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December 30, 2012


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1-5 point commisions~!

RoarinStar Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i draw wolves and foxes, 1 :points: for a sketch and 2 :points: for colored, and i can draw humans with or without animal ears/tail/wings, 2 :points: for a sketch and 4 :points: for colored, and i can also write character stories or fanfics (which includes lemons), which are 5 :points:~ some of my artwork/writing includes:


BlazinGrenade Story, Part 1
I sighed as I tried to think of ideas for my English paper. Suddenly, a breeze whipped around me, and I chuckled. "Blaze," I called my lover by name. "I know you're there."                         "You caught me," Blaze said as he materialized in front of me. He pulled me up to him for a kiss, still hovering a few inches above me. We pulled away and he sat down next to me, folding his massive wings. "I have to think of ideas for this paper," I said, smiling, "and you kissing me won't clear my head." "You're overworking yourself, Roarin. You need a break. Wanna watch some tv?" "Yes!" I would never pass up a chance to snuggle with him on my cou
BlazingGrenade, Part TwoThat night, I had a nightmare. I dreamed that Blaze left me and he wouldn't even talk to me. I woke up to Blaze shaking me like crazy. "Would ya quit shakin me?!" I asked him. I looked down and realized that my necklace was a bright red. "Why were you crying and screaming in your sleep?!" Blaze asked worriedly. "Nightmare," I said, out of breath. "Bout what?" he asked me. "Something horrible." The thought itself brought tears to my eyes. "You can tell me, y'know," Blaze said comfortingly. "Alright, fine. I dreamed I lost you, and you ignored me when I tried to talk to you." I started crying. I couldn't bear to lose Blaze. Blaze was the only t


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