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December 7, 2012


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Life's Project: Imagination Express - Destination World Peace by Art. = I.E.D.W.P.A

HanOneSail Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome please read this as soon as you can. It will take at least 15 minutes. After reading it give it some thought whether you can handle it or not.

Basically please read this and think about it for a day before if you plan on replying to it, messaging me is fine too. I also only plan on reading comments if they are down to join this project or not.

Lets start off, this is a community that is filled with artists and I believe each one of them has at least has an unconscious reason they do art similar to my own.

When I was a kid I wanted world peace but thought it was impossible and gave up. However as I grew in life many personal experiences occurred from there. In the end as of August of 2012 I realized I am a poet at heart. With that said I recalled my dreams as a child, and realized it is not so farfetched. Moving on, I with the support of many, finally accepted my myself for who I am. In the period of 6 months I went from 20 poems to a little over 80. Before I was going to go for the 100 mark, I started continuing a short story which I have decided to make into a novel, "Shadows of God". That is all I will say about my personal life, as this was the time period I was able to not worry about life and just do what I always wanted, Art.

Here's the project theory:

Good art is made by love, if love makes the world go around, then would it not be able to establish global peace and beyond that.
As we start to proudly lead and create good art we inspire others to shine with their own light. The light hopefully will warm others up to even begin doing their own art. We shed differences of all and share art with no rashness and great judgement. This in turn is a chain reaction effect and we pinpoint the artists with the best qualities to direct their work to reasonable areas. Using communication we can get the process going here and if possible in other countries. We stay aware of our own safety and rationalize how much we dedicate our lives to "Iedwpa". Thanks to past artists and heroes we should aim for this in honor of them. The future needs to be enlightened otherwise we may reach a sadder reality. Art can range from anything, accounting, cooking, sports, and so on. The next two categories are for "18 and older", "17 and below".

Here's the project guidelines for those who are 18 and older:

1. Personally inform trustworthy friends, family, and artists about the theory. If they ask you how you thought of this, just say a friend told me this. Why summary only? because it is the most efficient way to gain others into helping out without them just thinking your whack or something.

2. Specialize in your own art style, that your strength(s) lies in. Mixing it up with multiple art fields counts into it.

3. Only make good art, as for where to share it is up to you. I trust those of you in this group will be smart enough to figure it out on your own.

4. I recommend to not upload your works onto Fce Bok, the reason is I would rather you link it from DA or other sites, to help us move through this as smoothly with little drama. Obviously if people learn of our cause there will always be at least one who would try to stop us.

5. I wish my fellow adults good luck, if we ever get a chance to meet I wouldn't mind chatting but I hope to divert as much of my will into this project regardless of how many heed my message. As the creator of Iedwpa, I will do my best to make this dream a reality. A world were no one will have to experience the harshness we have seen since man's history, a life where we can solve everything peacefully and so on, that to explain more would take too much time. I must get back to work.

Here's the project guidelines for those who are 17 and younger:

A. Stay educated, whether it is by school or good role models. Stay as optimistic as you can. Pretty much just do good and no bad. And MAKE sure you choose a list of colleges or higher education schools to attend after high school. If you unable to go to school for a real reason, then go to local centers such as temples, churches, mosques, and community centers. Lastly learn from others through empathy, logic and observation. Not saying to follow what they do, but find out what would you have done and is it right?

B. Be careful of who you make friends with, your friends are and you should be like brothers and sisters. In the sense that you guys can help each other out on homework, life troubles, emotions, and keeping each other safe.

C. Do not commit crimes, get rid of bad habits and learn to avoid negativity. I say this because the more you involve in it the more psychologically you are going to repeat the same behavior in your art and life. Bad habits are not always extremely wrong but they are just something that might ruin your life.

D. If you can try your best at making art a hobby profession instead of a main profession. I say this only because the truth is a "real" job is the one that will allow you to succeed successfully. Also they aren't that bad it is a completely different world.

E. Eat healthy, and exercise safely. Plenty of clean water should be drank everyday. Save your virginity, it is worth more than you think. If you can eat mainly organic food do eat only organic food, avoid fast food especially McDonalds. Avoid harmful substances and remember to get to know your family. I wish you good luck, when you reach the age of 18 look at those guidelines. I do not hope for you guys to get so involved in this, although I do approve of finding your art as early as you can. When you get to high school make the most out of it. Whatever you do there can land you where you want to be afterwards. Make a club or even spread that "I do art because I believe in peace". Lastly keep a open mind, and cherish your elders.

So here is a message for everyone who has reached the bottom of this.
This is not a joke, neither should you take it all word for word. If it were up to me I would try to do this all on my own. However, I would like to see this happen in my lifetime so the more help the better.
For the adults, try to take in a friend if you are of moderate level in your art. Regardless of what art they do, you should learn from them and show them what your art is about. Share in each others knowledge.
For the youth, I do not know what I should say as you are young. All that I know is, there will be times in your lives when you think you got life figured out, and times when you wish to be something your not. Well it is normal, dabble in it and move on safely. Pay attention to what you learn in class, and love your family.
I gave both feedback to the two groups because you both should know these things, if you did then good for you.
If anything in life has helped me survive it is keeping a open mind, getting a good amount of sleep as much as I can. Staying as active as I could, and interacting with society. One on one talks with friends, living life to its fullest, listening to people of all ages and backgrounds. Lastly accepting myself, for all the wrongs and rights I have done, for every single thought, action and imagination. Afterwards accepting yourself become spiritually atoned and regardless of all that control your life as of the present. Take a journal entry at least once a day. Do not focus it on everything you did that day but what you learned from everything that day. Remember your past, find out your history and harness that into your will. I myself look at all the bad in history and vow to put a stop to it. As much as people may say you are insane, immature, unintelligent, trash, spoiled, or whatever they themselves are a reflection of what they have said. Idealize a portrayal of yourself, and include these details. If someone is arguing with you or w.e and you don't agree then move on. Never say something that would destroy a person's mindset. Lastly believe in the spiritual self, you may say or be told it is nonexistent it is silly it is whatever. But "tell yourself what do you got to lose?" Take the opportunities of life and gain power through it. Stay alive and well, as long as you can think, do not ever in any circumstances give up your life. Live a truthful righteous life and that alone makes you a hero.

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Devious Comments

wearethemeta117 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I totally agree with this. you can count me as a follower for you'r cause. I to want the world to be a better place, I just never new how. so i'm in!
HanOneSail Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the decision, I hope with what the post contains you can utilize your mind to come with a special piece.
As always I will be uploading more poems, that in turn you can find for inspiration to keep going.
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