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December 11, 2012


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Let's talk about our OC's

ShugarSketch Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
I like making original characters because it's fun to think of an entire fictional backstory for a non existent person. You can make anything you want happen and any type of being you could imagine.

The only thing that gets annoying is when you just aren't satisfied with their design so you keep changing them! One of My characters I have changed at least three times!

I'd say my favorite OC of mine is my weird lesbian slimy haired kitten loving candy craving lady.

The inspiration for her came from me just being fascinated by the texture of grape jelly. Every time I squeeze some onto my sandwiches I take a lot of time staring at it. As for the personality, I can't say I'm not projecting my own onto my character.

Tell me about your OC's!

(Also I'm having an OC related contest)
SUPER FAST CONTEST! Win a premium membership!This is a super fast mini contest because DA has a buy one premium membership for someone else and get one for yourself for free special. It's a buy one get one deal! The only problem is I don't know who to give the premium to! The contest lasts only 5 DAYS meaning it's over at midnight on December 16th. It's so short notice because I just noticed the premium special today. I think today is the first day it was announced. :star:INFO: 1. Drawing must include any of my OC's. They can be found here. 2. Other characters may be present, but my OC must be mostly visible in the picture (no drawing some other character and shoving one of mine in the corner) 3. ABSOLUTELY NO TRACING or using bases. 4. It does not have to be in color as long as I can tell effort was put in and it doesn't look sloppy and unfinished. 5. Favorite this journal entry 6. To enter, just draw your entry, upload it to DA and sen

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Devious Comments

RoguishBard Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanos - Thanos looks to be middle-aged, with green eyes and brown hair tied back into a low ponytail. He has a few scars on his stubbled face from many hours at the forge his title is named for. He wears an open green duster of a coat with buckles across the chest and a plain black shirt underneath, matching up with his black cargos and steel-toed boots. He always rolls up the sleeves to his elbows, (can't risk them getting caught while forging). Fingerless gloves protect his hands. A gold-colored broadsword lays at his hip or in his hands.

Rinaia - Rinaia is a dark-skinned woman with stark-white hair tied back into a high ponytail and amber-gold eyes filled with hate. She wears plates of black armor on her shoulders and a midriff top. She wears black knee-high boots and hunting leathers from her travelling days that fit tightly to her lithe shape. Upon her right hand rests the Nightmare Claw, a gauntlet through which she harnesses her dark power.

Raizen - Raizen is a tactical, stern man with light brown hair that is tied back into a peculiar neck-length ponytail bound in red leather like a rope. He wears an intricately designed large red coat with armor plates on the shoulders. At his hips or in his hands lie his named broadswords, for which he is famous for. His piercing brown eyes look out from behind sensible spectacles.

Rena - Rena is of calm, soft demeanor, rose-pink hair tied in a sloping ponytail that goes over her shoulder. Her green eyes glance brightly in contrast to her tan skin. She is often found in many outfits, but most commonly found in a simple dress of red and white colors.

To learn more about my characters and how they fit into The Tales of Altovale, start here: [link]

I've only got two Tales up for now, but more are on the way. Just be patient. ;)
Roddy1990 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
My OC's are usually based on legend or sci-fi. Even the most "normal/human" one is not exactly an average human :lol:

I started creating them about 3 years ago, when the first sketches [text/description, that is] were made...but then I stopped working on them. After a little while, the sketches evolved to a single OC. But later I created some others.

I also get inspiration from franchises such as Metroid, Rosario+Vampire, Detonator Orgun, etc...:)
IFMComics Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I know I'm a bit late, but...
I have nearly 300 OCs, so talking about them can take quite a while, hahaha...
Lilibodett Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have Yahyah, originally a FB and CC OC. She is Tsunundre ( OHOHO~!), an agent, and dosn't accept anyones bullcrap. [link]
Oreo, made her in the begining of this year. High pitched voice, lolita, supposedly yandre O_O, and likes various things. (Girl with black hair) [link]
Seph, same with Oreo. Sort of Bi-Polar, smart, strong, and has a sort of an obvious crush on Oreo. ( Guy with red hair) [link]
Sadi, BRAND NEW. British, seems to really like touching Seph's hair, akward, and quite intelligent. (Girl with the longest hair, with the bell) [link]
Jake, same with Yahyah. Punk, Show off, dosn't have the right to be an agent, has a crush on Yahyah. [link]
theGigamix Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I got a lot of OCs but I hardly draw any of them that often. But I do have a few that I really like to draw. I never think my characters are very original though.

this is Taika. She's a cobra. Her name is Finnish for magic. She's super strong and super obnoxious.

I call her Giggi. She's a leech... that can fly... but humanoid...? Anyway, she reminded me of the Gigginox from Monster Hunter, so she's got some influences from there. She's very naive when it comes to "civilization" (ya know like how we live) and is more in tuned with "the wild", if that makes any sense.

And this is Lucia. She's human, but her body is 90% water. She can use any body of water to strengthen and/or repair her and is always around on a humid or rainy day. Drought ridden areas or hot climates tend to severely weaken her if exposed too long.

Those are just some of my OCs but are the ones I draw most frequently.
c-beni Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I have a few good, but i never really can figure out a good full on background story for them ^^; I can only ever just make up basics; sex, age, race, traits, likes, faults, etc. I think i enjoy more the physical appearance in making OC's more then just a story for them ^^;
TheBlackBullets Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have tons of characters, so I'll just talk about Tom.

