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December 12, 2012


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Looking for artist for graphic noval! prepare for a comical sci-fi!

Aristedes Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Greetings to you all :D! The story I'm working on atm is DRAN club *name pending* it is about a group of "teen" friends who run a game club in the year 2409. It is mainly a comedy but it does try to look at how life will be like in the future well at lest a more positive one :nod. you may need to remove your fearful thoughts of robots, cyborgs, games, virtual realities, and be open minded when it comes to race and religion. We can't have a peaceful world if we all trying to kill each other, can we now :P.

here a few links on my work on it so far [link] [link] I know it much but I do have a lot more just I haven't post it yet as I don't want to give out the whole story yet. If you have anymore questions I be happy to answer them :D.

Now what I'm looking for in a artist.
1. don't mind a little craziness XD
2. Someone who can knock ideas back and forth.
3. Who like having fun! Sheldon Coopers PLZ lol!
4. someone who willing to work on a long term project.
5. who can be on at lest 3 times a week.
6. who willing to make a page a weekish after we got all the characters and other things work out.
7.I'm not rich so this is not a paying gig OTL, I wish I could pay you if i could D:! Though if the story makes any money it would be shared :nod:.
8. can draw funny characters, cities, futuristic stuff, action, a large range of emotions, plain craziness, food, backgrounds, animals, and so on
8A. you if can't do all on 8 don't worry :nod: that what art groups for we find others that can fill in those roles :).

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Devious Comments

JackKeahi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did anyone replied to you yet? Work on your spelling.
Aristedes Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
no -.-;....
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