holding the bowstring drawn in the cold air. Her thick hair stuck to her face, she wanted to wipe it away, but dared not move. Under the trees
, a fantasy story that I'm writing for hand and copying to computer :)

I live in Finland where the weather usually is coldcoldcoldHOTcoldcold, and I'm a proud mother to two crazy kittens that enjoy chewing on my face and toes (the one on my icon is Misha, a resqued kitten).

I seriously have no idea what to write here so I started ramling again :P Have a nice day and hope you'll make great art!

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