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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Welcome Center Forum Rules sTiViA
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Welcome to deviantART sTiViA
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
So Who Else Likes Games? Arasteia
Jun 15, 2014
488 Drewbacka
48s ago
Hello daylillies72
6d 9h ago
38 InsanityHearts
3m ago
Seeking out fellow anime fans, to talk anime with... BTW I\'m new here :) Aweseome-Pasta
Jul 1, 2014
936 Aweseome-Pasta
3m 33s ago
Hey, new to DeviantArt. Looking for friends, artists, gamers, anime fans, music enthusiasts... Human Drewbacka
3m 36s ago
0 N/A
Greetings Dragonic-Paradox
Jul 18, 2014
34 InsanityHearts
4m 23s ago
Not new just want some more friends BlueSkies1117
2d 22h ago
27 Drewbacka
9m 26s ago
More friends perhaps? BlackJokerLover
1h 21m ago
7 Hellsing612
10m 29s ago
Hi! New person here x3 evuchichii
5d 3h ago
36 Drewbacka
10m 36s ago
Looking to meet people as weird as I am. kankitsuru
Jul 18, 2014
537 Drewbacka
11m 30s ago
Looking for new art friends I can share art with, talk about art to, and etc. Clchriskl
4h 39m ago
12 Drewbacka
12m 11s ago
A teen artist who is looking for friends. Zerafios
1w 5d ago
80 AikaArfeiniel
12m 42s ago
I'm feeling a bit alone....A new friend please? NasiK2424
3w 2h ago
307 Drewbacka
13m 50s ago
Interviewing new deviants. SirCassie
16h 25m ago
8 Drewbacka
14m 33s ago
Hello Everyone! JasDRAW
18h 24m ago
15m 28s ago
Iam not new, but want to know some people :3 Angelfeather13
1w 3d ago
139 Drewbacka
15m 53s ago
I\'m not exactly new,but I do want some friends lunastar177
Jun 19, 2014
1,015 lunastar177
16m ago
not new, just looking for friends mandy1297
1w 3d ago
98 Drewbacka
16m 31s ago
I'm a person, you're a person... We have so much in common! Let's be friends :D PaintedFeline
1d 6h ago
106 Drewbacka
17m 59s ago
1 Year on here and Hello! Bluemisti
Mar 9, 2014
325 Drewbacka
18m 45s ago
Heeey!! Nilsifer
1d 15h ago
13 CocoA156
22m 33s ago
1h 52m ago
8 ScarySkitty
23m 49s ago
I am very vERY BOARED i need friendsss AntiSocialism
Aug 1, 2014
604 AntiSocialism
44m 37s ago
Deviantart Newcomer Blazethecat7125
Jul 7, 2014
561 Blazethecat7125
1h 11m ago
Um hi I guess CuriousLolita
Jul 6, 2014
87 InsanityHearts
1h 31m ago
hello! let\'s be friends veronica1134
Jun 25, 2014
889 BlueSkies1117
1h 34m ago
Hello! :) xkumorichan
10h 2m ago
21 xkumorichan
1h 45m ago
Hello! I'm scared. X58
4h 53m ago
35 Badgercheese1994
1h 57m ago
Hello All! DragonJ422
1d 18h ago
45 JDMcerealguytuner
2h 26m ago
I'm lonely, You're lonely. Let's be lonely together, yeah? Chyroation
May 3, 2014
2,280 Chyroation
2h 45m ago
Hello world of artists :D cristi-scg
3w 2h ago
70 cristi-scg
3h 16m ago
I need some friends! kim175
Jan 30, 2014
794 veronica1134
3h 42m ago
Looking for friends! KTBugBiles
1w 2d ago
161 KTBugBiles
4h 7m ago
Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Anyone wanna chat? Art trade? Stop the lonliness consuming our lives? PlutoniumPresumtuide
4w 5h ago
278 DragonDiamond2
4h 13m ago
New Path SnowSuga
Jul 30, 2014
125 Lithinyx
4h 36m ago
I found this place recently so... Hi!! *-* PenguinZen
Jun 13, 2014
668 Lithinyx
4h 42m ago
A late hello. lucyfurry
Aug 1, 2014
53 Nise-Ei
4h 48m ago
coming back, sort of! chi-rin
1w 2d ago
92 Lithinyx
4h 50m ago
Fresh start?! Nymila
4d 13h ago
47 daylillies72
5h 56s ago