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November 28, 2012


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I'm a Publisher, thinking about running ads: questions, comments, opinions, please

FanaticalPublishing Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Okay, here's what I do: I publish an electronic magazine and send out one issue per week to my subscribers via e-mail.

So, I've been thinking that I could offer two sorts of ads: for one dollar a week, you can have a text ad inserted into the email; up to one thousand (1,000) words, counting a link as one word. Or, for three dollars a week, you can have a picture ad inserted into one of the stories I publish.

If you have trouble with words, I would be happy to help you make a text ad; if you buy a picture ad, it would have to be 4 inches wide by six high. Or you could make one 4 inches square and up to one hundreds words of text, counting a link as one word.

That is as far as my thinking has taken me: please comment what whatever thoughts you have on the subject.

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