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Topic Started by Replies Latest Reply
READ BEFORE POSTING - Welcome Center Forum Rules sTiViA
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Welcome to deviantART sTiViA
Mar 1, 2013
0 N/A
Seeking out fellow anime fans, to talk anime with... BTW I\'m new here :) Aweseome-Pasta
Jul 1, 2014
1,175 Aweseome-Pasta
1m 16s ago
Hey there! Pearlcore
23h 15m ago
13 JDMWanganPichu
22m 8s ago
hello everyone satrio889
2h 55m ago
2 TnKicker
26m 57s ago
** A coming back after 7 years! ** KenryChu
2d 14h ago
52 KenryChu
36m 11s ago
Sort of new!! LillieWolf
1d 17h ago
35 JamieWiles
58m 53s ago
Hello, I'm new here! Rattatap
2w 5d ago
20 Rattatap
59m 35s ago
Hey I'm like new and I have like no friends Eloene
1d 2h ago
15 TnKicker
1h 27m ago
Need a Friend or Two Austadophilus
1w 12h ago
108 SuperCraftyGirl
1h 35m ago
Author Looking for a Artist friend! DeeNation
6d 26m ago
34 DeeNation
1h 47m ago
Hi. Im new here. so, can we have our first new conversation? ;) aiammaii
7h 48m ago
5 iAmAneleBiscarra
2h 47m ago
Hello! Cannolie
1w 5d ago
25 nik160
2h 48m ago
One Week New Deviant :D TristanLee21
6h 16m ago
5 iAmAneleBiscarra
2h 49m ago
Only now found this place... Dianamisu
Sep 5, 2014
637 Dianamisu
3h 27m ago
I want to have friends from different countries .. Please :3 Ru-kai-yah
5d 13h ago
113 fifi-kawaii
3h 29m ago
Not that new... Hikatsuke
19h 40m ago
2 Hikatsuke
3h 43m ago
Looking for friends! MalverneWade
2w 2d ago
14 ShinyMeowstic
4h 26m ago
So Who Else Likes Games? Arasteia
Jun 15, 2014
681 Arasteia
4h 45m ago
Hii newbie here (*^3^)/~☆ Irene-chan98
2w 3d ago
161 Irene-chan98
5h 23m ago
*so socially awkward I don't even know how to introduce myself* '____' hello TerraMagik
6d 14h ago
45 HowToBeRadiant
5h 47m ago
hey newcomers and first time posters, look here ;) MalverneWade
1d 9h ago
13 otterwillow
6h 46m ago
Hi everyone! EjReoma
1d 5h ago
11 otterwillow
6h 54m ago
How To Be Radiant - An introduction. HowToBeRadiant
Apr 30, 2014
372 HowToBeRadiant
7h 7m ago
3w 2d ago
19 Zypex117
7h 27m ago
the one out of the group H20delerous
16h 38m ago
3 TnKicker
7h 28m ago
I'm new, so hello! CarlShootsRaw
13h 30m ago
20 TnKicker
7h 29m ago
Would love to make some friends! Nimarrna
2w 2d ago
118 planium
8h 58m ago
Hello people~ isakuta
Jul 1, 2014
4,499 ThiranosTales
12h 42m ago
friends? Quirrr
Sep 9, 2014
231 Quirrr
13h 17m ago
not new, just looking for friends mandy1297
Aug 21, 2014
383 firefox2171
13h 20m ago
Deviantart Newcomer Blazethecat7125
Jul 7, 2014
867 xX-DaveAce-Xx
14h 35m ago
I want some new online friends... Kanashimi2
19h 56s ago
57 Kanashimi2
15h 23m ago
1 Year on here and Hello! Bluemisti
Mar 9, 2014
576 NH97
15h 33m ago
Ello Ello HarleyJane420
1d 10h ago
5 VanillaKoan
15h 38m ago
First time poster! Turquoiise
2w 6d ago
121 firefox2171
17h 6s ago
*cthulhu noises* AmberStruthers
19h 22m ago
8 Krazzt
17h 18m ago
Hi fellow Deviant artists :) Im-Anonymous
6d 20h ago
25 Im-Anonymous
17h 36m ago
hello! let\'s be friends veronica1134
Jun 25, 2014
1,050 Modernwater
17h 40m ago
Looking for friends to share in an adventure! Midnight-maid
Sep 10, 2014
37 Kmacmcglikesart
18h 11m ago