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January 9, 2013


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What are your pet peeves of DeviantArt or Real Life?

DesmondeKapi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
DeviantArt: Rude people, art thieves, trolls (I usually don't mind these but the really annoying ones), hard-to-read journal skins/ones with poor color choice.

Real Life or somewhere else, well some are more than a pet peeve: Duck faces, bigots, me procrastinating.etc

Idk I can't think of much now.

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Devious Comments

FalseShepherd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Drunken messes
People who needlessly hate others
Curry containing anything but chicken, pork or the actual sauce
No poppadom or naan bread to go with said curry
General arguments in day to day life
Pizzas with any topping I find ridiculous or simply don't like
Attention seekers
People that play the victim when they most certainly are not
People that use others misfortune as a way of somehow gaining sympathy themselves, usually on FB
Anyone over the age of 18 that purposely write like a child all the time
Bad grammar (though I do realise mine isn't perfect)
People who butcher the English language
People that often mis-spell and sometimes being confused as to what the right spelling is even though before then I could spell whatever it may be without a problem
Screaming kids
Obnoxious people
Forced over done laughter
People who repeatedly use past tragedies in their life to gain sympathy and/or attention on a regular basis
People who think too highly of their own self
Abusers, whether It's animals, kids, women or other such things involved
Vandals of local shops that plainly don't deserve it
Over-reactions, such as people screaming at the t.v over a football match, so trivial and pointless
People who get pregnant with no intention of caring for the child
Zombie obsessions a lot of people seem to have these days
Watching films excessively, especially the same one(s)
Cheesy films and actors, though I can tolerate cheesiness to some level
Discrimination - as I don't discriminate, I hate each and every one of you equally
Being touched, especially by someone I don't like or if they happen to have poor personal hygiene
People that genuinely believe "the world is ending" kind of crap
People claiming to have a hard life, when they go on holiday 3+ times a year, have enough money to live comfortably and have most things handed to them on a plate
People that brag, even moreso if it is something that I don't care about
People who turn others against each other
General policies and acts of the current UK government
Unwarranted cruelty
Family members who think they are better than the rest, because they have managed to improve their life in some way or other - I have no time for this
Constant anxiety I have to put up with on a regular basis
Tacky re-creations of game characters I happen to like
When someone brings out a terrible song that goes viral and everyone seems to love for no apparent reason, when they deserve no recognition in terms of talent
People who hate singers who are genuinely good at what they do, just because they don't want to be considered mainstream or look like they are following the crowd
The fact many people believe that by trying to be original and unique is infact no more unique than copying someone else as its gotten to a point where everyone and their cousin are trying to be different
When people are judged for their talent by how popular they are
People leaving doors open when it's cold and you are trying to keep warm
Pregnancy in people who just should not be pregnant for whatever reasons their may be
Compulsive liars
Deliveries that arrive at stupid o'clock
Not being able to sleep or otherwise being awakened
People who touch my food
Forgetting things even when I've literally just been thinking of it moments before
Pointless and stupid broadcasts over BBM
People that add you as a friend on a social network, not because they are interested in an actual friendship or because they are infact your friend but to make themselves look more popular due to friend count via web stats
Massive hypocrites - although everyone at sometime may unintentionally do something that is considered hypocritical
People who are self-righteous
Anyone who thinks their own opinion is gold and unwilling to even consider the weight that another persons may hold
Bailiffs - basically the legal version of thieves
Cars racing at lights, down roads with general pedestrian activity or anywhere they people would be endangered by their stupidity
The fact that some vets are in their job as some pets are a gold mine to them as they are in it for only the money and not becausethey care about the animal
People who Belive in wild conspiracies and preach about them repetitively
The fact the current PM got to be PM
Jokes made in terribly bad taste
People such as murderers, though not limited to that gain new identities and get to make a fresh start with the possibility of committing a crime like they already have once more
The smell of fish
People who try to demotivated others, usually because they're scar ed that said person will become better than they are at something or gain an advantage in some way that they don't like
Ridiculous pricing of modern game that often lack in game length, story, interesting characters, gameplay or all of the above
Public toilets, god forbid I ever have to use one - don't ask me why though, I just simply don't like them
Backstabbers, or otherwise people who cheap shot whether it be physically or verbally, but mostly physically
Demanding respect through the use of intimidation and fear
Expecting to be respected when none deserving and not paying any outwardly
Third party companies that things you sign up to whom sometimes pass on your details to
PPI emails, I mean I've never even had a loan from a bank!
Frauds, whether it be identity theft or malicious content that can spy on your activities which once resulted in money being stole from my account via emergency payment due to having collected enough information on me through a dodgy hoax email link to pose as me and successfully withdraw the money without raising any red flags, I still to this day don't understand how exactly they got all the specific details as I never once used all the details they would have needed to prove themselves to be me
Having my patience tested

