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November 28, 2012


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Looking for digital artists to draw characters for me

I am looking for some people to commission for points who can digitally draw/color/paint my original characters in an art style similar to the style used on the box artwork for most children's videos and games with shading/tones/other effects (this means no anime). If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will give you more information on what is to be done.

And sorry, no cash commissions accepted.

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TopHatless Nov 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'm interested! Here's my information; [link]
Thank you very much for coming to the table! Here is what I would like done:

Type of artwork: Transparent/Simple Full Body (because I might use the character artwork in my Adobe Fireworks graphics software)
Shaded: Yes

Here are the people:

Orelia is a little preschool girl with blonde hair with tips at the end, blue eyes, and a cute toothy smile with lip-lines seen on most cartoon characters (see here at [link]) with no rosy cheeks. For her clothing, she wears a big black puffy coat similar to the one shown here at [link]. Underneath her puffy coat she wears a red marching band uniform similar to the one Pop of Rice Krispies wears that is shown here at [link] with the neckpiece fastened. Her puffy coat should be zipped up all the way and only a little bit of her uniform should be showing. She wears black snowpants and boots.

Ferma is one of Orelia's friends. Ferma has a hairstyle and face similar to Emily Elizabeth Howard of Clifford (shown here at [link]). Her smile is exactly like Orelia's, but she has green eyes. She also wears a puffy coat like Orelia but Ferma's is pink. Her puffy coat should be zipped up all the way to her neck and she also wears a dark blue police uniform underneath and wears pink snowpants and black boots.

And finally, Canticella is another preschool girl like Orelia only she has brown hair with tips at the end and has a dark blue puffy coat on. Underneath she also wears a marching band uniform with the neckpiece fastened but the uniform is colored purple. She has a cute smile without rosy cheeks like all of the other characters and wears dark blue snowpants and brown boots.

And now for the fourth character, an anthro-animal person:

Duranica is a little puppy person with fluffy gold fur like a golden laborador retriever. She is in third grade and she wears a puffy coat just like all of the other characters but Duranica's puffy jacket is red and should be like the puffy coats Arctic explorers wear. She also wears multiple layers underneath like what Arctic explorers wear and her puffy coat should be zipped up to her neck as well the neckpiece fastened and with her hood on. She has blue eyes and also has a cute smile without rosy cheeks. She also wears red snowpants and black boots.

I would like them in all one image and here are the poses I want them to be in:

Orelia: Smiling wide with her toothy grin with her hands behind her back

Ferma: Smiling wide with her toothy grin but with her arms down

Canticella: Whistling with her hands behind her back

Duranica: Smiling wide with her toothy grin but with her arms down

Points: Transparent/simple full body: 400 + 100 + 400 + 400 + 400 = 1,700 will be given to you right away.

I hope this is not too much for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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