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November 25, 2012


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Cheap point commisions

Iyuse Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because I also know that not everyone can ask for commisions because of insanely high prices for an artwork and also that I'm not so good of an artist, I think that my prizes should be more or less affordable ^_^
So here are my offers:
Head only:--(this one is a bit passed the "head only" limits..."head only" limits:Maximum untill under the "breast" part of body)
-sketch: 40pts
-lineart: 80pts
-colored: 160pts

Waist up/knees up:
-sketch: 60pts
-lineart: 140pts
-Colored: 220pts

full body:
-sketch: 160pts
-lineart: 200pts
-colored: 280pts

*it will cost the same prize if it's all colored or monochrome
*I don't draw furries(little thing such as a human with cat/dog ears and tail are accepted. I may draw animals if I think of myself able to draw them.... so just in case, please tell me what kind of animal you want me to draw)
*I don't draw nudes or R-18
*I'm awful in BGs but need to practice
*I do digital drawing

Oh! by the way, If you guys want to add caracters, It will be +(half the price of the commision)
Some artworks seem uglier than other, yes. It's because I used some of my old drawing I did in summer. My latest artwork are the first 3 at upper left(the 4th is still recent but less). the upper right are less recent.

I think it's pretty much all I have to say... so... If you guys have any questions, or you are interested in commision from me, please send me a note ^_^

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