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Welcome Center Forum

Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Welcome to DeviantArt Erzsabet
Mar 11, 2015
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Welcome Center Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
lets be weird friends AwesomeKaishi
7h 59m ago
13 AwesomeKaishi
25m 14s ago
would like to make friends ^^ galacticshower
Sep 13, 2016
62 TreeDeeDee
53m 45s ago
I need friends. I have an idea! Let's play a little game...! ninjanakie
2w 1d ago
73 ninjanakie
1h 30m ago
Are any of you Un-schooled??? OshieK
Aug 31, 2016
66 OshieK
1h 57m ago
Howdy NyeSeren
2h 29m ago
2 NyeSeren
2h 2m ago
Looking for friends LadyLotusJP
Sep 17, 2016
127 oceansigh
3h 48m ago
Who wants to be friends with a edgy teenager? S-parki
Sep 7, 2016
233 S-parki
4h 15m ago
Hi there! I'm Mid and I'm looking for new friends! :heart: MidLuuna
3w 3d ago
66 MidLuuna
4h 26m ago
Somewhat new deviant. Mr-Stuff
6d 1h ago
14 Mr-Stuff
4h 33m ago
Newbie (Sort Of...) RandomWooWee
14h 26m ago
3 mayr1994
5h 48m ago
Hello! Searching for improvement, inspirations and some friends...! ❤️ ae-ri
1w 21h ago
56 midnightgravedigger
6h 42m ago
Hey there! New otaku on dA ! ^^ Marusenpaii
Jul 28, 2016
303 JDMWanganPichu
8h 16m ago
looking for friends iva-draws
1d 16m ago
22 Bardia90
9h 4m ago
new to Deviant keepinitneil
1d 20h ago
8 keepinitneil
12h 1m ago
Oi, looking for some pals PictureOnProgress
Jan 15, 2016
6,309 DoubleDandE
12h 53m ago
Hello! CollectionGraphix
1d 20h ago
26 GreenTeaMelody
13h 16m ago
Kind but lonely otaku is looking for friends Krahler
2d 11h ago
32 noodles919
14h 22m ago
Hi katty1166
14h 59m ago
0 N/A
Hello byshop10
16h 50m ago
0 N/A
Hello Deviantart! It's nice to be here! Bipolarfanartist
21h 45m ago
19 daisehorse
18h 23m ago
One of those not new but looking for friends people :3 GummyGinny
Jul 6, 2016
289 daisehorse
20h 10m ago
R.I.P KawaiiButteredToast
1d 1h ago
1 daisehorse
22h 7m ago
Hi everyone! I'm sort of new? YoursV
1d 5h ago
13 OpaqueUsagi
22h 17m ago
Donald Trump meets Photoshop Madam-Flare
1d 2h ago
1 brennenxr
1d 58m ago
Exotic Butters Memeionette
1w 2h ago
4 KawaiiButteredToast
1d 1h ago
Not new but branching out. MelancholyCyborg1
Apr 30, 2016
491 MelancholyCyborg1
1d 1h ago
Not new, just want to introduced my self Q-Kyun
Sep 7, 2016
236 MTGreat
1d 2h ago
New! Looking for friends and hoping to share my art with everyone! BuffysStudio
2d 23h ago
13 Hilent
1d 2h ago
Actually not that new...but Elbenmaid
6d 11h ago
5 Mys-M4g1ka
1d 3h ago
Hi! I'm new. Pawel--G
2d 1h ago
11 Ame-Is-Not-A-Cow
1d 3h ago
Hello Hello! ThreeOfSwordsVA
1w 3d ago
20 Ame-Is-Not-A-Cow
1d 3h ago
Hi, Im New~ ColoursKW
6d 8h ago
31 qalinqori
1d 4h ago
talentless nerd kid needs friends, send help goldfinching
1w 4d ago
74 goldfinching
1d 4h ago
How you doin'? ;} Let's art together! Oblongly
1w 4d ago
76 Just-A-Box
1d 4h ago
Long time no see LadyLotusJP
Sep 15, 2016
56 Heartcrocher
1d 6h ago
Hi I am new and looking for friends and mentors to help me learn to paint. Robbie-Black
5d 1h ago
12 Monsterrmn
1d 6h ago
Nice to meet you all! LunaRemotia
6d 11h ago
9 LunaRemotia
1d 7h ago
Adoption rules sarymarie
1d 7h ago
1 Pakaku
1d 7h ago