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December 11, 2012


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How does this sound?

Yusacream Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
Sorry if its a bit long, i had trouble shortening it.

In 3065, in a society separated from the rest of the world, there is hidden class of murderers known as secrets hired by the upper class and the presidents to dispose of people they consider "undesirable" and "unwanted." The presidents are a group of 5 men and women who have total control of the country of Golea who some people in the country wish to overthrow. In the class of 4 boys and 3 girls, they are taught to kill with anything and everything. The teenagers are all born at the same time, 12:11:13 on the 20th of June and if a baby is born at that time in the year 3050 it is taken from its parents by force and put into the program for life. Secrets is about Alice, a girl whose parents were killed by one of the other secrets for trying to going against the government. She is the top of the class, and she is eventually is forced to make a decision that will not only drastically change her life, but also everyone else in Golea. She is also engaged to Chester, a wealthy boy who she hates very much. What he doesn't know is that she is the secret that he normally sponsors. She is engaged to him because he threatened to have her best friend, Max, killed, who she knew she would probably end up killing. They find a box called a (blank) which is used by spirit trappers, a group of thieves who steal spirits. They are sponsored by the presidents. In the box is the spirit of a young boy who wants to get back into his body, which is preserved in a hidden building. Alice, Max, and Hima, Chester's sister, try and get the spirit back into his body. But first they would have to kill the spirit trapper who trapped him.

we are also still looking for an artist with a realistic-cartoonish style, so if you are interested, please tell me!

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