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November 22, 2012


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3 months later... WHY STILL NO WATCHERS?! XD okay ''cough,cough'' Hi everyone.

Xinaug Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
So hi everyone. I'm ~xinaug and it has been 3 months since I joined DA. At this moment I'm writing this thread, that is.

I'm going to tell you interesting facts about me later, but first I want to say something.

Anyway, I wasn't interested in dA until when... well, I actually saw dA's website in a forum in Transformice, a game that I play. Well, one of the admins use it too but anyways, I just check it out and I was like,''Maybe I should make an account there...'' But since I was a bit tired out when I was looking so i just decided to call it ~xinaug, like my 1st account in TFM.

Then I just normally checked out only the arty part - the dA muro. ''Hmmm...'' Anyways, i tested out on my drawings and my first drawing... sucked. Stupidly. So I began to test on it more and before I knew it, I was completely addicted to dA...

So this week and last, i began to find more... interesting things.

I somehow unlocked all the tools in the muro, and I dunno what the heck had exactly happened... I didn't use ANY money (or points) in dA. I'm not quite sure what happened but anyway, I also found out how to make stories... and of course I made a few. I also stalked (watch?) some people. Hehe.

So here is the most interesting part in this thread... the unusual facts.

- Well actually... Even if i don't look like I play Minecraft with my account name, ~xinaug, well, I LOVE Minecraft. The only dumb thing stopping me was my current laptop ... ''Dumbest reason : Pixel Format not acclerated!'' Yea :(

- Also... (Haters gonna hate!) I actually.. um... like Herobrine. Yes, that creepypasta that stalkers Minecraft players, and sometimes also steal, kill and grief. Actually, I WASN'T supposed to like him at all... but then, (long story short, go to my dA account page and look at that journal entry if you want to hear the full story) I began liking him. Oh well...

- My 3rd account in Transformice is Herobrinefan. It's my most active account at the moment. And everytime some of the players see me, they would ask ''You play Minecraft?'' AND I will explain my laptop's lousiness. I think i has reasoned more than 20 times on my 3rd account. Or is it a hundred times? And everytime I'm on my 3rd account... they'll think I'm a boy. Okay.

- I'm starting to gear on my youtube channel, ''Herobrinefan33''. Right now its only Transformice videos... And im still waiting for Bertiechapp to log on again after 1 month of absence.

- I make stories on my forum thread in TFM (made by my 3rd account), dA.

- I also do drawing requests on my TFM thread too. And I'm improving ^_^

I can't possibly keep track on my weirdo facts but time to move on (Actually I'm a bit too young to own a Youtube Channel...)

Anyways, If you're still with me, good.

Here is my TFM thread that I was talking about :


And here's my dA account page :


And PLEASE fo read my stories. They are just, well, FREAKING awesome. I'm most proud of one of my dA stories about one of my favourite Youtubers, SkyDoesMinecraft (His minecraft name is SkythekidRS) who met a watch hater... while on vacation. And the rest is history. ^_^

Check out the threads on my own!

And I'm going to show you some of my favourite Youtube channels :

- ItsJerryAndHarry
- ExplodingTNT
- CaptainSparklez
- SkyDoesMinecraft
- SlamacowCreations
- elementanimation
- Chickenkeeper24
- TheTNTExploders (ExplodingTNT's second channel)
- ItsJerryAndHarry (Well, J&A's second channel)
- AdamzoneTopMarks

I didn't list all my subs. ^_^


And maybe sub to mine? I make noob videos.. try NOT to sub mine (I dunno)


So that's it now. Isn't this LOOOONG? XD

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Devious Comments

Xinaug Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Thanks :P And i just realised i made a few typos in the post... FUUUUUUUUUUUU~ >:I

Lol. And I'm going to have a bit of trouble in real life soon. T_T
Mkemaster Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hello xinaug and welcome to DA, it is great that you finally decided to make an account here. That is one of the decisions you will look back at with pride! :D

As for the brush sets in Muro, the site just decided to unlock all the brushes, so from now on it is all free of charge!!! Nothing paranormal :P

Minecraft is such a good game, I mean it is soooo goood I just stopped playing..because I worried that all I will do is just waste time on Minecraft, its real fun addiction but I had to control myself lol.

Lol that is quite a long post, but again welcome to DA! Hope you enjoy it!
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