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December 25, 2012


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Bladedawn: Recruiting concept artists

nenadradojcic Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Bladedawn: War of the Brave" is a hack 'n' slash role-playing game developed by NiN Company.

Its features are as next:

-Character generator system
Even though main character is male, and his role is already set, with his biography and family history, players will be able to determine their own characters unique look making him have a beard, or not, a long pony tale, or not, to be muscular, or not, etc...

-Unique character progression system
Through their adventures, completing tasks and many in-game courses, players will chose the way their character will follow. Will he be hardened warrior, archer with eagles-eye, wizard with passion toward arcane, or warrior wielding flames in his hands... Combinations are numberless. Only the player can find them all, bring them all, and rule them all!

-Hardcore action fighting system
"Bladedawn" is a game where everything is possible. Preferring not to use, old school RPG system, "Bladedawn" will give players unique experience when they are fighting their in-game foes. With simple left mouse click they will struck the final blow, and with just a tip over the right click they will raise their shield (or weapon) and defend them self. Even thou this system sound simple as it is, it can become even more moderate. Many of special action blows players can unleash wielding hundreds of in-game weapons and items...

-Massive battle scenes with over 100 characters
Did you ever imagened when you were a child to take part in many of the on goin television history based documentary battles where thousands of thousands fought for several days? Well... "Bladedawn" will give you such a battle. Put on your plate armour, arm yourself, mount a horse and wave to your lady for one last time, cause massive, MASSIVE battles are awaiting you inside this game.

-Progressive storyline filled with pain and disaster
Free Empire of Elin is in a total disaster. For many years it stood as a barrier between civilized world and barbarians from the North and East, but now its power is wavering, and many of savage armies stand on it borders. His Majesty, Holy Emperor Stefan the Second lead his armies into one and determining battle, battle that will turn into bloody massacre. Our main character, wounded and bloodied, will return home, and then, something went terribly wrong...

-Top-notch graphical experience
Unity Engine gives as opertunities that we could only dream about year or two back! :)

-All this in singleplayer and multiplayer mode!
Load your character and fight your friends in many, many customizable settings!

This and many, many more will await you in "Bladedawn: War of the Brave"!

NiN Company are recruiting more concept artists, who will visualize imaginary world of fantastic proportions, and then their work will be turned into a 3D environment that will inhabit the world of "Bladedawn: War of the Brave"!

You can check us on: [link]

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