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December 29, 2012


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1 to 5 point commisions

fechi Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok so i am hosting a Cheap Azz Commision because i really want to practice my art. Ir wont be sketches but it will be, photoshopped, and saied and stuff to make it look amazing.

What Type-
Female Human Sketche's (So whatever type of female you want, clothes, hair etc) its just a sketch- 2 points
Female Human Edit-(any female that i will take the time to edit and make look sexy )- 5 points

Anthro Sketch- (Any anthro sketch besides dogs and horses)-3 points
Anthro Edit-5 points

OC sketch-1 point
Oc Edit-4 points

Journal Entries about you- 10 points for a month
Journal Entries about you-30 points for a year
Journal Entries about you-100 points for forever you will not regret it

Male Human sketch-3 points (still having trouble on males so...) i'll try hard!
Male Edit-3(points)

Animation of OC-40 points (colored)
Animation of OC-35 points (not colored) i am good at animation JTYL

Any type of animation (i use a program called pencil)- We can work on a price
Animation with background and colored and edited- 99 points

Trust me i am good at this stuff

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