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November 26, 2012


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If I were to draw/create and image of an item I'd be willing to sell for points (The Osbourne Family lunchbox w/ thermos) and set up bidding for it, would that be a problem around here?

Has anyone tried anything similar?

If not, would spooky critters sell well as adoptables for points?

I was thinking Hedrox as a squirrel would be hilarious and strangley awesome.

And when I say "I was thinking" I mean that it just popped into my head, show interest and I'll get cracking. :D

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Devious Comments

You can do virtually whatever you please in your own journal. I don't think that sort of thing would work well in the forums
You can promote points adoptables in Projects Forum, though.
Ooh, good idea. I thought the forum would just send it to some kind of spam folder.
Nah, they just lock it.
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