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December 5, 2012


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Sci Fi Game in the Works - Looking for 1 or 2 for ship design assistance

Stranguh Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Hello all!

I am beginning work on a 3D space ship management game dealing with pvp, exploring derelict ships with hostile enemies, and, most importantly, exploring the galaxy and advancing your crews ship and individual skills to create the best crew. Battle against slavers, and risk being captured yourself, where you can try and escape, or be sold off. Or, become a black market merchant and raid other players ships and derelict ships to pawn off the equipment. Explore planets with unique species, both hostile and friendly, and possibly start settlements as well!

This is a rather large project, and is not even a guarantee to get off the ground. At least, not rapidly. I am seeing this baby to completion even if it takes years and years. This is, at the moment, a non paid gig. BUT, I will keep in contact with you because, if it reaches the next step, which is gaining a programmer and a fellow modeler, you will be guaranteed compensation for the designs, and be included in the credits once completion is reached.

The style of ship design I am looking for is a top down view, and an either side and or front view as well. Graphed/proportioned would be preferred as to make the modeling parts much easier, but not required. With these designs, I will create layout plans for each one, and see where it goes from there. though I will start modeling them myself.

Graphically, I am not aiming at the top notch graphics, I would love for this to have a nice art style, and make it look unique. Which would be discussed by us.

I thank you in advance!

Either pm me, or comment here, or contact me at

I look forward to your help!

P.S. If anyone would be interested in helping designing the playable species now as well, feel free to contact me. Same payment plan as before. I can and will pay, and we will discuss the compensation, but it wouldn't be immediate unfortunately. But, if it makes you all feel better. We can sign a contract requiring my paying you!

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Devious Comments

JubalBarca Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012   Writer
I'm not a graphics person (alas for my own projects) but I have got quite a lot of game design experience (mostly modding but I'm building an old-style RPG at the moment) and this sounds a pretty interesting project. What skillset/experience do you have for this primarily, and are you planning to build your own game engine? Do you have much in the way of plans for where you want this to go, other than the fairly general "money to be involved if it all gets going"?
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