I think I'll stop myself there, but let me just finish by apologising for the majorly excessive list! :/ and there will be a treat of the readers choice to anyone who actually reads all of my list. I don't recommend or expect anyone to though. I almost fall asleep at the site of massive posts and fully understand should anyone just completely skip it. xD
silverHyacinth Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-People who make rude, insulting comments about other people's work.
-People who tiipe ik dis nd ThInK its kute.
-Most Emo people.
-Stupid fangirls

In Real Life
-People who put 'pretty, bad, cute, lovely, sexy etc. ' in their usernames.
-People who put 'poet/poetic' in their username.
-People who don't say 'please' or 'thank you'
-People who slowly walk in the middle of the sidewalk or in halls.
-Stupid fangirls
-Stupid people in general
-Meaningless music
DesmondeKapi Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
-People who put 'pretty, bad, cute, lovely, sexy etc. ' in their usernames.

kerokko Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
On deviantART:
-When idiots accept artwork of any kind regarding their quality
-When people steal other people's artwork and fucking edit them then upload them. Come up with you're own art, dammit!
-people who make dA accounts just to take pictures of themselves. Don't get me wrong, I love photography, just not when some prepubescent little girl decides to duckface her whole gallery. Oh yeah, I've seen worse than that to.
-TROLLS. :fork:
-Dumb@sses who expect me/ask me to donate to them despite the fact i have 20 f*cking dA points in my account. It's kind of rude when you ask.
-People who upload art from other people and call it theirs or don't credit at all.
-I'm not trying to be a hater here, but I'm going to be a freaking hater. My Little Pony sucks ass. God I'm tired of all the crap about it, all the profiles COVERED in unicorns and My Little Pony.
-Kids or even anyone [my shits don't give] that have bad vocabulary and tipe LyK DiSSSSSsssz
-People who can't draw, GTFO and stop wasting usernames

In real life:

-This gets on my nerves so much, I'm going to say it twice. POSERS.
-People who always think they're right despite the fact they know that they are completely wrong and still commence to bullshit their opinion
-Idiot rude people with low IQ's
-When I stub my toe on my bed stand...
FalseShepherd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
And from here on out, I shall name thee: kerokko rant-a-lot!

But I agree with your list, mostly.
kerokko Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
LOLOL I was actually looking for a forum like this to post on.
kerokko Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh yeah, and I also hate bases. So much. They're so unoriginal. I dislike people who use them too. They're usually noobs with art, and I already mentioned how the pissed me off.
Cup-of-Javo Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013

- When people have 3,000-mile long profiles filled with 20 50-megabyte Tumblr .GIFS; 5,000 plz accounts; 9600 Quizilla test results; and 50 million journal dolls. DeviantART has quickly become the Myspace of the Internet world.
- People who write in subscript. 100% of the time these people are pretentious, holier-than-thou, and just plain annoying 15-year old sparkledog furry fucks who think they're being badass and unique.
- The entire Literature section. :puke:
- How when you search for semi-realism or realism, all you get is fucking anime shit.
- Anime shit.
- BASES, especially if they're traced.
- The adoptables section.
- People who call adoptables, "adopts". "Adopt" is not a fucking noun.
- Camwhores.
- "Thanks for the fave/llama/watch!"
- People who discourage critique.
- Fandom.

In real life:
- When people begin to pack up before the professor is done talking. SO RUDE.
- People who walk slow and block the goddamn walkway.
- People who touch me and especially hit me.
- Drunks.
- Creepy guys who try and hit on me.
- People who can't speak English yet they have a job that requires it to be used extensively.
- People who try to barter at the cash register.
- My neighbors. I want to murder them. Horribly.
DesmondeKapi Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
All of that so true.

Haha sometimes I pack up when the teacher is talking XD

Once I just zipped close my pencil case after I put something back and the teacher was all like..

"Why do I hear zippers? Don't pack up yet."
deVere Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
I'll add your RL list ##1-3 to my list below! :nod:
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