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January 9, 2013


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Looking for Artists (Superhero M/M Comic)

Hiroshi25 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi All

I am still looking for more applicants to work with me on a longterm online comic project. I have gotten two replies from artists who are interested, so maybe a couple more would be good before I make a decision.

Just a brief summary:
This is a comic on superheroes, with alternate lives in a magical and mythological world as well. So it would be good if you have the interest in and skills in drawing superheroes. As it is online comic, it would be good if you have the knowledge of making comics, and probably webpage knowledge.

I have the plots and characters, but at times (other than the initial discussion) I would still discuss with you, the artist. This is to help my ideas flow, and at the same time, trying to see what you can or what you think you can do. I may have my plot, but if we are gonna work together, I would not like to have you do something you dont think you can do, or you are not comfortable with.

Also, there will definitely be m/m slash elements in there. So you have to be comfortable with that.

I do like the comics Teahouse, and another one on superheroes (cant remember the names). I would hope to follow their styles as well, in terms of drawing. This would mean no round, manga faces, overly slim males...etc. I need linear faces, with a certain degree of seriousness and realism to it, muscles...etc. So I will definitely ask you for a couple of panels after discussion to see how you would depict my characters. And yes, they would be a color comic, not black and white.

Now, to the issue of payment.

As I am looking for a long term partnership, I am seriously looking to it being a popular comic that will result in hardcopy prints and sales of other related stuffs. It will not happen immediately, so time is needed. Even before that time arrives, credit will be given where it is due, but in terms of profits, they will be split fairly when that time comes. So for now, it is really quite a profitless project.

But if you are uncomfortable with that, I can consider periodic payments and even commissions as well, especially if you are a full time artist and this is your job. However, we will need a proper discussion on how profits will be handled in future. If I have been commissioning you for every page before the payoffs come in, then it would be fair for me to say that the profit-splitting will definitely be more on my side, for I can't be commissioning you and then splitting say 50/50 with you again later.

This, I will need to work out things but that will be left to discussions if you are interested. My point is just that, keep in mind I am really thinking of longterm and using it as a business idea, on top of it being an interest and hobby. So for that to happen, proper care, marketing is needed, and time as well, for which I will have to spend too. So if you are interested in taking this long term with me, we can discuss all about credits and profits.

All in all, this will be tough, for I am from Singapore. So most communication will be done online. But I believe this will work out. I am not hoping for immediate popularity, but I just wanna share my stories with others. It would be a dream turning to reality for me.

Anyway some people have been asking for it, so here's the general plot:

Set sometime in 2025. Most heroes have been either depowered, locked up or killed. This is due to an uprising of the villains back in 2013, and the villains are now in control of the world, either as monarchs, presidents or governors. The destruction back in 2013 was severe and life for everyone was forever changed.

The son of one head villain, Vortex, cannot take the evils of his father. He has escaped this kingdom of greed, lust and power and also rescued a laboratory experiment deep in his father's dungeons; Spider-boy / Archnid.

They escaped and formed a small rebellion group, helping the citizens and gaining back what was lost; trust, hope and love. These heroes also have a great responsibility, for their powers not only affect the world they are in, but also in another world, that of myth and Gods.

There are a total of 12 male heroes (one or two girls will be added) that makes up this character cast. Expect stories similar to Hunger Games/Robin Hood/Superheroes.

So, after all that, if you are interested in:
1. superheroes
2. comics
3. mythology/fantasy
4. what I have said
5. long term partnership [and friendship :) ]
6. possibility of business venture

I really hope to hear from more of you guys. Treat this as a hobby and interest first, before it ventures into a profitable business, so don't stress yourself out. However, if you want to be paid for your services, I will be glad to discuss on that.

Please, do respond to me! I really am looking forward to this project taking off! Thanks! :)

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Devious Comments

Hiroshi25 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This has now ended.

Thank you all for the interest in this project and all the best to the artists doing the samples now! :)
Hiroshi25 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Still looking for more applicants! Please come forward, thank you! :)
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