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December 25, 2012


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OC Art Trade anyone?

I'm looking for someone on my level of skills (I can't say how high it is, You can judge) to make an OC art trade. I want to check how my OCs look drawn by sb else and how sb likes my version of his OCs ^.^ I can make only one because I am having exams :<< stuuudyyyinnggg

Huuman OCs plz, I haven't started drawing mecha or animals in digital and I want to make it in photoshop to practice ^^ and no hentai or sth.

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ScreenHead Dec 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Cool! I'd be up for it. I don't have much in this gallery here but here's a link to my Tumblr. I think it'd be cool to see someone do my detective character right here. thats just a sketch but if you want a clearer reference I could get an inked version to you pretty quickly. Let me know if you end up wanting to trade, should be a ton of fun.
Wow, I like Your style! I'll write to You for details then ^^ I hope You'll like my version of him
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