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December 9, 2012


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Minecone's First "Crappy" Art Contest

Aluterrian Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Contest Video Description: -> [link]

My associates at a gaming group called "Minecone" have got a special contest for you individuals, even the ones who can't draw worth a damn: draw the ugliest waste of space you can. We figured we'd hold this competition and leave it open for literally anybody to enter. Are there any rules? Any limitations?
The only rule is that the art has to be related to our group. You don't have to be a fan, you don't have to know any of us personally, or even watch any of our videos. All we want is an ugly drawing related to us. That's literally the ONLY limitation.
Hell, throw in some adult themes if you want. We just don't give a crap.


The competition is currently going on from now to the 22nd of December.

There are three categories to this competition. We will select a winner for each.

1. Worst Drawing
For this category, if you win, you get a free steam-code for Saints Row the Third.

2. Best Drawing
Since some people entering will have SOME skill, we're awarding the best design another free Steam-code for Saints Row the Third.

3. Weirdest drawing
It's all about the subject matter. Make us the weirdest image in the entire contest and we will award you with a steam code for all of the following games: Darksiders, Company of Heroes, Metro 2033, and Red Faction Armageddon.

4. Random Winner
A random winner will be given a lock of our offical artist's hair, since he shaved it off... granted you're willing to accept it. No, we actually mean this.

Those of you who are savy with your sales will know we basically bought a bunch of humble-bundles and we're giving away codes to winners of various competitions so... get drawing.

-Post your entry in this thread or send me a note and we'll contact you via DA if you win.
-If you're afraid of uploading a certain image to DA, you can send us a link from Photobucket, imgur, or something like Tinypic.
-You can send them to us on Youtube or Twitter @Mineconechannel

We're going to be showing off all the entries in a video. If it has adult content, we'll cover up bits for youtube. We're mainly doing this to both get coverage for ourselves and spread coverage for all the other artists out there.

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