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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
Welcome to DeviantArt Erzsabet
3w 2h ago
0 N/A
READ BEFORE POSTING - Welcome Center Forum Rules Mrs-Durden
Jan 15, 2015
0 N/A
Not new, but wants to meet friends! Iliveforanime001
4d 11h ago
80 33VEE
14m 13s ago
Not a new member but looking for friends ^_^ yurian-miku
1d 11h ago
149 AngelsMustFlyForever
16m 35s ago
Been here for a while but.. i kinda don't have any friends here yet D: Inashhi
2d 10h ago
51 AkameZ16
23m 26s ago
deviantART Virgin Malweart
Feb 28, 2015
349 xclaux
26m 13s ago
just found this KiaranThunders
1w 3d ago
65 AkameZ16
26m 36s ago
Hello Everybody! ^^ I'm kinda new here, looking to make friends! iMooZART
1w 5d ago
428 iMooZART
28m 4s ago
A Warm Welcome to those new to DeviantART! MayaChorona
33m 29s ago
1 darkone4587
29m 6s ago
Hello!! I'm new and I don't have friend here yet... Noe16bcn
21h 40m ago
31 iMooZART
31m 22s ago
Hello guys! Be friend? katork
17h 14m ago
12 RaikaiRan
54m 19s ago
hi guise!1 semilaiska
2d 5h ago
37 Nya-Mao
1h 2m ago
( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) im lonely AntiSocialism
6d 6h ago
88 AntiSocialism
1h 7m ago
Hello everyone~! I'm new here in DA! :) YourLilypu21
1w 3d ago
109 AntiSocialism
1h 21m ago
I'm feeling a bit alone....A new friend please? NasiK2424
Aug 11, 2014
1,532 AntiSocialism
1h 23m ago
new (mad) member ! Staerink
4d 8h ago
55 Gischie
1h 31m ago
Hi everyone I'm new here I would like to meet new friends ;) infinity15197
Dec 8, 2014
893 BouSaitou1995
1h 35m ago
I need some friends! kim175
Jan 30, 2014
1,230 kim175
1h 52m ago
Well, hello there~ =^~^= hxllcat
3w 2d ago
185 Sammi-California
2h 9m ago
Hello , .... Atlasblume
9h 25m ago
8 Nya-Mao
2h 10m ago
new nd i wanna see ur artwork! iluvgirls34
16h 53m ago
23 iluvgirls34
2h 30m ago
Not new, but looking for a friend CanidSerpent
2d 23h ago
13 In-My-Remains
2h 31m ago
I'm not a new member but k Sayosa
1d 2h ago
17 Akyura44
2h 34m ago
Hi guys, want to meet people :) pacificmaelstrom
17h 52m ago
28 pacificmaelstrom
2h 35m ago
Can I have some friends, too? :3 not-important-at-all
Feb 28, 2015
478 midnightgravedigger
2h 38m ago
Hey there! Buddies??? Beckfaclesswolfgirl
Jan 31, 2015
187 cnerone21
2h 41m ago
ello govnahs RadLavvy
3d 13h ago
91 Nya-Mao
3h 11m ago
A VOCALOID fanatic joins DA knt99
1d 14h ago
15 Nya-Mao
3h 20m ago
Hellooo ( selaaam) :) Suusma
2d 6h ago
29 Nya-Mao
3h 25m ago
Hey, Im new :3 BurningDarkFlames
1w 4d ago
74 Nya-Mao
4h 3m ago
just discovered this... heh... evilsloths4
Dec 23, 2014
722 evilsloths4
4h 56m ago
HELP good-b
4w 1d ago
90 good-b
4h 57m ago
Not new, but Nintendo fan looking for friends, I guess. RedRocketCaptain
1d 41m ago
15 BurningDarkFlames
5h 58m ago
Been here a long while, never actually talked to anyone :P CreepylittleKiwi
1d 9h ago
45 darkone4587
6h 3m ago
Hi, I'm Mightydein from Newgrounds Mightydein
2d 20h ago
21 bakubreaker98
6h 10m ago
Not new, just looking for friends SammiiMunster
1w 6d ago
345 TsundereYandereKawai
6h 43m ago
Only now found this place... Dianamisu
Sep 5, 2014
1,213 Dianamisu
6h 44m ago
Hello, my name is Annet Vissen13
Feb 20, 2014
562 midnightgravedigger
7h 32m ago
Not new but would like to make friends :) Anabella-Aveline
2w 4d ago
99 Anabella-Aveline
7h 36m ago
Phineas James Vinci, at your service! Glad to finally meet you all! PhineasJamesVinci
1d 35m ago
23 bakubreaker98
7h 47m ago