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January 30, 2013


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[CONTEST] - Illustrate A Facebook Cover Photo

moxiv Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Yuuup, exactly as the title says. This is gonna be a simple little contest, it's easy enough c: All I'm looking for is an illustration banner for my Facebook cover photo, specifically of Moxiv.

Why can't I do this myself? Because I'd love to see what you guys could up with, plus, I'd like to offer some good art prizes to those of you that work hard and come up with something awesome [: Plus, you'll get the satisfaction of having your art, featured on my personal Facebook. That's free publicity for you!

This contest is an easy one, but please keep in mind that I will be rather strict with he rules. Please read them all and follow them to a T to ensure your maximum chance at winning [:


- I am requesting the banner be an illustration of my original character, Moxiv. His reference sheet is located below:

:bulletred: :bulletred: Please DO NOT include his earring! I am re-designing this at a later date. The silver rings however, you may keep. Those are still part of his design. :bulletred: :bulletred:

[+] Ideally I would like a dynamic pose, with great lighting, and I would prefer it if he filled the entirety of the image. Please bear in mind: Moxiv must be the focal point of the image. If parts of him are off-frame, this is fine. I will also accept headshot type images as well.

[+] I am looking for drawings of very high quality, so please bear this in mind, especially as it will be featured on my OWN Facebook for a month. This will be a major deciding factor in who I choose as the winner. That, and how accurately you can portray Moxiv. I'd like him to look as badass! as possible.

[+] I am not looking for a tiny drawing of Moxiv, with an overwhelming background UNLESS it is absolutely mind-blowing.

[+] Your drawing can be digital, or traditional. If it is traditional, please be sure the scan is of high-quality. I will not accept blurry images, or images with off-colors.

[+] The image must be exactly 852x319 (852 pixels wide, by 319 pixels high) as this is the standard size for Facebook cover photos.

[+] You must include my personal logo (which I will provide for you if you decide to enter the contest) on the image; it must not be re-sized, flipped, lightened, darkened, or altered in any way. It must appear in one of the corners of your image, or I will not accept it.

[+] Please do not write any words or sayings, even Moxiv's name, on the image. I will be sure to include a link to your deviantART when I use the image. An artist's signature is completely fine, even wanted. Please sign your drawings! [: (Discreetly though, please.)



:bulletyellow:1st Place:

- Your image will be featured as my cover photo on my personal Facebook page for one month. It will include a link back to your deviantART gallery, and I will advertise your work publicly to my friends.

- You will receive a full character drawing of your choice from me.


:bulletblue: Runner Up:

- I'll post your art on my Facebook, with a link back to your gallery.

- You will receive an animated icon from me.



[Deadline] - February 10th, 2013

(If your image is not entered BY this date, your work will not be judged.)


Please remember to tell me if you decide to enter, so I can send you a transparent PNG of my logo. Don't worry; it's size will be unobtrusive, but it must be included.

[Entrant List]

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


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TamilaB Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to do this! :D
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