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December 7, 2012


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My Personal Project - Interface!

Just thought I would share a recent project I have been working on its a personal project I just wanted to see the out come really so here it is:


And Fully working site demo/preview: [link]
Hope you like my web design work!

If you have any Idea's on how i can improve it I would really Love to hear them so don't be shy thank you!

Stock used in the picture descriptions be sure to check out the great stock!

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Devious Comments

The loading time on learn more about me is pretty heavy. I'd also make some of the sound less intrusive in the initial intro. Other than that, I really like it, it's extremely well put together.
Yeah that is an issue but it was neither make the image quality lower to about 60% of the original or make them normal and ofc that made it heavy but if I wanted to make the images lower in quality the 2nd part of the site would be less heavy right now its like 6mb(the 2nd part of the site) but i can get that down to about 3.5mb I just have to sacrifice image quality for performance, glad you like it and thanks for the input sir!
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