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January 17, 2013


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[Calling all artists!] Make spare cash with a Youtube Partnership!

miketh2005 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Hi guys. I have a Youtube account with thousands of subscribers and over 20 million views. Most of it is not monetized and copyrighted (although I spent a lot of time on them myself). I am looking to change that though. I am seeing if getting commercial licenses for some of my content is a profitable option for me, but I also came here to find artists who draw as a hobby and see if they would like to partner with me and earn some spare cash in while doing something they love and would be doing anyway.

It's a sweet deal.

How it works: Record yourself or your screen with a camera or screen capture software respectively while drawing an original piece of work. I can provide the software if needed.

Only requirement is an address to send the check and a good enough camera. (The more MP the more views.) You don't even need to talk.

You will send the raw video to me and I will do the rest. (Speed it up, compress it, add filters, encode, add intro, music, upload, promote, etc.)

I am looking for anyone willing. I will keep track of each artist and video and give you proof of earnings.

To be honest I am not sure how many views we can get with this, and really, even I am bored watching drawing videos all day, but it is worth a try I am guessing. Unless you have your own Youtube account with thousands of subscribers, I am guessing it is worth a try for you, too.

Message me if you are interested! (And we can talk profit-share.)

Thank you!

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