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January 5, 2013


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Elephant Doodle and Colour Drawing

Tinpomp Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Hi guys,

I tried posting this in the Job offers forum, but I got berated and condescended by the professionals for looking to pay $5 bucks for a doodle.

I am looking for a cute elephant doodle to put on one or two small zazzle/cafe press items for a gift. Then I'm looking for you to take the doodle and make a more detailed colored drawing to put on a larger zazzle/cafe press item (maybe a t-shirt, I don't know). So this is for personal use.

the requirements:

1. Black and white,
2. Done on computer and scaleable (is vector the right term here?)
3. Incorporate some initials into the doodle in a clever fashion, this could be on the elephant itself or in some scenery (the ears, the trunk, maybe a flower or a bush, a splash of water, etc)
4. Look at the elephant clipart in my avatar, that's about as complex as I would want the doodle to be.
5. Take the doodle and make it into a proper color drawing done on computer.

After you do the doodle I would want you to check in with me for any revisions or suggestions I might have to your design before you do the color drawing.

If you think you can do the doodle and the color drawing well I'd be willing to do points or cash, $30-50 (or make an offer commensurate with your rates)

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