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December 31, 2012


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Daily Deviations: Love or Hate?

Rubixa-Seraph Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Recently, I've been taking a lot more notice of the comments written on deviations featured to be a DD.

Now, while most of the comments are positive "job well done" comments, there have been deviations that are getting more bashing and flames than needed.

Many of these comments are generally ones that state the the DD in question does not deserve a DD at all.

I'm not sure as to just how long this kind of behavior has been going on, however, my personal discovery of this has made me, quite frankly...appalled at the reaction of the community at times.

Let's back up for a quick moment and think about this art site in general:

DeviantArt is a site for a wide variety of artists, from students to professionals to people who simply do art for a hobby. We are also a community with a variety of age range, starting from 13 (supposing everyone follows the rules =P ) to people that could be 40, 50, or even older.

For many of us younger users this is a site for us to communicate, share, appreciate, and learn. (If you're solely here to flame and troll, then may the mods take care of you, soon. Have fun while it lasts.)

Now, back to the issue at hand.

For those of us that have gotten a DD, I think I can say that it's not something to get to our heads to. It's an honor, yes, but I can't say it's anything like winning a Golden Globe or the likes.

Yes, I have gotten a DD before.

If you look at my art gallery in general, I really don't have a lot of exceptional material. (Or much time to even work on art.)

Yet, out of the blue, I had received a DD for this: [link]

In all honesty, as proud as I am of this project, I really don't think it was all that mind-blowingly exceptional. (And there are a few things in this deviation that's starting to peeve me, and I oh-so-wish I had the time to fix. But I'm no art major, and I have many other things to take care of in life.)

I often find that my collaborator partner, =MoonPhyr, has much better art and talent (in addition to time spent practicing) than I, and yet to this day, she has yet to receive a DD. Neither has her sister, who has been pinning for a DD almost since day one. (And I can't say I was very happy to deal with the momentary jealousy from the girls, as brief as it was.) And I HAVE suggested their deviations before. They just weren't ever picked. (And I HAVE suggested deviations from other people before...and one of them HAVE been picked a few years back.)

My point is, a Daily Deviation, although nice and helps possibly broaden your viewership and even broaden your horizons and skills (which, I would like to add, it did not make me popular by a landslide,) a Daily Deviation is not SOLELY for those who are visual maestros.

It is a showcase that is to help the community see MORE of the art community, and to learn and appreciate, and sometimes to even find HOPE and an added boost to creativity and drive for improvement.

A Daily Deviation is a highlight for just about one single day, and maybe trickle into the next three days if anyone ever bothers to go back a few days. It does NOT make you extremely famous.

It's okay to be a bit envious, but to tell someone that they "did not deserve a DD" is quite a depressing thing. For the many people out there who have yet to get a DD because their art is "not as amazing as [insert name here]," then they might as well not ever have the hope of receiving a DD.

Also, on a more personal note...I'm no "artist" in the sense of "professional." I CAN'T be one. My family, my life situations...I cannot invest my life into studying art to improve myself to the point where I could be as distinct as artists I admire, such as =BluC, `yuumei, *xuza, *tazsaints, and, well, a WHOLE big long list of other pretty well-known artists out there. (And I would also like to add that I still really admire my best friend, =MoonPhyr, over all others, not only for her art but what art has done for BOTH of us.) Receiving a DD was a great indication for me that despite being just another one of many of "mediocre" artists out there, what I'm doing is not being just another fish in the waters...that somewhere, even by just a small bit...that my work has been noticed, that what I'm doing isn't just going out into the winds and scattered out to never be seen again. I don't ask for immense popularity. I'm sure that all of us here are on this site at LEAST for the one fundamental reason to share and be seen even in the slightest positive way...because so many people take for granted that just the simplest acts of appreciation can go a VERY long way.

Yes, yes...there is no single picture that is perfect in the eyes of the world.

However, the world should also not be so harsh as to lash at imperfections so often and so painfully.

So let's not hate on what we do not like to see in the DD section, and love what we do like to see, shall we? Beauty is but in the eye of the beholder, after all.

[For any of you who patiently read through my entire little "speech" here, I commend you for your patience, and thank you for you time.

Also, just a note to the general public, in case I actually get a torrent of replies here: I am full well prepared for ANY kind of answer. However, if you want to be mean and just be a troll or be utterly rude here, please don't waste your time. I will not be amused, and I will not give you the fun argument you are looking for. You are welcome to try and piss off some others on this site, but me? I will NOT be stepping in to satisfy your need for trouble.]

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Devious Comments

Bashing and trolling over DDs is a trend as old as the DDs themselves :P Nothing new. But yeah, I agree, I think in some cases the reason why people complain about them is because they have unrealistic expectations of what they should be, it's foolish to expect them to be perfect or that you'll like all of them everytime, they won't. I also agree with the point of -they're nice and all, but it's not like winning a Grammy either- It's just a feature that last for 24 hrs. and then is gone! Let the artist enjoy the spotlight while it last for God's sake! XD
Rubixa-Seraph Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, indeed!
In my opinion, if you disagree with a DD, then you shouldn't go bashing the artist. Instead talk to the person who suggested it.
Rubixa-Seraph Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree whole-heartily.
xHyacintho Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist
I ''discovered'' DDs not so long ago, and I must say that, even if I noticed few that didn't deserve DD, I support Daily Deviations.
And, even if I or someone else think that some DD is not deserved, that maybe isn't true at all.
Beauty is in the eye of the viewer. Maybe it's not the problem about DDs, maybe it's about people.
I must admit that very most of DDs are completely fair chosen.
Rubixa-Seraph Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist why would one or two that "does not quite meet certain people's eye" have to be bashed? Picasso certainly is very appealing to my eyes. Well, I'm certain he was bashed a lot in his time, too...but can't society move forward a bit? Especially since many artists here are trying to draw as a hobby, not strictly as a profession...
xHyacintho Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist
I agree ;)
Tl;dr - but to answer the very short and precise question in the headline: Neither. I rarely look at them. :-)
Rubixa-Seraph Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I see.

I'm also beginning to think that I should have chosen a different title.
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