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January 22, 2013


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stickerking Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
I am starting a form of "study" so to speak among the My Little Pony art
community. This will essentially be a large scale art swap of a single Subject
for all to share. The most intriguing thing in this widespread community is the
differences of skill,style, and interpretation that each member has when creating
thier works. So I am posing a challenge for everypony that wishes to join in.

The challenge: I have attached a few pictures of a girl. No information will be
given on her other than these few pictures. You as an artist are asked to turn
this girl into a mare, or ponify her.Everything will be however you would interpret
her from the color and attitude down to her interrests and cutie mark, however
detailed or simple you wish to be. All art styles will be accepted including NSFW.
Any adult content such as NSFW or gore will be separated into a different folder.

When you are finished your drawing and whatever back story you wish to add
email it to I will leave this up for 3 weeks. After that
time all entries will be compiled in to one zip file and sent out to everypony that
contributed. As I said before any questionable content will be given its own folder
as an optional download as many do not wish to view such content.

As of right now this is just for the experiment to view the difference in
art styles and interpretation. Later i may do another as a contest of sorts.
I await your responses. :)


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