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January 11, 2013


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RIP Comics need web designer and flash animator

Still looking for more artist for my web site and I am looking for web designer and flash animator for the pages of the comics. I do not pay, I am sorry and need to have free time if you have a busy life ok but I need to have it on a deadline. Thank You for your time. Reply if you are interested.

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Devious Comments

And just for everybody to know this, Every great idea starts with nothing, my idea I know I am not getting any pay off this site but I am willing to put all the ideas i desire to put and dreams on the line because I believe in my ideas and soon will get something for it just like the artists I asked to be part of it. the person who desires money won't quite get it, but the person doing it for the love of it will get what they deserve and I know how some of the artist feel trust me I tried to sell my ideas to people or when ask about writing I will be asking for a pay but did not get it but I realize I love writing and have tons of ideas so let me do my own thing and try to convince others to do the same if not mine then they're own for the love of it.
narutokunobessed Jan 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Sorry, but I don't think anyone would animate for free. That is alot of work you know for no payer, even designing a website is alot of work.

If you want a good design and a good animation, then you should pay for the artist you like.

If you want a chance of a bad design and animation, then please proceed.
I know and like I said I cannot pay at the moment but I am just asking for a simple web design background and for animation, it would just be the page turning digitally. I know it is a lot to ask for free but I think people should be willing to try because I know this will pick up, this will be a serious web comic site, no offense to some others but when they take adaptation to a series like Danny Phantom they take it into a far left of what the story should be I know it is they're right to make it as they please but mine would be where these shows left off at. Also some artists who have read my other post should at least give it try for the love of the show and they're craft. Also with the following that these shows have on with fans that I mention in my other post should have a better following and will earn something I can't promise that but I know it will work.
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