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December 23, 2012


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Greek Mythology Artist[s] Sought - Paid Through Kickstarter Funding

wolfbeamount Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012

My name is Wolf Beaumont and I am the creator and designer of an under development indie pen and paper rpg based around Greek Mythology. I've recently run 2 kickstarter campaigns for my comic 'Venezia', both of which were 'highly' successful campaigns.

My team and I are planning to release the first edition of our game's rulebook and a companion bestiary in the second half of 2013, however I have a plan to commission and pay artists much sooner and with a higher chance of profitability for all involved.

The idea is very simple. We're going to create a short story series, where we have a painting/sketch of a monster accompanied with a short story about it, set in our game world.

We will then create a small kickstarter campaign for this, offering posters of the artist's work and booklets (which have the artist's work on the cover and the short story within). We can also sell posters of the artist's previous works through the campaign if they wish with all profits going to the artists in question (however they would need to package and send out these posters themselves).

For coloured works we're offering 75% of all profits from a kickstarter, for sketches/inks we're offering 60%. The rest would go to the writer. Our team would also be licensed to use your design for our rpg's books etc (all artists will also be given a percentage from books that contain their work as well, this percentage is dependant on how many people are involved with the project, with all profits equally distributed between parties).

We will also handle and arrange any layman work involving posting rewards from kickstarters etc. All you would have to do is post any needed materials to us (we would cost the cost of doing so).

If this project sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, please email me at wolf.beaumont at

Please include a link to a portfolio of your work and we can discuss any questions you might have and I can give you more details of the project.


Wolf Beaumont

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wolfbeamount Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Id just like to add, we are primarily interested in digital painting artists, we're also extending this plan to the pantheon of gods in our game's mythos as well.
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