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November 23, 2012


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Giving llamas, watches, faves, comments, and points!

Give-n-GetPoints Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
My mission is to give points, premiums, watches, faves, comments, and llamas to deviants in need! c: I know a lot of the 'donate to me' accounts are fake and I don't really know how to convince you otherwise without you just donating and trusting me, but I really do want to help. 'u' So I really hope you'll bear with me. I give watch-backs and I return llamas! Yeahhh that's it. 'u' And feel free to ask me anything.

So yeah! If you donate points, you get what I have listed below and stuff. c: And if you watch me, I'll watch you and if you give me a llama, I'll give you one. And if you spread the word about me via a journal or something, I'll feature you on my page! Thank you sososo much!

1-5 points = llama and 2-day feature in donation box

6-15 points = llama, watch 3-day feature in donation box

16-30 points = 10 faves, llama, watch, 4-day feature in donation box

31-49 points = 30 faves, llama, watch, 10 comments, 5-day feature in donation box

50+ points = 40 faves, llama, watch, 1-week feature in donation box AND the special box at the top of my page!

Once I get more points, I will start giving them out!

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