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January 4, 2013


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Wanted: Amnesia Zombie Graphic

Eggtastic Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Hey guys :D

So for awhile now i've left my youtube background without any form of gaming characters, until i found some time today to add most of them in. But there is a problem, i used to and i am starting up again, amnesia videos, and i cant find a single decent zombie graphic/clean image of the zombie anywhere to use.

So i felt like i'd give you guys a chance to be on my background. Now, after saying that, i bet you're probably thinking just another wannabe youtube guy, well, you can beleive that or check out my content for yourself. In 6 months i gained nearly 4k subs and was growing at about 50 subs a day and being compared ot pewdie and toby, which to me was quite flattering. There was a hickup on googles end, and after a talk with them, they realised they'd done wrong and released my account, but unfortunately damage had already been done and i lost all my videos and subs :/. I then started anew.

Anyhow all i'm saying is, i'll be back up there in no time again and who ever's graphic i use, if i continue using you, I'll be linking your deviantart constantly :)

Ok, so here's the details of it all:

Im looking for a particular style, clean, digital, and not the painted kind, the clean 'anime' ish, kind of style right? I think i can find an example;

Like that kind of style. Of the zombie in the amnesia game.

You can make it be a guy, or a girl i honestly don't mind, just have fun with it.

Don't be disheartened if i don't use your art. The style may not of been what i was looking for, or it may not of worked in the shot as there isnt alot of space, a more upright vertical kind of image is needed.

No background, just a transparent png file. :) Let me know how you guys go :D

Cheers peeps :)

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Devious Comments

Eggtastic Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
No one? D:
Eggtastic Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Oh i forgot to show my channel hahaha, you can't see the WIP background i have atm, but you'll see what kind of BG it's going on:
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