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November 28, 2012


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Looking for someone to battle his character vs. mine in a comic (anime style)

Milennin Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is a thing I did many years ago, and really enjoyed, so I'm going to post here and hope someone wants to enter the ring.=D
The idea is to have my original character battling versus your original character in a comic we make, taking turns in drawing the pages. The one coming up with the best moves wins.=D

There's some rules, though, but most of it should be common sense:
-Your character must be yours (no stealing from other people)
-No god-moding (example: being invulnerable to everything, infinitely powerful, beating the opponent out of nowhere etc.)
-No offensive or humiliating moves (example: low blows, stomping on face etc.)
-No killing moves (examples: punching holes through the opponent, cutting off body parts etc. - The fight is supposed to be an honourable battle)
-No unbalanced characters (your character must have their strong and their weak points, and must have their limits)
-Preferably a human or humanoid opponent (not looking for fighting Pokémon or something :XD:)
-Someone who's willing to put in at least a bit of effort in their pages (no stick figures or raw sketches)
-Willing to finish their turn within ~7 days (~1 week per turn)
-A minimum of 1 page, and a maximum of 3 pages per turn

Please post here if interested, and we'll get started.=D

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