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January 12, 2013


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fastest ways that YOU loose weight

What are some of good ways that you loose weight fastlyvfrom?

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Tuna salad, that's my way of losing weight.
CorporealDream Mar 28, 2013
I use the "My fitness pal" app on my phone and web [link] . all you do is count calories and track what you eat. you don't even have to work out. It simple math you eat less calories then you burn and you shrink.

I've lost almost 60 pounds since late summer last year. 2 lb a week is easy.

My brother introduced me to this and he is down to 179 from 270
JenFD Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Cut the soda. Whenever I've done that before in the past for a few months, it really made a huge difference. Oh, and really cutting down on salty foods.
A workout program called "Insanity".

Granted it was the hardest workout I have ever done, but the results show in 2 week. I went from size 38 waist to size 34 in 3 months. 250 pounds to 205 pounds.

The other workout is a "ruck march". Have a good metal or strong plastic hardboard camping backpack and fill it with 35 pounds of weight(not counting your water which should be a half a gallon or a full gallon) The goal is to make do it in increments and build yourself up. Start at 2 miles for the first week, 4 miles the second, 6 miles the 3rd, then 8 the 4th, and double all the way up till you reach the goal of 26 miles.

Why stop at 26? Because that is the longest ruck march I ever did and that was twice. In that ruck I lost 4 pounds of weight both times.
in college i lived with an ex army guy who ran then lifted weights, then ran again, ate nothing but chicken breast and oatmeal, i lost 45 lbs in six months living with him. it helps to have a work out partner, it's a lifestyle change. /
cheetopocalypse Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Chainsaw off your bottom half, that should shed some pounds.
Move to the moon, gravity's weaker there.
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