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November 26, 2012


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Draw an E.C.O.M.S Logo or Symbol

hello everyone. i have imagined if i were to create a magic covenant, what would its name be. i decided on E.C.O.M.S (pronounced "eckums"). The letters stand for: the eye,the cross, the owl, the moonn, and the sun. I would love to see you artists make a logo for this covenant, a logo, a seal or a symbol would be good. you can even add some words or a phrase to to go along with it.

when i draw one, its a cross with an eye in the center, and owl on the right beam of the cross, and a sun and moon above the left beam of the cross.

feel free to make the logo however you choose.

as always, im excited to see the results!

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Devious Comments

heres the truth. i have an online magic coven named E.C.O.M.S or Eckoms, i want to have some kind of logo or picture to show them, and to maybe use as a seal when i send them messages, can any of you guys help me out?
the coven has 3 members, magicians, so you can incorporate that if you want. you can make a picture if you want instead of a logo. cant wait to see the results.
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