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January 7, 2013


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Next chapter in Project Gert saga to continue soon!

willxisxveganx Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
I'm not sure if any of you have heard of this, but "Project Gert" has released two games for Xbox live and a novel. So far we've only sold a few hundred units, but I'm hoping the story and art and gameplay start to take hold in earnest soon.

This is your opportunity to get involved in an awesome project and company.

*Big spoiler*
The next game will be based on chapters 6-7 of the Project Gert novel I wrote. The last game, Project Gert: Recon took place around Chapters 1-5 of the novel. That means that anyone looking to jump into this game and universe has to be willing to read the novel, get interested, and get excited about working with this company. I need self starters, artists who are willing to take the time needed to paint props, characters and sets in a consistent style. The more you can do with your art, the more script I can write for the next game, the better the world is going to be fleshed out for people to enjoy on Xbox live. This only works if you are a hard working artist who doesn't mind being selfless at this stage of the project. We have so much content for you to look over to catch up with the world, and I know it is asking a lot.

That's why I'm offering to give you a copy of the book in paperback form, free. That's the only incentive you get, and if that's all you need, you just might be qualified for working on this next project.

I have to warn your, we literally get thousands of people looking at our material on Xbox live. And it could soon be millions of people. If you do not have a thick skin, and can not take a lot of criticism of your work, do not jump on board. We get a lot of exposure, and have the potential for huge profits and lucrative amounts of coverage, so bring your A game and come ready to do work.

Styles I like: Paint, anime, manga, even watercolors. If it's good and consistent, I'll consider it.

Also, if you have a team or friends willing to help, that would be a big help. I'm not afraid of having big teams of people work on stuff.

No animation required.

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Devious Comments

willxisxveganx Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
I should add that I do not expect the art to come without strings attached. You should be willing to "play it cool" in the meantime, but should expect contracts and royalties to come following a release.

Also, besides having the story planned, much of the gameplay will be based on what is already done.

This assignment is for ILLUSTRATORS.
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