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December 12, 2012


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project contest the king of demons

i need the ultimate humanoid demon
must have a human form and demon form (humanoid)
red eyes, purple eyes, or golden eyes are required.
the whites of his eyes must be red or black (cannot be red if corona is too)
no extra body parts or accessories and must not be wearing anything on upper body so we can see his muscular body.
skin must be white in human since he has pale skin something like orochimaru from naruto anime but more pale.
demon form teeth must be like that of an oni from japanese folklore.
and finally demonic markings showing from face body and back to the sides of his arms.
you get extra points for showin the sides and back and for his human form looking like an ordinary person and for having his pupils look like the pupils of a cat.

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Devious Comments

so no1 wants bragging rights about having the best deviant art?
i forgot to mention that you post the links here so they can be judged by the masses contest will last for six months and can be extended for artists that are almost done signup required within 2 months
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