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November 29, 2012


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Looking for artist (any style)

Looking for artists to provide art assets for a motion comic.

[link] With the first script done, I'm looking to move into production now.

The comic itself is about a witch and her apprentice as they travel Europe looking for a lost secret of magic (spells without words.) Though the pair also stop to help any one they think might be in need of their services (or people that might offer them a clue to their 'quest' in exchange for some assistance of some form.) This is a long term series, but I would prefer if I could get multiple artists on the project as a way to give new talent a chance to be part of something.

I'm looking for artists that have a dynamic and unique style, a flare for creating empathy in posture is a plus (but not required since dialog is also involved). I want the overall style to use little colour, so I would recommend checking up 'Dead Space - The motion comic' for an idea of what kind of aesthetic I'm looking for as well as 'Metal gear - Peace walker' for an idea of the animation style (but the animation will be handled by myself)

For those of you that are still here and wish to be part of the project, feel free to note me saying that you'd wish to be part of 'Gun-witch' with a title relating to the topic, there I'll give you a description of one of the characters (mainly to see the pace of which you can work) and I'll check out the rest of your gallery.

If any one has any questions about the project itself, then by all means ask away in the thread here.

-Jacob A Carmine.

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