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January 6, 2013


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$2 OR 160 POINT COMMISSIONS FOR SALE (Read thread for details)

Azlyn-Blackward Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Say, looking for a cartoon artist to commission, and yet all you seem to find are ANIME artists? Well look no further. I'm a cartoon artist looking for a few willing people to commission me. My commissions are $2 or the equivalent of 160 points...But WAIT! I want to make this worth your while.

If you buy a commission using POINTS, you will get a simple icon, and a lifetime feature on my profile FOR FREE. And I know we all like free stuff ;) And you heard it here folks, one commissions, a free simple icon, and a lifetime feature on my profile for just 160 points.

As for those who pay cash, you will not go unrewarded either! You too will also get a lifetime feature on my profile! Now.... Time for some examples of my art!

All commissions have a Character/OC limit of 3. Posing of your choice, unless specified otherwise.
If requested sketch or line art, you may request one more picture of 1 person; must be sketched.
I do not do sexual pictures of any kind, including yaoi, yuri, or anything of that nature.
I do however do Blood/gore.

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