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December 23, 2012


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Hello everyone - my tennis racket sent me here

HackneyRaja Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Hello deviant artists

i came on this sight a few days ago as a i needed inspiration for a paint job colour scheme for my tennis racket. since its the winter an im not playing much decided to personalise it.

seeing how cool this place was i went to register, only to be told my email address is already registered, long story short, i apparently registered like three years ago.

anyhoo, decided to post up some stuff i made. i used to play poker online to kill time, but realised i could be doing something more creative, so i started making some stuff. i learnt PS editing peoples pictures to make them look skinnier, prettier, etc. :)

obv im not very good yet, unfortunately i lack patience and unless i can get something done in an hour or two i lose interest.

kinda intimidated by the size and quality of this site tbh.

if anyone is interested ill post a pic of my racket paint job too when its done, needs a final coats of white paint, pbly finish it sometime later this week and get it strung when the weathers better.

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