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November 27, 2012


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Anyone taking point commissions?

frebecca Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I have a few points to spend and would like to commission an artist or two! If you're interested, please comment with your prices and a few examples of your work. Time of completion is not really a factor, though faster is always prefered :3

Also looking for anyone willing to do art trades!

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toad1 Dec 4, 2012  Student Writer
I make headers for your page or journal for 100 :points: (more if you want it larger than this or animated):


Large chibis for 40 :points::

Group avatars for 40 :points::

50x50 avatars for 20 :points:: (More if you want animation. Your avatar will have a transparent background and no watermark.)

And little pixel dolls for 20 :points: each (25 if you want animation):

I can make other types of pixel art as well, just ask me about it and we'll decide on a price. :)
I'm really interested! Heres my commission journal: [link]
Lineart- 20(1 character)
+10 for additional characters
20 for background

Anime style

Head shot
40 (1 character)
+25 for 1 more character(maximum 2 characters)

Waist up 60(1-2 characters)
+ 25 for each additional character
+ 60 for background

Full body characters 90(1-2 characters)
+ 40 each additional character
+ 90-100 for background(depends how complex is the background)


Head shot
70 (1 character)
30 additional characters(maximum 2)

Waist up
80 (1-2 characters)
+40 additional characters
+90 for background

Full body
120 (1-2 characters)
+65 additional characters
100-120 for background

I'll draw anime/manga characters,OC's,celebrities,cartoon characters.
I'm not drawing hentai,fetish,monsters,video games characters,horror,etc.

Fell free to ask me questions.
KatrinLouiseo24 Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Commission Prices is still Being decided.
But here's an example of my work
John-san Nov 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hello!! My commissions are open :)

I do Full body anime characters (male or female) Color or no color for 6-8 :points:
-> Examples. (this is not my character, but it is a commission I did just today for someone else)


Also I do pencil portraits, for 15 to 20 :points: Depending on the detail/difficulty.

-> Example.

All of my work is traditional :)
Reokii Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
120 for waist / 240 for full body
More info & samples here ~
Point Commission ~ OpenColour Waist Shot - 120:points: Full Body - 240:points:   Messy Sketch Full Body - 30:points: per character. - Couples, just double :points: - Bg: transparent or Simple colour Will Do: Male, Female, simple clothing, simple designs, couples, nudity... Will Not Do: Yuri, Yaoi, Blood and Gore, Mecha robots, overly cluttered things, animals, vehicles ~ *Style may slightly vary I have the right to decline if I feel that it is to difficult. Payment is done at the end and there is no refund. All art will be done in Opencanvas and saved as either a jpeg or png file. When I am done you will be getting the completed drawing. :star: New Art Commissions & Points  ~ * more pricy :bulletorange:Slots:bulletorange: Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open

640 for waist / 800 for full body
More info & samples here ~
Art Commission OpenColour Waist Shot - 8$(US) ~ 7.94$ (CAN) ~ 640:points:   Full Body - 10$ (US)~ 9.93$ (CAN) ~ 800:points:   Couples Waist - 14$(US) ~ 13.90$ (CAN) ~ 1120:points: Couples Full Body - 18$(US) ~ 17.87$ (CAN) ~ 1440:points: Messy Sketch Fullbody - 1$ (US/CAN) ~ 80:points: - Bg: Option of transparent , flat colour or a very simple bg -*Style may slightly vary Will Do: Male, Female, simple clothing, simple designs, couples... Will Not Do: Yuri, Yaoi, Blood and Gore, Mecha robots, overly cluttered things, animals, vehicles ~ Method of Payment is Only PAYPAL. CAN Dollars(Preferred) or US Dollars Send a note with what you'd like ~ You will receive either a Decline or an Accept. If I decline, please do not be offended. The request was mos
Prices are here! Feel free to check it out if you're interested. C:

Commission examples:
allyalltheway Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i do icons examples > [link]

25 points =D

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