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November 11, 2012


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Interview with a real down to earth artist out of Cali. Great vibes. Great person. Great message.

NME1 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Matt: I recently had a interweb bro to bro with artist, iawN the N.R. Getic, about art, his name, and how he's nominated for Raw Artist visual Artist of the Year. We both grew up in San Bernardino, Ca but we went to different high schools so we didn't meet up until later in life. I was part of a couple shows with the Zealous kids last year and told iawN we should kick it and paint but sadly it didn't happen before I moved back down to San Diego, so it was cool to chat it up via messaging back and forth like in middle school when foxygrl45 gave you her screen name.

Matt: When did you first remember creating art, what made you want to draw as a kid?
iawN: My earliest memory of wanting to be an artist spawned from a love for comic books. My father had taken me to the mall (Central City Mall at the time, now Carousel in SB), bought me a few marvel comics. Before even getting back on the bus to go home, he sat me down and we flipped through them all. I was in awe. since then i was always trying to mimic the characters, drawing girls names in 2nd grade trapped in Spider-Man's webbing.

Matt: thats rad! I remember central city so well from when I was a kid and how ghetto fab that shit was. Now its just a bummer. So were you a kid that had doodles all over the margins of his homework?

iawN: Always, I can find notes from high school and even recent college courses that are just riddled with sketches, graffiti, early designs of my logo. I don't get rid of them, keep them for inspiration. Sometimes I've revamped characters or letters and and released them to the public. I never thought they would make it that far. Some do.

Matt: I have a binder of good doodles from high school and college. Only the good ideas get taken to the next level, haha. So are you still in school? Where do you go or did you go and for what?

iawN: Unfortunately I am still in school, I finally took my head out of my ass when I was about 25 or 26 and started at RCC, taking it seriously as opposed to the time when I was 18 starting at Crafton, or then 20 at Valley. I'm going for a Business degree, I take some design classes here and there as well. I've never taken art classes until college.

Matt: yeah its hard to get motivated, or at least it was for me from age 18-24, party years. So what have you been up to recently in the IE? I know you and the zelus crew were doing it big when i left, you still rockin shows?

iawN: I'm not sure what month you left, but we're still making moves. The last ZLS Together event, #6 was really fun. 80's themed, I came in 2nd for the body painting contest. Did a sick Voltron piece. Aside from that I've been rocking a couple of shows solo from IE to LA, The Zealous Creative will be helping me host an upcoming record release party for Sully. I have back to back gigs coming up next week, Wednesday we'll be painting w/ the ZLS creative, then the next day is my big day hopefully. I made it into the top 5 nominations for RAWards 2012, Visual Artist of the Year Semi Finals (say that 5 times fast). The artists in 9 different categories will be announced that night and then move on to the finals in Hollywood. Pretty stoked, it's the biggest independent art awards show in the world.

Matt: Hell yeah! I saw that you were nominated, congrats dude! that rules. I was going to bring that up. What's raw all about? Is it local or nationwide?

iawN: Yea its all over. There are some mixed feelings about the organization that have been expressed through other artists that I know, just how you have to initially sell tickets, or come out of pocket for a spot, but I love it. It's been a blessing. As a matter of fact I sold the Voltron painting from the 80's show at my last RAW showcase. I've had two so far. The video they produce for you is awesome, they've been really chill on letting me do my own filming there, and raffles and such so I dig it. I recommend anyone looking for more exposure contact them.

Matt: Where does your name stem from?

iawN: I go by iawN the N.R Getic. I am energy, we all are. I used to write graff for a few years, NME one, or simply Nme! , then one day I saw my name upside down on a folder and it clicked. I have virtually no enemies, nothing but friends. Now I didn't have to drop the name as whole I could just flip the game upside down, be more like the creator. So now I am like positive ions, I am iawN the N.R.Getic.

Matt: When you start a piece do you like to map it out before or how much prep goes into your process?

iawN: I'm more of an off the cuff creation type of guy. I love painting scenes and just going along with it. My universe paintings get pretty gnarly. For events that I might have limited time on or customers who want something specific I'll at least sketch something out and have some sort of idea where I am going. Some of my best and most interesting pieces however, were almost all at random until the end, which was then fine detailed toward a goal or an image.

Matt: I saw that universe piece you and Joe did, shit looked dope, do you paint a lot with other people?

iawN: Him and I have collaborated on a few cosmic pieces, they're always fun and get crazier every time.

Matt: How do you balance painting and design projects as both are a ton of work?

iawN: I love to paint with other artists, even if we are working on separate pieces, I love to paint around friends. I'm much more productive in that environment rather than left alone to my own thoughts. I think that sort of camaraderie came from early year graff missions. They had your back like it was hereditary.Its hard to sometimes, I am constantly trying to design when hanging out with friends. my laptop stays with me, the painting is more of a planned action, making sure i have the right paints and such with me where I will be bustin at. but it does get tough, there's my passion then there's how I network and make ends meet sometimes. Both are definitely necessary for my overall growth as an artist in what I'm doing, so no matter what there will always be somewhat of a balance ya know?

Matt: Yeah it kind of comes natural to do so much work because its work you have a passion for even if you feel like you get burnt out

iawN: I'm always spreading myself too thin too

Matt: Whats going to be your focus after the raw awards?

iawN: If i advance next week I'll focus on the January showcase in Hollywood. If I win, I hope to travel spreading a message of love and peace through my art and my clothing designs. If not, I'll probably make a move towards Los Angeles, perhaps New York. I know they will need help rebuilding after this gnarly hurricane. I'm dying for a change, so it will be interesting to see what happens with me if the world doesn't end next month.

Matt: Well that's what were all banking on. Change is good.

iawN: Right?! It is. I have been in a funk for quite some time.

Matt: Have you traveled in the past?

iawN: I've never made it out of the country, I traveled to the east coast and back when I was a kid for a family reunion and once in 4th grade working with my dad. Hopped around Colorado for the summer selling merchandise then trekked back home just in time for school. Aside from that, I was in the LA and OC areas a few years back but the... incident occurred, (haha) and I moved back to the IE. Oh and once to Maryland from OC for my grandmothers funeral. It was good seeing family.

Matt: Where would you want to go if you had the chance just to bounce and go explore somewhere?

iawN: Europe. There's just so much there. Possibly Africa, feel some roots.

Matt: Do you have sea legs? I've heard boating across the Atlantic on like a freight cargo ship can be insane.

iawN: That sounds pretty crazy. I'm not sure how I would take to the situations in open waters. I've gone whale watching once in middle school that's about as far out as I might venture. I don't know why a 15 hour flight sounds and better or safer.

Matt: Yeah planes scare me but only when i think about it while on them, I'm sure a boat would have similar effects. Anything else you want to throw out there? I don't have any more questions ha

iawN: I'm a Lost fan, I should be scared of planes. Keep an eye out for new art, I'm transitioning to this trippy style incorporating sacred geometry, neon, glow in the dark hidden stuff. Hoping to aid in the ascended awareness of our people. It's time to wake up on a lot going on.

Matt: If you were a character on lost who would you be?
Hugo for sure

Matt: Nice lets end it there. That was a nice ending.

You can fin more on iawN at or on his Facebook page.


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Did you really think it would be a smart idea to copypasta an entire interview here?
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