He's a drug addict trying to quit and do something productive. He was recruited into The Bullets when the guy in my avatar made him after he tried to kill one of the team members. He's an average guy who likes football and hitting on girls. And he's a bit reckless and would rather put the rest of the team in danger to get the job done faster.
VersusVenus Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Student Artist
Most of my OCs are jeros(a mythological species that has the ears of a rabbit,and the body of a cat with demon wings that can also be anthro)
MochironMan Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
I've got a few original characters. None of them really match up to what I've worked on for a number of years now (just like... four years) for my oldest original. He is a dragoon, or as most would generalize it as, an anthropomorphic dragoon.
I created a species around my oldest original too and am still sort of working on them but I'm having fun doing so because original characters! They are fun. :eager:

Over time I have learned more and more of things and made some modifications and including some new things, refinements and making him much more appealing to me! :D I'd like to say that he is my perfect character now.

Here is my oldest character for you! :eager:
[Please note it's a pre-written thing I made for an RP chatroom because I do RP. So some details might seem odd or something I dunno. Moving on!]


Many people may not know what my idea of a dragoon is so here is an explanation; A dragoon is BASICALLY an anthropomorphic dragon, but is naturally humanoid. Mine come with the feet of a dragon, claws on their hands, tails, and heads of a dragon. They sometimes have wings, but it is classed as a beneficial mutation as most of my dragoons do not have wings.
Ven in particular has all of these features. I do not have a complete picture of him (yet) but I will and when I do, I will hopefully remember to reply to this message and post the link to what he looks like at the time.


Same as my real-life age: Twenty [20]

Appearance: (Height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothes, etc.)
Height: 7'10 feet
Weight: around 360 lbs. [Still kind of debating on that since I've never actually thought about that.]
Hair colour: Fire-orange. [Hair, and mane that goes from hair all the way down his spine to nearly the end of his tail.]
Eye colour: Ruby red (right eye) & Emerald-green (left eye)
Clothing: None, aside from a multi-colour furr coat that he carries on his body (slightly different shades of orange/mixture of red-orange) Though from time to time he may wear some sort of clothing articles but there's no real 'default' fashion of his own. DON'T WORRY; his male genitalia is NOT AT ALL VISIBLE as it is all WITHIN his body. Like, entirely. His layer of fur is also fair volumed so his rear also looks maybe... attractive because of it? :o

I'm being forced to give him a history now :noes: Anyway.

So when Ven was a wee lad, Papa dragoon had to go off som'ere and he kinda died of unknown causes that I am still kinda figuring out because I hardly create history for my characters. Anyway. So papa died and then Momma Dragoon had give up wee little dragoon because she could not take care of him. She had also not named him for the dragoon names their child for the first noble thing they do, or a name related to it. [I have yet to think of a reason as to how he was given the name Ven, be quiet. ;A; ] So for many years until he was around the age of twelve, he had made a couple friends but was without a name. Most individuals would call him Dragoon because that is what he is.

He decided enough was enough when a bully was picking on one of his friends and he took it upon himself to stand up for his friend and defend him. The nameless child dragoon dealt with the bully and ran him off and this noble cause earned him the unofficial name 'Vengeance' to which he is known by today. The name is not official because neither his papa or mama dragoon named him that. By technicality, one can still call him Dragoon or 'nameless.'

NOT A PSYCHO. But he's... generally a good mood individual, playful, that sort of personality.

Everyay weaknesses. Excluding fire.

His teeth, claws on his hands, talons on his feet, and tail. There's no way to describe what the weapon on his tail looks like but I found an image and decided to base it off that. Here it is. [link]

By natural occurance, he can output napalm via his mouth, and is undamaged by fire. This ability is used realistically.

Additional Abilties:
[I forgot to add them. Completely escaped my mind.]
Transformation Transgender: This ability is one that I have worked on for a couple months back when I thought about it. This allows Ven to change his sex completely to a female counterpart known as Vaneira. [Vah-neer-uh] The change is activated by a strong thought of desire to change his mental construction to the opposite in terms of what his sex is. As Ven, he is able to communicate with Vaneira in his mind and share with her his words in mind. Vaneira can return this.
When Vaneira is present, she can become impregnated. This transformation transgender is so full that Vaneira can support pregnancy.
This goes for both Ven and Vaneira, that when either one of them experiences or sees anything, example, Ven looking at an apple and biting it for taste... if he switched to Vaneira, she could see how he looked at it and then see with her own eyes and taste it, and feel the effect it had on Ven the moment he bit it and tasted it.
Any experience is shared between the two immediately after any change and depending on what it is and what happened, it can be very relaxing to heart-wrenching and / or traumatizing. This ability is not a limited time ability. It can be permanent if the two so decide.
If needed, I can provide more info if anyone would like to learn more. :giggle: I love discussing this :D

Creature Shifting: This ability is something I created not long ago because I recently got into role-playing with dragons and found it very enjoyable. :giggle: This one is only allowance of Ven to take the form of a feral dragon known as 'Shale.' A friend drawn me a picture of him in his style and is the only thing I have to go by for what Shale looks like. It can be found here.
Shale is a 100% complete full-fledged dragon whom is in the alignment of the element of fire. A fire dragon respectively. He has the natural weapons of tooth, claw, talon, and tail and primary, able to spout fire from his maw. Like Ven, he is undamaged by fire. This immunity will not be abused. This ability is not a limited ability either. Ven can choose to openly live as Shale.
MochironMan Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
I have other original characters too but none of them are as developed as my oldest :lol:
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